Imatges de pàgina

W. Flint, Printer, Old Bailey, London.

qtd 6-17-1924


THE first volume of these Discourses having met with a very favourable reception, the Editor has been induced to publish a second. As Mr. Lavington's Sermons were not written by him with a view to publication, it was considered advisable to make some retrenchments and verbal alterations in the former volume, before it was at first committed to the press. Several of his friends, however, have requested that the following Sermons should be printed as they were copied from the Author's own Manuscripts. The Editor has readily complied with their wishes: and he mentions it to the candid Reader, as an apology for any inaccuracies which he might discover. But as the greatest part of these Sermons had been transcribed by Mr. Lavington himself, for the use of his friends, it is presumed that they will be, in general, found more correct than if they had been immediately copied from the short-hand original.



Some Readers may object to the number of Funeral Sermons which appear in this volume. But as the circumstances attending the Lake family, for whom six of them were preached, were remarkable ; and as these Discourses are connected and interwoven with each other; it was determined to publish them without any omission. As to others which are of a funeral description, the subjects are so important, and the manner in which they are treated is so interesting, that it is believed they will be generally very acceptable.

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