American Journal of Dermatology and Genito-urinary Diseases, Volum 14

American journal of dermatology and genito-urinary diseases, 1910

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Pāgina 345 - If with no lawless fire it gleamed. But through the dews of kindness beamed, That eye shall be forever bright.
Pāgina 578 - I do not hesitate to contend that we have, in the power of raising the anti-bacterial power of the blood with respect to any invading microbe, out of all comparison the most valuable asset in medicine.
Pāgina 337 - In conclusion, he declares that "up to the present time there has not been shown a single dialect, not an art or an institution, not a myth or religious rite, not a domesticated plant or animal, not a tool, weapon, game, or symbol, in use in America at the time of the discovery, which had been previously imported from Asia, or from any other continent of the old world.
Pāgina 150 - In all forms of blood dyscrasia — as indicated by skin disorders, bad healing power and general debility — Ecthol often proves effective when other treatment fails. It quickly raises the antitoxic and so-called opsonic power of the blood, increases the resisting power of the tissues and thus minimizes the dangers of bacterial attack. Healing processes are stimulated, and the whole economy is materially improved in its vital details.
Pāgina 100 - Adrenalin Ampoule" is the name used to designate the new package, and the solution is of the strength of 1 to 10,000 (one part Adrenalin chloride to 10,000 parts physiologic salt solution). In their announcement of the ampoule Parke, Davis & Co. have this to say: "Adrenalin Chloride Solution has become a necessity in medical and surgical practice. The most powerful of astringents and hemostatics, it lends itself to many practical uses and at little risk of injury in reasonably careful hands. Since...
Pāgina 50 - A CONVENIENT CHLOROFORM PACKAGE. — Much interest is being manifested in the chloroform dropper-ampoule marketed by Parke, Davis & Co., and which, in the opinion of a good many physicians and surgeons, is the most convenient and practical chloroform package that has ever been introduced to the profession. The new device is at once a hermetically sealed container and a perfect dropping-bottle that can be carried about in the emergency bag at all times in readiness for immediate use.
Pāgina 516 - MOIST HEAT. — Thermotherapy in inflammatory conditions seems to prove most effective when applied in the form of moist heat. The relaxation of pressure by infiltrated and swollen tissues upon nerve endings, as experienced by the relief of pain, specifically proves this. The advantages of moist heat where indicated is generally acknowledged.
Pāgina 204 - Dioviburnia has stood the critical test of the most exacting Physicians for years and has been pronounced of the highest therapeutical value. Can always be relied upon in all functional disorders of the Uterus and Appendages, whether Acute, Sub-acute, or Chronic.
Pāgina 412 - No. 13 of their series of charts on dislocations. This series forms a most valuable and interesting addition to any physician's library. They will be sent free of charge on application, and back numbers will also be supplied.
Pāgina 133 - It was impossible to make a digital or instrumental examination at the first visit, on account of the severely acute pain caused thereby. Therefore, whenever there is the least suspicion of the possibility of a specific inflammation of the anus -and rectum, the case should be treated as if it actually exists and the ultimate diagnosis left to the future. When the acute symptoms have subsided under treatment, there can be seen excoriations and fissures about the anal orifice and in the canal, with...

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