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actly in his situation as to religion. They go to their stations where there is perhaps no Church, no Chaplain, no meeting together for the public worship of God. They are surrounded by idols and idolaters: they see no respect paid to religion, to God, or to his holy day. That they are apt to forget God, lose all reverence for his day, all desire of attending on, public worship.-Let them act like Joseph and not be afraid, letting their equals and their superiors see that they are not ashamed of God, of their religion or their principles. Joseph's Master saw that the Lord was with him. Joseph's fellow servants saw that the true God was with him. It was not in the power of the gods of Egypt to make Joseph prosperous, and honest and faithful; but the fear of God is not only the beginning of wisdom, but the source of every Christian virtue and spring of every Christian duty in every rank and condition of life.

III. JOSEPH'S REWARD and POTIPHAR'S BLESSINGS." And Joseph found grace in his sight, and he served him and all that he had he put into his hand."-Thus Joseph was raised from a slave or common servant to be th

the chief or head servant. He was made overSEER, that is, one that overlooks. He over looked the rest of the servants to see that they did their duty. There was a time when Joseph was overlooked by another in the same manner in which he now overlooked the rest of the servants. He was not a hardhearted overseer like those that are usually put over the Negroes in the West Indies; no, he was kind and condescending, not proud, cruel and overbearing. It was a happy thing for those servants who were put under Joseph's care. He would not treat them ill. Joseph was a young man, quite a youth, but the Lord was with him. Potiphar saw this and did not despise either his youth or his religion. Let us now see the favor that the Lord shewed to Potiphar. He blessed him for Joseph's sake. "And it came to pass from the time that he made him overseer in his house, and over all that he had that the Lord blessed the Egyptian's house for Joseph's sake; and the blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had in the house and in the field." Whatever substance Potiphar had when Joseph came, it was blessed and increased. His

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His cattle increased abundantly. The produce of the earth was much greater, every thing was altered for the better. Order, regularity, peace and harmony at home. Abundant crops and numerous flocks and herds in the fields. And all this for Joseph's sake. Thus Laban was blessed for the sake of Joseph's father, and thus poor sinners' are blessed with peace and joy, pardon and: salvation, the favor of God and eternal life, for the sake of Jesus Christ the son of God.

IV. POTIPHAR'S CONFIDENCE in JOSEPH's HONESTY and GooD MANAGEMENT.- " 'And he left all that he had in Joseph's hand; and he knew not aught that he had, save the bread which he did eat." Joseph had all the care and trouble, and his master all the pleasure and enjoyment. It was the best thing that Potiphar could do, to put all into's hands, for he knew that it would prosper better in his hands than in his own. Good and faithful servants will always be rewarded with honour and exaltation. At the same time Joseph had a master in heaven as well as on earth, whose eyes were always upon him, whose

whose ears were open to all his prayers and thanks. By this means Joseph became a man of business. He learned how to manage an estate first, before he governed a kingdom. Thus God fitted and prepared Joseph for being governor over all the land of Egypt.


V. The description given us of JOSEPH'S PERSON. "And Joseph was a goodly person and well favored." He was a handsome young man. This is the description that was given of his mother. "Rachel was beautiful and well favored." He was in the bloom and vigour of youth, in the prime of life. He was not only comely in his person, but polite in his There was a dignity and kindnessTM in his countenance that command at once the love and respect of all who knew him. There was nothing assuming or overbearing in his conduct. By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honour and life. He was humble and kind to all, diligent and active in his business. Joseph did not forget God in his prosperity-No, he lived in his fear, and it was that alone which preserved him safe. In the day of prosperity be watchful, and in the day



of adversity consider. Let not beauty be your ruin. It often is a snare to those who possess it. Let young men who are handsome not presume upon their beauty. Let them not be proud of it, let them not use it as a snare to draw others to sin. Many have fair faces bat wicked hearts. VI. CATECHETICAL QUESTIONS.

1. Who was it that bought Joseph ? Potiphar, an officer of Pharoah.

2. What was Potiphar? Captain of the Guard.

3. Who was it that was with Joseph? The Lord was with Joseph.

4. And what was the consequence of the Lord's being with him? He was a prosperous Man.

5. What is meant by the Lord's being with Joseph? The Lord blessed Joseph and gave him wisdom.

6. When his Master saw that the Lord was with him, what did he do? Made him overseer over his house and all that he had.

7. What is an overseer? One that overlooks others.

3. After Potiphar had made Joseph overseer,


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