Imatges de pÓgina

50. Kennethus I. Son to Congallus, fucceeded in 606, but being fickly, resignd in the 4th Month of his Reign.

51. Eugenius IV. Son to Ardanus, succeeded in 606, was a very good Prince, and died in the 15th Year of his Reigo.

52. Ferquhardus, bis Son, succeeded in 620, was å vile Tyrant, and put in Prison, where he killa himself in the 12th Year of his Reign.

53. Donald IV. Son to King Eugene III. succeeded in 632. He was a brave and religious Prince, and propagated Chriftiani. ty amongst the Saxons in the North of England. He was una happily drown'd as fishing in Lochtay, in the 15th Year of his Reign.

54. Ferquhard II. Son to Ferquhard I. fucceeded in 646. He was a wicked Prince; the Nobility design'd to dethrone him, but were prevented by his Death, in the 12th Year of his Reign.

55. Malduinus, Son to Donald IV. succeeded in 664: He was a good Prince, but murther'd by his Wife, who was jea. lous of him, in the 20th Year of his Reign ; for which the was burnt alive.

56. Eugene V. Son to King Dongardus, succeeded in 684. He was successful against the Saxons, and died in the 4th Year of his Reign.

57. Eugene VI. Son to King Ferquhard, succeeded in 688. He was successful against the Piets, and died in the 10th Year of his Reign.

58. Amberkelethus, Son to King Eugene V. succeeded in $ 697, was à wicked Prince, and kill'd by an Affaffin in his second Year.

59. Eugenius VII. his Brother, succeeded in 699, was a pia ous Prince, and died in the 8th Year of his Reiga.

60. Mordacus, Nephew to Eugene VI, succeeded in 716, was an excellent Prince, and died in the 16th Year of his Reign.

61. Ethfinus succeeded in 732. He was Son to Eugene VII. a pious and just Prince, and died in the 30th Year of his Reign.

62. Eugene VIII. Son to Mordacks, succeeded in 762. He was a wicked Prince, and kill'd by his Nobles for wresting the Law, to deprive them of their Lives and Eftates, in the 3d Year of his Reign.

63. Fergus Iil. Son to King Ethfinus, succeeded in 765, was a very hopeful Prince at first, but grew afterwards tyrannical and lewd, and was inurther'd by his Wife because of his Whores dom, in the 3d Year of his Reign.

64. Solvathius, Son to Eugene VIII. succeeded in 768. He was an excellent Prince, and died in the 2012 Year of his Reiga,

65. Achaius, 65. Achaims, Son to King Eshfinus, fucceeded in 188. Ke was a pious, prudent and warlike Prince, enter'd into a League with Charlemain agaiuft the Saxons, and this League continued bet wixt the French and Scors, according to their Historians, til the Union of the Crowns. He died in the 32d Year of bis Reign.

66. Congallus III. Son to Fergus III. fucceeded in 819, was an excellent Prince, and died in the sth Year of his Reign.

67. Dongallus, Son to King Solvathius, fucceeded in 824, was an excellent brave Prince, a good Juftitiary, but unhapply drown'd as crolling the River Spey against the Pias, in the 6th Year of his Reign.

68. Alpinus, Son to Achains, succeeded in 830. He was a valiant Prince, and successful against the Pids, but at last taken by them in Battle, and beheaded in the fourth Year of tis Reign; which laid the foundation of the Quarrel that ended in the Extermination of the Piets.

69. Kennethus II. his Son succeeded in 834. He insisted on bis Father's Title to the Kingdom of the Pids, as Son of Fergusia, the only Child of their King Hungus. He was so fuccesstul againt them, that he deftroy'd them almost entirely, fo that the Remains of them fled into England, Denmark and Norway. He made very good Laws, and died in the 20th Year of his Reign.

70. Donald V. Brother to Kennethus, fucceeded in 855. He was a Nothful voluptuous Prince, surpris’d and taken by the Saxons, and the Remains of the Pi&s, who join'd them, after he had defeated them : He was redeem'd by his Nobles on promise of governing better ; but returning to bis old Courses, was put in Prison, where he killd himself in the 6th Year of his Reign.

71. Conftantine II. Son to Kennethus, fucceeded in 860. He was an excellent Prince, successful againft the Danes, who invaded him at first, but was defeated and killd by them in the 13th Year of his Reign.

72. Ethus, his Brother, succeeded in 874, promised well at first

, but grew a luxurious Tyrant; for which he was put in Prison, where he died in the second Year of his Reigo.

73. Gregorius, Son to Dongalius, fucceeded in 875: He was a pious and gallant Prince, drove the Danes out of the North of England, and subdued Cumberland and Weflmoreland, aflifted Duncan King of Ireland, his Kinsman, in subduing his Rebels ; renew'd the League with Charles III. King of France, and died without Issue in 893, in the 18th Year of bis Reign ; and for his noble Archievements was calld Gregory the Great.

74. Donald VI. Son to Conftantine II. fucceeded in 893, was an excellent Prince, and died in the rith Year of his Reign.

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75. Conftantine III. Son to King Elhus, fucceeded in 903, He religa'd the Crown, and turn'dMonk in the 4och Year of his Reign, after a Defeat by the Saxons.

76. Malcolm I. Son to Donald, fucceeded in 943. He was a brave and good Prince, recovered what Conftantine had lost, but was killed in the fifteenth Year of his Reign, in an Am. bush, by the Relations of some Robbers he had put to Deaths

17. Indulphus, Son to Conftantine III, fucceeded in 959. He was successful against the Danes, but killed at last by them in the 9th Year of his Reign.

78. Duffws, Son to King Malcolm, succeeded in 968, was an excellent Prince, but murder'd in the 4th Year of his Reiga by Affalsins, bir’d by one of the Family of Donald; for which, be and they were justly punishd.

79. Culeus, Son có indulphus, succeeded in the Year 972, was a wicked Prince, and kill'd by a Nobleman, whofe Daughter he had ravih’d, in the 5th Year of his Reigo.

80. Kennetbus III. Son to King Malcolm, succeeded in 977. He was a sober and brave Prince, defeated the Danes in a great Battle, but tarnish'd his Character, by getting his Brother's Son Malcolm murther'd, that he might settle the Crown on his own Family; for which he was murther'd himself by one of that Prince's Relations, Anno 1000.

81. Conftantine IV. Son to Culexus, succeeded by Consent of the Nobility, who were provok'd to violate Kenneth's Law for making the Crown Hereditary to the next in Blood, because he murther'd his Nephew, who, according to the Custom till then observ'd, ought to have succeeded next after him. Conftantine was kills in the third Year of his Reign, as marching against Malcolm, Son to Kennethus, who claim'd the Crown according to his Father's Law.

82. Grimus, Nephew to King Duffus, assum'd the Crown by the Consent of the major part of the Nobility and People, A. D. 1002, but was bated for his Tyranny, and Nain by Malo colm in Battle, in the 9th Year of his Reiga.

83. Malcolm II. Son to Kennethus, fucceeded in 1010, confirmed his Father's Law for lineal Succession, was successful against the Danes, and made good Laws; but growing tyrannical, was cut off by a Conspiracy in the 318 Year of his Reign.

84. Duncan I. Grandson to Malcolm, succeeded in 1040. He was an excellent Prince, but too mild, which er.courag'd the Highland Rebels ; so that he was oblig'd to make his Kinfo man Mackbeth, Grandson to Malcolm Il. his Viceroy: Mack. beth had very good Success against the Danes, which so raised his Ambiiion, that he aim'd at the Crown, and murther'd Duncan in the 6th Year of his Reiga.

85. Mackberh usurp'd the Throne in 1046, and proved such a Tyrant, that the Nobility called home Malcolm Canmor, Son


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to King Duncan, who had Aed to England from Mackberk's Cruelty, and kill'd the Tyrant in Batile in the 6th Year of his Reign.

86. Malcolm fucceeded in 1061, was a gallant and good Prince, married Margaret, Sister to Edgar Atheling, the Heir of the English Crown, was successful agaioft William the Ner. man, brought him to Terms for Edgar and his Friends; tu: was fraudulently kill'd in the 36th Year of his Reign, at the Siege of Alnwick-Caftle, by the English Governour, who protending to surrender the Keys to him, fab'd him with a Spears on which he held them out.

87. Donald VI. bis Brother, usorp'd the Throne during the Minority of Malcolm's Son, by the Afiftance of the King of Norway, to whom he made over all the lands; but the Nobility being against him, Duncan, Bastard Son to Malcelm, who had acquir'd great Fame in France and England by military Atchievements, was sent for, and bringing Troops with him from England, Donald's Soldiers deserted, and the Tyrant fied in the 18th Month of his Reign.

89. Duncan II. was for his good Service advanc'd to the Throne in 1099, but proving Tyrannical, Donald, who Ard to the Weftern Islands, got one to murther him, and reassum'd the Throne ; but the Nobility haring him; they sent to England for Edgar, Malcolm's fourth Son, who defeated Donald, and put him in Prison, where he died in the fourth Year of his Usurpation.

59. Edgar afcended the Throne in 1103. was a pious and excellent Prince, and died in the ninth Year of his Reign.

90. Alexander I. his Brother, succeeded, was a pious and jun Prince, and died in the 17th Year of his Reign, without Issue.

91. David I. bis Brother, succeeded, was one of the braveft and most religious Princes of his Time, and died in the roch Year of his Reign.

92. Melcolm IV. his Grandson succeeded in u5i. He had War with Henry II. King of England, who took Northumber: land from him, but allow'd him Cumberland and Huntingdiene Mire. He died in 1160, without Children.

93. William, his Brother, succeeded in 1160, and for his severe Justice and Valour, was called the Lion. He was taken in Battle against the English, redeem'd, and died in the 49th Year of his Reign.

94. Alexander II. bis Son, succeeded in 1214. He took part with Lewis of France, against King John of England, and died in the 35th Year of his Reign.

95. Alexander III. his Son, succeeded in 1249, married the Daughter of Henry III. King of England, affitted him againt his Rebels, as lie did St. Lenis of France with Troaps for the Holy War; and died by a fall from his Horse in the 34th i Year of his Reign, without Ifue, excepe a Grand-Daughter by

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the King of Norway, whom Edward 1. King of England, fought in Marriage for his Son, but the died before it was consummated.

96. John Baliol fucceeded in 1283. He was Great Grandfon to David Earl of Huntingdon, Grandfon to David King of Scotland. His Competitor was Robert Bruce, who was Grandfon to the aforesaid David Earl of Huntingdon, by a second Daughter; so that being a Male, and as nearly related to Davia Earl of Huntingdon, as Baliol's Mother, he pleaded several Precedents for being prefer'd to her in the Succellion of the Crown: But Baliol being descended of the eldeft Sifter, and supported by Edward I. King of England, on Condition that he would hold the Crown of Scotland in Fee of him, he carried it; but being hated by the Nation, and quarrelling with Edward, who defeated and cook him Prisoner, he resign'd in the fourth Year of his Reign, to bis Son Edward, and retired to an Estate he had in Normandy. After a long War maintain'd by Wallace, and others against Edward I,

97. Robert Bruce, Son to the Competitor, then dead, was sent for out of England privately by his Friends, and crown'd by the Nobility in 1306, exclusive of Baliol and his Pofterity for ever, because he had betray'd the Sovereignty of the Crown. which was settled on Bruce and bis Posterity, but with prefe. rence to his Brother, and his Male Iffue, before his own Daughter and hers; and in Case of any furure Controversy about the Succellion, it was to be determind by Parliament, to prevent the like Competition in Time to come. Robert was one of the greatest Captains of his Time, drove the Englis quite out of the Kingdom, extended his Boundaries as far as Stanmore, and died in the 24th Year of his Reign.

98. David II. bis Son, succeeded in 1329, and being a weak Prince,

99. Edward Baliol, Son to John, affilled by the English, invaded him, and put him to Flight, was crown'd by those of his Father's Faction in 1332, but was defeated and drove out again by the Friends of King David, who had retired to France ; he return'd upon this Victory, but was taken Pritoner by the English at the Battle of Durham, redeem'd again, and died in the 39th Year of his Reign.

100. Robert II. Grandion to Robert J. by his Daughter Margery, succeeded in 1370, and was the firlt of the Stuar! s. 11 was an honest Prince, though no great Warrior, yee was fuccessful against the English by his Generals, and died in the 19th Year of his Reign.

101. Robert III. his Son, fucceeded. He was a Prince of mean Spirit, so that his Brother, the Earl of Fife and Menteith, governd the Nation; who designing to ferile the Crown :) von bis owa Pofterity, got his Brother's eldeit Son murthies’il. D


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