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the worshippers of the ark. By the day on which Noah embarkdegrees, however, the two greal ed. * superstitions were blended. Noah We have before observed that and the fun were worthipped to- the arkite worship once prevailed gether, and often considered as the in Britain. One of the Scottish same ; fo were the moon and the isles retains its Egyptian name, ark. Early the Chaldeans were Buto. Another, Arran, fignifies famous for their astronomical ob- the ark. Mona, and Menai its servations, and they contrived fo Frith, are probably variations of to marshal the stars, as to repre- Men-Ai, the land of Menu, or sent on the sphere the principal e- Noah. Probably Argyle in Scotvents of the deluge. Some of land, received its name from Argh these we have mentioned. Others Al, the god of the ark. The Scots occur. From the brilliant con- have a wild tradition that they are stellation of Orion, Nimrod fill defcended from Erc, the son of overlooks the affairs of mortals, Scota. Scota is the ark. South encountering the arkite bull; that or Scudh, or, when latinized, is, making an attack on the wor- Scota, signifies in the Celtick diafhip of Noah, to introduce that of lect, a ship. the heavenly luminaries. The The ruins of a very ancient great constellation of the Dragon temple in Ireland, have the exact was another memorial of the del- form of a galley. The name of uge, inscribed on the sphere. Ac. the temple signifies, “ the remains cording to Aratus, the Dragon or of the only ship.” A portable serpent was Jupiter, who was shrine or ark was ufed by the anNoah. This was not very unlike cient, idolatrous Irish ; it was dethe urbanity of more modern nominated, the ark of the covenant. days in the names of the Ju- Ireland was, perhaps, called Erinlium and Georgium Sidus.

nus in honour of Aran-Nus, the The two faces and four eyes of ark of Noah. The Irish once Janus represented the double view called their principal marine deity, of Noah into the old and new Mann, and hada romantick legend world. According to the poets, of his presiding over the Idle of Venus rose from the sea, She Man. was the ark of Noah : and hence According to Tacitus, the the dove was said to be her fa- Goths were acquainted with the vourite. From her being the ark history of Noah. They venerated personified, Venus was called Ar- Zuisto, or Adam, who, according linoe, and Baris-Noe, that is, the to their traditions, sprang from ark of Noah, and Hippodamia, the the earth; they also venerated arkite mother. *

Mannus, who had three fons. Plutarch relates that Ofiris, Through Hindoftan the same per. which is another name of Noah, fonage was revered under the was a husbandman, a legislator, name of Menu ; in Egypt he was and zealous advocate for the called Menes, and attended by the worship of the gods. Typhon, fymbolical bull. He with seven or the sea, conspired againit him, other Menies was supposed to have and compelled him to enter an succeeded “ ten lords of created ark on the seventeenth of Athyr, beings, eminent in holinels."

. Strab: Voss : Hesych:


These were probably the ten gen- gypt.

Rhadamanthus fignifies erations in the line of Seth. The the god of the lordly ark. ancient Germans facrificed to I. The city of Corinth derived its fis; a faip formed the symbolical name from the worship of Cor, the part of their worship. The two sun. It was founded by the fymbols, the bull and ferpent were Aletes, said by Sanchoniathon to equally familiar in the North of be the children of. Chronus, the Europe, in Greece, Italy, and E. fcriptural Noah. So the two gypt. The Egyptians observed great Rajah families of Hindooftwo annual festivals in honour of tan, styled themselves Surya-Bans Ofiris; one to perpetuate the re- and Chandra-Bans, or children of membrance of his enclosure in the the sun and moon. In Peru, the ark; in the celebration of this, fame notion prevailed; the Yncas they placed his statue in an ark. boasted of their descent from the The other was a commemoration sun and moon; or from Noah and of bis deliverance. According to the ark, who were worshipped Pausanius, Ofiris with Semole, with the sun and moon. was enclosed in an ark, and thrown In Armenia, according to Ni. into the sea. Another tradition colaus Damafcenus, a tradition represents Perseus, placing his had constantly prevailed that some daughter with her child in an ark, ancient personage had been con. and casting them into the sea. veyed in an ark to the summit of Noah was worshipped under the mount Baris or Lubar; a city name of Pan. Herodotus says he there bore the name of Cabira, in was the most ancient of the eight which was a temple of the arkite gods of Egypt. Diodorus Sicu. moon, called Pharnæum, or the las informs us, he was the same as ark of the ocean. This superstiSerapis, Osiris, Dionusus, Pluto, tion flourished in the time of StraAmmon, and Jupiter. By Livy bo. We have the authority of and Macrobius, he is denominated Palephatus, that Pegasus, the Inuus and Junus, from his con- winged horse of Bellerophon was nexion with the dove, Juneh. By an ark or long ship. Bellero. the Egyptians he was worshipped phon, therefore, must have been under the name of Mendes or Noah. The Greeks designated a Men-Deva, the divine Noah. temple and ship by the fame word. When in danger from the ocean, At Tarsusa, tradition of the del, he is said to bave assumed the form uge prevailed. It asserted that of a monster, a goat and a fish ; the Tauric mountains were first hence Pan was esteemed fynony: visible when the waters subsided, mous with Cetus, a sea monster. at the feet of which stood the city

The three fabulous fates, the Tarsus ; hence it was called Polis three furies, and the three judges Terfia, or the city of dryness; afof hell, were connected with the terward it was called Tarsus, mysteries of the ark. The furies The river Araxes in this country, were called Erinnues, a word de received its name in honour of A. rived from Aron-Nus, the ark of rach, the Ark. The island of Noah. The fates were denomi. Naxus received its name in hon. nated, P’ Area, the ark. The our of Nuach-Zeus, the god Noah. judges were the three sons of We have remarked that certain Noak. Minos was the Menu of cups of the ancients' had an alle, Hindoltan, and the Menes of E. fion to the ask. We now add.. that most of the Greek names for the orators relate the number of drinking vessels were designated the agents concerned, the cause by names applicable to ships. and issue of the event; could he Some of them were called Car- fee the drinking vessels of the fefchesia from a word signifying the tal board, adorned with emblems illustrious ark; others were call- of national independence, and ed Menes, a name frequently giv- presidents drawn with the far fam. en to Noah. They were often a- ed declaration in their hands ; dorned with the figure of a dove; could he fee i!lands, mountains, sometimes they were dedicated to cities and countries named incomBacchus or Noah, to Venus or the memoration of the glorious day, ark. 'The Babylonians called the what would be faid of his undermost ancient Ogyges or Noah, Aanding, what of his senseless deGallus, and hence from their at- pravity, thould he deny there ever tachment to the rites of the del. was a declaration of indepeuuge, a nation, who once over. dence ? All this is diminutive and spread the greater part of Europe, unimpressive evidence, compared was called Celtæ, Galatæ, Galli, with the evidence of the food ? Gauls, or Gaels, all which were Look from pole to pole ; in every from the same original word, Ga- continent, and almost every con. lim, the waves of the fea. Hence liderable nation, in some era of the people in whose country Noah their hiitary we find, for subquitted the ark, called a fhip gal stance, all these evidences of the lerie, and hence the priests of Cy. general deluge. The temples, bele were called Galli or Arkites. the altars, the priests of religion ; In the rites of Cybele and Isis, å the names of the islands, mounpine tree was formed into a canoe, tains, cities, and countries of the and in it was placed the image of world, proclaim the truth of a man. In the mysteries of Pro- Noah's flood. Is not the historicserpine and Ceres, a wooden fig. al information of those, who deny ure of a virgin was hewailed for it, notwithstanding their proud forty days. The ark was some- claims, as contracted as their pro. times represented as a virgin, and fellion of religion is hypocritical its fymbol was a beautiful woman. and impious ? Is not their acFor forty days the waters of the quaintance with antiquity as suflood increased.

perficial, as their knowledge of reAfter all this evidence, is there ligion is trifling and vain ? a man who denies the deluge of

Philo. Noah, who ridicules it as a fable of the Jews, as a tale repeated by

For the Panoplist. Christians ?

MATTHEW'S AND LUKE'S GENE. Could a traveller on the fourth

ALOGIES. of July glance an eye from Maine The following attempt to show to Georgia ; in the morning could that these genealogies furnish no hear the artillery of every ship and argument against inspiration, but fortress; the bells of every town a Itrong argument against Socinand village ; could he afterwards ianism, is submitted to the editors see the processions form, the of the Panoplist. churches thronged, and hear ten Matthew plainly gives the genthousand addreffes of gratitude ealogy of Joseph, the reputed fafor independence; could he hear ther of Jesus. At the same time


he clearly intimates that Jesus was but under the names of their hofnot the real fon of Foseph. For in- bands. And this account was costead of continuing the phraseolo- pied out, according to the custom gy, which he had used all along, of the Jews, from their authentick and faying, Joseph begat Jelus, he records, under the husband's fays, “ Joseph, the husband of Ma. name. ry, of whom Jesus was born." In Luke iii. 23, the words, fon The fame is intimated in Luke iii. of Heli, applied to Joseph, need 23. “ Jesus, being, as was fuppof not imply any more, than that Joed, the son of Joseph.” If we a. seph was Heli's son in law, or fon dopt the opinion of a wellknown by marriage with his daughter critick, the original words, which Mary. We render, as was supposed, rather The apparent difficulty, here fignify, referring to this genealogy confidered, constitutes one of the as it was legally settled, or found on objections of deifts against the birecard.

ble; and this is one of the instan. If it be asked, what purpose ces, in which their objections then is answered, while giving the spring from a mind, greatly need. genealogy of Jesus Chrilt, by in. ing instruction. troducing Jofeph, if Jofeph were This genealogy is very impornot the real father of Jesus? We tant, as it shows that the indumereply; Joseph was the oldest sur- rable prophecies, vihich speak of viving branch of David's posteri- Christ as the seed of the woman, the ty; and it was understood, that by descendant of Abraham, and the offmarrying Mary, after he knew the spring of David, are all fulfilled in miraculous conception of Jesus, he Jesus of Nazareth. CRITO. adopted Jesus for his son, and so raised him to the dignity and priv

For the Panoplist. ileges of David's heir.' Matthew OBSERVATIONS ON MYSTERIES. does not call Joseph the father of It has been juftly remarked, Jefus, but the husband of his mothe that" he, who refuses a mystery, er; and so proves the title, which because he cannot understand it, Jesus acquired to the kingdom will be as ready to flight a preof Israel through his adoption. cept, because he does not like it.”

Luke teaches us the natural de. In either case the difficulty exists, fcent of Jesus ; that is, he gives us not in the object, but in the mind. his genealogy by his mother's side. It is the fruit of human pride and Mary was undoubtedly the daugh- perverseness. It arises from a reter of Heli. Because she is called luctance to pay homage to supe. so by the Talmud ; and chiefly rior wisdom and authority, and because we otherwise have no from a disposition to reduce every true genealogy of Christ, but only thing to the level of our own factwo different views of the line of ulties and inclinations. If any Joseph, his reputed father. But truth is clear, it is this, that a rethis would not prove that Jefus velation from heaven must be exwas properly of the feed of Abraham pested to contain many things myse and of the house of David. The o- terious and incomprehensible. milhon of Mary's name in this These attributes are prominent in genealogy is easily accounted for. all the other productions of the The families of women were not Deity. How "natural then, that carolled under their own names, they should constitute a principal


characteristick of his writtenword ! it is God himself, who speaks to Especially, when it is consider. me, or any one on his part. Afed, that the grand design of reve- ter this, I am no more astonished, lation is to place before our eyes that there are three diftinct persons the INCOMPREHENSIBLE JEHOVAH, in one divine essence; one God, and and to relieve apostate, guilty yet a Father, a Son, and a Holy creatures in a case, where all their Ghost. After this, I am no more faculties are confounded, all their astonished, that God foresees all speculations unsatisfactory, and ev. without forcing any ; permits fin ery resource fails. Humbly and without forcing the finner ; or. gratefully to receive every difcov. dains free and intelligent creatures ery of this kind is one of the high-, to such and such ends, yet withest acts of reason. Where we are out destroying their intelligence, well assured, that infinite intelli. or their liberty. After this, I am gence addresses us, the most im- no more astonished, that the juf plicit faith is the most rational. tice of God required a satisfaction, Nor are any more distant from the proportional to his greatness, that character of true philosophers, his own love hath provided that than those who presume to try ev, fatisfaction, and that God, from ery revealed truth by the standard the abundance of his compaflion, of their own limited faculties, and designed the mystery of an incar. believe nothing, which they can. nate God ; a mystery, which an. not fully comprehend and explain. gels admire, while skepticks opThis subject has been forcibly il. pose ; a mystery, which absorbs lustrated by Saurin in his sermon human reason, but which fills all on the omnipresence of God. It heaven with fongs of praise ; a will be to consult at once the rea- mystery, which is the Great Mrs. der's profit and delight, to pre- TERY, by excellence, (1 Tim. iii. sent him the remarks of this elo. 16,) but the greatness of which quent writer. To all, who peruse nothing should make us reject, them, the appeal may be safely fince religion propofes it, as the made, whether they be not equal. grand effort of the wisdom of the ly the dictates of fober reason and incomprehensible God, and comsublime piety: equally worthy mands us to receive it on the teltis of the philosopher and the Chris- mony of the incomprehensible God tian.

himself. Either religion must tell “I freely grant," says he," that us nothing about God, or what it had I consulted my own reason tells us must be beyond our capaconly, I could not have discovered ities ; and, in discovering even the fome mysteries of the gospel. borders of this immense ocean, it Nevertheless, when I think on the mult needs exhibit a vast extent immentity of God, when I cast in which our feeble eyes are lofte my eyes on that valt ocean, when But what surprises me, what stum. I consider that immenfe All, noth- bles me, what frightens me, is to ing altonishes me, nothing Aum- see a diminutive creature, a conbles me, nothing seems to me in. temptible man, a little ray of light aimillible, how incomprehensible glimmering through a few feeble fuever it may be. When the sub- organs, controvert a point with ject is divine, I am ready to be. the Supreme Being, oppose that lieve all, to admit all, to receive Intelligence, who fits at the helm all; provided I be convinced, that of the world ; question, what ha

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