Imatges de pÓgina

doctrines God hath joined to- eternal life ;" these things afgether. The rejecters of atone- firm constantly, to the intent, ment frustrate grace and the that believers might be careful to death of Christ. The solifidian maintain good works. Doctrinal makes void the law.

points should be discussed in a He, who spared not his own manner adapted to warm and imSon, but delivered him up for us prove the heart, as well as to inall, shall he not with him also form the judgment. Let their freely give all things? all things religious uses be pointed out connected with our interest in and applied in an impressive this greatest gift. No conclu- manner. No doctrine of religsion can be plainer.

ion can be treated properly, unThe gospel of the grace of less it is shewn to be of use in God, which the chief of the regulating our affections and apostles preached with all assi- passions, and in the conduct of duity and zeal, he comprehends life. in two words, repentance and Ye are, said Jesus to his min. faith. These he considered as isters, the light of the world. A of the highest importance. Hav- city that is set on a hill cannot be ing constantly testified them, hid. It behoves us to be blameon all occasions, public and less and harmless, the sons of God private, he was assured that without rebuke, in the midst of a he had declared the whole crooked and perverse nation, counsel of God; and called among whom we should shine as upon the pastors of Ephesus to lights in the world; holding forth bear witness that he was pure the word of life. Upon their from the blood of all men. Re- maintaining this character deviewing this apostolic course, pend consequences of high moand resolved to persevere in itment to themselves, to their hearamidst all trials, he was confi- ers, to the church, and to the dent of a glorious issue. His world. Sound doctrine and a solemn charge in this connex- good conversation in Christ will ion, to the Ephesian pastors, im- best put to silence the ignorance of plies, that Christ's ministers foolish men. then take heed to themselves To keep the unity of the Spirit and to Christ's flock, when they in the bond of peace should be plainly, continually, and forcibly the mutual care of all denominapreach faith and repentance to tions. For there is one body, and all men every where.

one Spirit, even as we are called All evangelical preaching is in one hope of our calling ; one practical. These things I will Lord, one faith, one bapiism, one that thou affirm constantly ; that God and Father of all, who is is, " free grace through Jesus above all, and through all, and in Christ our Saviour" in the “jus- us all. As many as walk accordtification” of sinners ; regen- ing to this rule, peace be on them cration, the renewing of the and mercy, through Jesus Christ. Holy Ghost," and "the hope of



The seminary, of which the fol. A serious consideration of the lowing is the Constitution, was the

premises, and an observation first of the kind established in Amer. ica. Many others have since been of the growing neglect of youth founded on similar principles, and the have excited in us a painful anximeans of good education, in conse. ety for the event, and determinquence, have been increased and ex. ed us to make, in the following tensively diffused.

conveyance, a humble dedication Many, who have been concerned in to our HEAVENLY BENEFACTOR forming similar institutions, as well of the ability, wherewith he has as others, have requested copies of blessed us, to lay the foundation this Constitution, as a model for their of a public Free School or Academy, imitation. For the gratification of such applicants, and to disseminate a for the purpose of instructing knowledge of the principles on which youth, not only in English and this fourishing seminary was found. Latin Grammar, Writing, Arithed, it is now, for the first time, made metic, and those sciences, wherepublic.

in they are commonly taught,

but more especially to learn them CONSTITUTION.

the great end and real business

of living. A SHORT reflection upon the Earnestly wishing that this grand design of the GREAT institution may grow and flour, PARENT of the Universe in the ish; that the advantages of it creation of mankind, and on the · may be extensive and lasting ; improvements of which the that its usefulness may be so mind is capable both in knowl- manifest, as to lead the way to edge and virtue, as well as upon other establishments on the same the prevalence of ignorance and principles ; and that it may fivice, disorder and wickedness; nally prove an eminent mean of and upon the direct tendency advancing the interest of the and certain issue of such a Great REDEEMER, to his pat. course of things, must occasion ronage and blessing we humbly in a thoughtful mind, an earnest commit it. solicitude to find the source of [Here follows an account of these evils and their remedy ; the first bequest made by Samu, and a small acquaintance with EL PHILLIPS, Esq. of Andover, the qualities of young minds, and John Phillips, Esq. of Exhow susceptible and tenacious eter, consisting of lands and they are of impressions, evi- money, to the following gentle, dences that youth is the impor- men, who constituted the first tant period, on the improvement board of Trustees, viz. Hon. or neglect of which depend the William Phillips, Esq. Olive' most important consequences ER WENDELL and John Low, to individuals themselves and ELL, Esqs. of Boston ; Rev. Jo. the community

sau STEARNS, of Epping, Rev,


ELIAS SMITH, of Middleton, mon with any other member; Rev. Wm. SYMMES, Rev. JONA. and, whenever there shall be an FRENCH, Messrs. SAMUEL Puilequal division of the members on LIPS, ELIPHALET PEARSON, and any question, it shall be deterNEHEMIAH ABBOT of Andover.*] mined on that side whereon the

The trustees shall meet on President shall have given his the last Tuesday of April instant, vote ; and in his absence at any and ever after once in every year meeting of the trustees another on such day, as they shall appoint, shall be appointed, who shall be also upon emergencies, when vested with the same power dur: called thereto, as hereafter di- ing such absence; he shall call rected ; and a major part of the special meetings upon the applitrustees shall, when regularly cation of any three of the trusconvened, be a quorum, of which tees, or upon the concurrence of quorum a major part shall have any two of the trustees in sentipower to transact the business of ment with him on the occasion their trust, except in cases here: of such meeting. after excepted.

And upon the decease of the There shall be chosen annual President a special meeting may ly a President, Clerk and Treas- be called by any three of the urer, as officers of the trust, out trustees. All notifications for of their own number; who shall special meetings shall express continue in their respective of the business to be transacted, if fices, till their places are suppli- convenient, and be given at least ed by a new election; and upon month previous to such the decease of either of them an- meeting, if not incompatible with other shall be chosen in his room the welfare of the seminary ; at the next meeting. The mas- and, when a special meeting shall ter shall not be chosen President, be called for the appointment of and no member shall sustain the an instructor, or to transact other office of clerk and treasurer at business of material consequence, the same time.

information shall be given by The President shall in all cases leaving a written notification at give his voice and yote in com. the house of each trustee, or in

such other way, as that the Press ident, or members notifying,

shall have good reason to believe . Present Board of Trustees.

that each member has received Hon. OLIVER WENDELL, Esq. ELIPÁALET PEARSON, LL.D.

the notice. SAMUEL ABBOTT, Esq.

The clerk shall record all WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Esq. votes of the trustees, inserting Rev. JONATHAN FRENCH,

the names of those present at evMr.' NehemIAH ABBOTT,

ery meeting. He shall keep a Rev. JEDIDIAH MORSE, D.D. Hon. John PHILLIPS, Esq.

fair record of every donation, Hon. John Phillips, jun. Esq.

with the name of each benefac, Hon. JOSIAH QUINCY, Esq.

tor ; the purpose, to which it SAMUEL FARRAR, Esq. is appropriated, if expressed, and Rev. DANIEL DANA.

of all expenditures; and a true The present number of students is copy of the whole shall be taken, about 70.

and kept in the seminary, to be

open' for the perusal of all men; instructor, and the human and, if he shall be absent at any mind is liable to imperceptible meeting of the trustees, another bias ; it is therefore required shall be appointed, to serve in his that, when any candidate for room during such absence. election, as a principal instruc

The treasurer shall, previous tor, is so near a kin to any meme to his receiving the interest of ber of the trust, as a nephew or the seminary into his hand, give cousin ; in determining that bond for the faithful discharge of election any member, to whom his office in such sum, as the the candidate is so related, shall trustees shall direct, with suffi- not sit. cient sureties, to the trustees of The trustees are empowered the seminary for the time being; to appoint such assistant or assaid bond to express the use both sistants in and for the service of in the obligatory part and in the the seminary, as they shall judge condition. He shall give dupli- will best promote its usefulness, cate receipts for all monies re. and as may be duly encour: ceived, countersigned by one of aged. the trustees, one to the donor, No person shall be chosen, as the other to be lodged with such a principal instructor, unless a member, as the trustees shall professor of the Christian Relifrom time to time direct ; and gion, of exemplary manners, of the trustees shall take such other good natural abilities, and litemeasures as they shall judge rary acquirements; of a good acrequisite, to make the treasurer quaintance with human nature ; accountable, and effectually to se- of a natural aptitude for instruccure the interest of the semina- tion and government. And in vy.

the appointment of any instructThe trustees shall let or rent or, regard shall be had to qualifiout the lands in such manner, as cations only, without preference they shall find on the whole inost of kindred or friend, place of profitable. They may make birth, education, or residence. sale of any kind of estate, make The trustees shall make a conpurchases, or improve the prop- tract with each master and aserty of the seminary in any way, sistant before their entrance upwhich they judge will best serve on office, as to salary ; of which its interest.

there shall be no alteration, but Upon the death, resignation, in their favour, which the said or removal of the master, appoint- trustees are empowered to make, ed by the said SAMUEL PHILLIPS as to them shall appear reasonaand John PHILLIPS, the trustees ble, and as the incomes of the shall appoint another in his seminary will admit. stead ; and ever after, from time It shall be their duty to into time, as there shall happen any quire into the conduct of the vacancy in this office, they shall master and assistant or assistsupply it.

ants; and, if they or either of Whereas the success of this them be found justly chargeable institution much depends, un- with such misconduct, neglect of der Providence, on a discreet duty, or incapacity, as the said appointment of the principal trustees shall judge

them, or either of them unfit to may be better promoted by the continue in office, they shall re- scholars boarding in private fammove the master or any assist- illes, and by some other improveant, so chargeable.

ment of the interest of the sem, The trustees shall determine inary. They shall from time to the qualifications, requisite to time order such repairs, as they entitle youth to an admission in- shall judge necessary. to this seminary.

Upon the death, resignation, As the welfare of the semi- or incapacity for the service, by nary will be greatly promoted reason of age or otherwise, of by its members being conversant any of the trustees, the remainwith persons of good character ing trustees shall supply the only; no scholar may enjoy the vacancy by a new election. privileges of

this institution, In settling the salary and who shall board in any family, perquisites of the master, and in which is not licensed by the the consideration of every other trustees.

question, in which the master is And in order to preserve this particularly interested, he shall seminary from the baneful in, not sit. And, if any question fluence of the incorrigibly vie shall come before the trustees, cious, the trustees shall deter, wherein the town or parish, mine for what reasons a scholar where the seminary is situate, shall be expelled ; and the man- may be a party or particularly ner, in which the sentence shall interested, and any minister, bee be administered.

longing to such town, is a trusThe trustees at their annual tee; in the consideration of such meeting shall visit the seminary, question he shall not sit. and examine into the proficiency At the meetings of the trusof the scholars; examine and ad- tees there shall be made decent, just all accounts relative to the not extravagant entertainment ; seminary, and make any farther economy is to be ever viewed by rules and orders, which they find trustees and instructors in their necessary, and not inconsistent respective capacities, as an object with any rule, that is or may be worthy their particular recomestablished by the founders. mendation.

They shall, as the funds will The master, when appointed, permit, without affecting the shall receive applications for the support of the master or any, admission of scholars, and deter, assistant, have power to erect mine them agreeably to the such buildings, as they may rules respecting the same, think necessary; and at a conve- He shall conform himself to nient season, when of sufficient the regulations, established by ability, shall erect a large decent the founders and trustees, and building, sufficient to accommo- have power from time to time date at least fifty scholars with to make such other consistent boarding, besides the master and rules and orders, as he shall find his family ; unless it shall be necessary for the internal manthe determination of a major agement and regulation of the part of all the trustees, that the seminary ; which rules and orzrue design of this institution ders shall be subject to the ex

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