Imatges de pÓgina


Lartet (Louis), geology of the Dead
Sea, 163-165

Lecoq de Boisbaudron, discovery of the
new metal gallium, 156-158
Leroy Beaulieu on Russian finance, 78
Lewis (Sir George Cornewall), Essay
on the Influence of Authority in
Matters of Opinion reviewed, 2-22,
270-297, 902-926

Liberal party, questions for discussion
by the, 877

Light-mill, a name for the Radiometer,
245, 881

Lubbock (Sir John), On the Imperial
Policy of Great Britain, 37-49


rison, 345-349; Dean of St. Paul's,
349-351; Duke of Argyll, 351-353;
Prof. Clifford, 353-358; Dr. Ward,
531-536; Prof. Huxley, 536-539;
R. H. Hutton, 539-545; Sir James
Stephen, 545–546

Moreau (Armand) on the functions of
the air-bladder, 172
Murchison's (Dr.) opinion on the origin
of fevers, 389

Myers (F. W. H.), George Sand, 221-

On the Preservation of our Ancient NASR-EDDIN'S jokes, 26

National Monuments, 257-269
Luynes (V. de), changes in glass, 512

MACBETH, The Third Murderer in,
by H. Irving, 327-330
Mackonochie (Rev. A. H.), Disestablish-
ment and Disendowment, 686-706
Madeira, visit to, 787

Mahoney (Mary Paterson), trial of, for
child-murder, 583

Manning (Cardinal), True Story of the
Vatican Council, No. I. 122–140;
No. II. 177-197; No. III. 479-503;
No. IV. 597-610; No. V. Infallibility,

Martineau (Rev. Dr.), A Modern 'Sym-
posium,' 341-345

Materialism of scientific specialists, 630,

Measles, epidemics of, 392

Medical (General) Council on the claims
of medical women, 900

Medical Women, by the Rt. Hon. James
Stansfeld, 888-901

Medusa, on the nervous system of (Ro-
manes), 171, 172

Mir, or village community in Russia, 93
Modern (A) Symposium, 331-358,


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Newbury, proposal to raise there

a monument to Falkland, 141
Nicolaieff, the great arsenal of Southern
Russia, 77

Nigellus, his treatise against clerical
courtiers and officials, 552
Nihilists in Russia, 302, 401
Nonconformity, the offspring of the
Church's sins, 702

Northampton Castle, Becket at, 853
Northcote's (Sir Stafford) speech on the
Eastern Question, 871

BLOMOFISM, an absorbing lethargy
known among Russians, 416
Ecumenical Council proposed by Pius
the Ninth, 123

Old Catholic schism, 805

Ophelia, Hamlet and, by H. Irving,

Opinion, on the Influence of Authority in
Matters of, by the Rt. Hon. W. E.
Gladstone, 2-22

Rejoinder on Authority in Matters of,
by the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone,
902-926. See Stephen.

Ornaments rubric of 1662, 761
Ottoman Empire. See Turkey.

PARLIAMENT, its control over the

Church, 419, 692
Parrot, Tales of the, 28

Patents and the New Patent Bill, by the
Rt. Hon. Lyon Playfair, 315-326
Phillips (J. Arthur) on changes in
eruptive rocks of North Wales, 168-

'Phonetic News,' 640, 644
Pius IX., his proposal to convoke an
Ecumenical Council, 123
Planets discovered in 1876, 514
Play, For and Against the, by Lady
Pollock, 611-622

Playfair (Rt. Hon. Lyon) On Patents
and the New Patent Bill, 315-326
Pollock (Lady) For and Against the
Play, 611-622


Pope, infallibility of the, 182, 485,
596, 790-808

Positivism, exposition of, 623, 832
Preacher, power of the, 99

Privy Council, Judicial Committee of
the, 428

Public Worship Regulation Bill, 430
Pulpit, Is the, losing its Power? by the
Rev. J. Baldwin Brown, 97-112
Puritan school produced the best
preachers, 104

Puritanism, triumph of, 149

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Registration of title to land, 471
Religion, application of the principle of
authority to questions of, 7, 270, 909
Religious Belief, Influence upon Morality
of a Decline in, 331-358, 531-546
Republican party in the United States,

Residual phenomena, importance of, 886
Reynolds (Dr. J. Emerson), atomic
weight of glucinum, 158-160
Reynolds's (Osborne) explanation of the
action of the radiometer, 249
Ridsdale Judgment and its Results, by
the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol,

Ritualistic party in the Church, pro-
bable future of, 68

unwise tactics of, 767
Roberts's (Dr. W.) experiments on
germs, 519

Robertson's (Canon) Materials for the
History of Thomas Becket, 548
Robertson (Prof. G. Croom), How we
come by our Knowledge, 113-121
Rogers (Rev. J. G.), Social Aspects of
Disestablishment, 436-457
Romanes on the nervous system of the
jelly fish, 171-172

Round the World in the Sunbeam,' by
Thomas Brassey, 774-789
Royal Supremacy, character and extent
of the, 419

Russia, by M. E. Grant Duff, Part I.
72-96; Part II. 298-314

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ACERDOTALISM, growth of, in the
Church of England, 60, 439

Sailor's life, monotony of a, 781
St. Paul's (Dean of), A Modern Sympo-
sium, 349-351

Sand (George), by F. W. H. Myers,

Scarlet fever imported into India, 394
Science (Recent), 156-176, 504-523
Science and Art Department at South
Kensington, 572

Schmidt (Julius), discovery of a new
star in the constellation Cygnus, 162
Schulze (Eilhard), researches on the
foraminifera, 170-171

Schuster's (Dr.) observations on the
radiometer, 883

Scotland, ancient monuments in, 268
Sea-water, specific gravity of (Bu-
chanan), 510

Sebastopol, effect of the fall of, 715
Secret Society in Russia, 397
Selborne (Lord), A Modern Symposium,

Serf-emancipation in Russia, 91-94
Sermons thrived most among the
Puritans, 104

Shakespeare's opinion on enclosures, 265
Shakespearian Notes, by Henry Irving,
No. I. 327-330; No. II. 524-530
Siberia, fertility of, 74

Slave trade, efforts of Great Britain to
put down the, 47

Small-pox, growth of, 381
Socialist life in Russia, 407
Solar spectrum, on the ultra-red region
of the (E. Becquerel), 160
Soul (The) and Future Life, by Frede-
ric Harrison, 623–636, 832-842
South Kensington, by Edgar A. Bow-
ring, 563-582

Spectrum analysis, gallium the fifth
metal discovered by, 158
Spedding (James), Teaching to Read,

Spelling reform, 637

Spiritualistic manifestations, 251-256
Spontaneous generation controversy,

Spottiswoode (Wm.), description of a
large induction coil, 160-161
Stanhope's (Lord) letter to Sir John
Lubbock on ancient monuments, 259
Stansfeld (Rt. Hon. James), Medical
Women, 888-901


Star, discovery of a new (J. Schmidt),

State interference in the working of
railways, 655

Stephen (Sir James Fitzjames), Mr.
Gladstone and Sir George Lewis on
Authority, 270-297

A Modern Symposium, 331-333,

Story of a copeck, 408

Stratford de Redcliffe (Viscount), Tur-
key, Part I. 707-728; Part II. 729-

Suez Canal, importance of, to England,

proposed protectorate of the, by
England, 668

preponderance of British vessels
in the, 776

'Sunbeam (The),' Round the World in,
by Thomas Brassey, 774-789
Supremacy (Royal), character and ex-
tent of the, 419

Symposium, A Modern, 331-358, 531–

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UNITED STATES, The Political
Crisis in the, by E. D. J. Wilson,

of the, by Cardinal Manning.
No. I. 122-140; No. II. 177-197;
No. III. 479-503; No. IV. 597-610;
No. V. Infallibility, 790-808
'Vendetta' in Montenegro, 370
Vestures of the clergy, 760
Vision, photographic conditions of, 521
Vladikas of Montenegro, 363
Vogel (Sir Julius), Greater or Lesser
Britain, 809-831

Volcanic action, effects of, 165

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