The Life of Samuel Johnson

Mint Editions, 2020 - 482 pàgines

Considered one of the best written biographies of all-time, The Life of Samuel Johnson gives insight into the glowing mystique of the prominent English writer. By incorporating key elements from his past and personal relationships, James Boswell creates an extensive narrative of the revered figure.

Drawn from Boswell's own journals, the author recounts the life and experiences of Samuel Johnson. He uses his personal connection to investigate Johnson's origin and rise to power. His career is filtered through brief episodes highlighting obstacles and successes alongside his notable peers. It's an intimate record of the celebrated writer and fixture within literary circles.

Through his compelling writing, James Boswell successfully illustrates the character and reality of Samuel Johnson. The biography explores his strengths and weaknesses as well as his motivations and fears. Boswell's input is crucial to the story structure, delivering an informative and impactful narrative.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Life of Samuel Johnson is both modern and readable.

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Sobre l'autor (2020)

James Boswell (1740-1795) was born in Edinburgh, Scotland where he received a formal education in English, math and Latin. He attended the University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow before traveling to London where he lived for several years. While studying law, he had a chance meeting with the English writer Samuel Johnson. After establishing a good rapport, Boswell would go on to produce the biography The Life of Samuel Johnson, which would become his crowning creative achievement.

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