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cious; I am there as a green olive tree. Besides what how pour hath the Lord provided for us in that other world of souls? If a man were going to be crowned, and some as he goes along contemns him, and vilifies him, what cares he for that? He kaows that withio a few days he shall be honoured by those that now reproach him; if we believe there are such thiogs to come, that we shall Gt with Christ and judge the angels, and judge the reprobates, why, should we be troubled at what they say? it will not be long but they shall be forced to call us, the blessed of the Lord, and the blessings of the whole world. It will not be long but Christ will bring forth our righteousness as the light, and let all straight, which slapderous tongues have now made crooked.

5. Make our moan uoto God, apd lay our case before him. Thus when Rabshakeh reviled God, and the people of God, Hezekiah spread the letter before God, and made his moan there. This was the practice of Job and David, My friends scoro me, faith Job, but mine eyes pour out tears upto God," Job xvi. 20. • And hold not thy peace, O God of my praise, faith David, for the mouth of the wicked, and the mouth of the deceitful are open. ed against me, they have spoken against me with a lying

tongue, they have compassed me about with words of hatred, they are my adversaries,-but I give myself unto prayer,'q. d. For my part, I go for help to my God; others have evil thoughts to help them, and run to this and that witness to seek help for themselves, but I give

I cry unto the Lord, and he shall "fend from heaven, and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up. Selah,' Pfal. cix 1, 2, 3, 4. 6. Return good for evil, as occasion and providence

Being reviled, we bless, faith Paul, being

we fuffer it, being defamed, we intreat,' 1 Cor. iv. 12, 13. Thus if we can pray for our reproachers, and desire good for them, and be ready to offer any offices of love, and respect, and kindness unto them, and to heap coals of fire upon them, there is a great sign of grace, and we have made a good progress in God's way. It was Christ's own command to his apostles, Bless them

" that

myself unto prayer,

offers itself.


H 3


that curfeiyon, pray for them that despitefully use you,

that ye may be the children of your Father; Matth. t. 144, 45. Why were they dot children before? Yes, but this declares it ; now God owns them for his childrca. And certainly if we behave onlelves thus, we may have the comfort of this, that our reproaches come to us as 40 God's people, wefare the children of God.

17. If our perfecutions be indeed, as to-itoprifoomest, lols of goods, exile, or death, then practise these roles : have elt where laid down, utz in Self-degial, and Saints Sufferings.

Of Satan's Temptations by the Flesa.
ATAN's next assaults, we call temptations, which

are by the ftesh, our own Lusts, or concupifcence; not bat that Satao cáo tempt us by himself, and focan we; he can tempo us, and we not join with him; and we can tempt ourselves, and Satan not join with us; but most times our temptations-are-mixt, he and we concur, and make one act of tempting; and herein either Satan begias, to-os, and we pledge bim, or we begin to him, and he joins with us. When we by discontent or inward motion expose ourfelves to temptation, then we begin to him; bue when Satán doth make the offer, by noviąg the fancy with thoughts withio, or by proposing fome object with ont, then doth he begin to us. Thefe ways are ordinary, aod it is but rare that the devil will not interpose. Hence Paul speaking of the married, he bids them not to be long afunder, but come together again, left Satan tempt them for their incontinency, 2 Cor. vii. 6. Why was there odt deth and blood in them, corrupt affections, and patural concupiscence enough to dispose them to lusts, and to make them incontinent? Yes, but they wrestle not against fleih aod blood, but agaiost principalities and powers. The devil puts in, even in those very things wherein flesh and blood doch affail us also; as we have temptations withio, To the devil without sharpens thofe temptations, and gives them points, and makes them taking, and mingles and joins himself with the temptation.


SECT, V. of Temptations in respect of our natural difpofitions. Ow thefe temptations are intimite, and past my re

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method, they have either a respect to our natural difpofitions, to our outward conditions, or to our {piritual eftates.

1, Satan bath an eye to our dispositions, he observes the what fiøs we are most inclined by our Dature, temper, and bodily conftitution, and to thafe he inclines as, thrusting, us, as it were down the bill, where we are apt to run head-long of our own accord, for example, if he find a man ambitiously effucted, then he covers his hook with the bait of honour; or if be fiod a mau addicted to voluptaoufnets, then he coversát with the bait of plealares; or if ketads a dea given to covetousness, then he lays for him a galikesfrist, or he makes a breach in his heart with a gold En titter. la-this case, it is the Christian's best fil), as faon #

be, to observe his own nature, temper, and dispoli kius, and to find out what fin le is most prone to; I may fullt his bosom lia, this beloved fia, his darling pleasure, his minion delight; castaialy this is Satan's Arenget hold, his tower of greatest confidence and fecurity. Ob hoir it cleaves and Hicks to the foal! Oh what a deal ado muft the best faints have with Satan and this fia, before it be killed?

In some this lin is worldliness, wankonnels, pride, par fian; in other it may be drunkeanufe, gluttony, gaming fcurril jefting, obstinate insatiableness in allowed recreatie ans, or the like. I cannot speak to overy of these, farlo would the work fwell under hand, yet to fome. I dare for but fpeak and Oh that it may be wich ifruit and profile both to others and my own foui.

Of Satan's Temptations to Worldiness..

them prone to it, and he fets it on, and drives it font
wards. But how does he that? I answer,
1. He lometimes sets the very image and representations

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of the world's glory before men's eyes, and so he tempts them. Thus I am sure he dealt with Christ, He goewed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them, Mat. iv. 6. i. e. He offered the images fenfibly and actually, after a wonderful and strange manner, making those images to appear to his feoles. This is not ordinary, bat this, no question, is in Satan's power. If a man by this art can reprefent to the senses, in a glass, any person or thing, by which he that sees oot the thing itself, discern. eth'a notable image of it; how much more may we think that Satan by his art can represent to the fen es the images of things not present?

2. He fometimes sets the very world itself, or the things of the world before mens eyes, and so he tempts them. Thus he fet the Babylonilh garment in the eye of Achan, and Naboth's vineyard in the eye of Ahab, and Bathfheba the wife of Uriah, in the eye of David; and then according to the proverb, He comes to the sea by the river, to the heart by the eye; and indeed, what poison is there almost that he doth not convey into our souls by this very passage? Our eyes are his spokesmen to our hearts; first we fee, and then we cover and desire the world, and hereupon covetousness is called by the apostle, the luft of the eye, 1 John ii. 16.

3. He sometimes, and most usually works upon the i. magination, affections, and consequently upon the will. And indeed, an easy thing it is for him to move them all, when they are all so willing to receive his suggestions, and of themselves urge the soul to yield to his temptations. This mide the apostle to say, They that will be rich, fall into temptations and snares, ---for the desire of money is the root of all evil, i Tim. vi. 9, 10. Satan sees before hand, there's a man resolved that he will be rich, and therefore Satan needs not strive against the stream, let him but use the tide of such a man's will, and he may carry him fwiftly into a fea of fin, They that will be rich fall (without pulling, even as the stone that descends naturally down. wards) into temptations and fnares,


Of wrestling with Satan to overcome this Sin.
Ow if this be thy darliog fin, then wrestle thus,

1. Consider worldliness is extreamly fertile of ill; what frauds, what deceits, what perjuries, what cruelties, what hatereds, what murders, what villapies bave been exercised for the nourishing of this lust? other lips have their aggravations, but this is the most earthly of all other, and in some respect the most unworthy a map; why, man hath a soul, which is a sparkle of heaven. aod for him to employ it io no other service but meerly to an beart

worm, to creep in and upon the ground, this must needs : be a very great

evil. 2. Consider worldliness is attended with manifold for. 3 rows. As, 1. It is full of cares, 2. It is full of soares;

Grins are in gold, bird lime in filver, faith an antient. 3. It is full of labours, men toil all day, and they cannot reft by night; the fear of losing pierceth as much as the pain of getting, and there is no cod of their travel. 4. It is full of trouble of conscience, and falhes of hell-fire,

It may be the devil for a while may conceal these griefs ; it is said that he shewed Christ the kingdoms of the world, . and the glory of them, Mat. iv. 8. only the glory: He shewed the pleasure, but not the puoishment: he shewed the gain, but not the pain; now we knowing this craft, must labour in these temptations to see that which the devil hides, and to apprehend the fearful after-claps, Oh let us Jabour to see Jael's Dail, as well as her milk, the bees sting, as well as her honey, the foakes poison, as well as her beauty and embraces: That speech of Aboer is true of the world, Knowest thou not that it will be bitterness in the • latter end? 2 Sam. ii, 26. Oh let this be considered seri. ousy!

3. Consider A man's life Aand not in the abundance of the things that he poselseth, Luke ii. 15. A man's life, i.e. the good, and happiness, and comfort of his life, is not jo riches, but in God thar fills them. And hence we say that the true enjoyment of riches is the portion of God's people, and not of the wicked; they may have them, but they do not truly enjoy them; the devil encourageth them


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