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• let us crown ourselves with rose-buds before they be 4 withered, let none of us go without his part of our vo

luptuoufaefs, let us leave tokens of joyfulaefs in every • place, for this is our portion, and our lot is this,' Wif. i. 6, 7, 8, 9. Or if thou sayest all these are carpal, and thy sorrow is fpiritual, and there is no proportion betwixi these two; why then, saith Satan, go to the word and prayer, and other means, Kindle a fire and compass thyself

about with sparks, and then walk in the light of thy fire, and in the sparks which thou hast kindled,' Ifa. I. II. Go thy ways to dutics, aad reft in duties, and never talk more of a principle of grace, or of love to God, fetch'd from Chrilt Jesus as the spring of all. Thus Satao tempts, this is his method and malice in this case, he plots first to allay and take away the smart which God hath made, by outward mirth: But if he fiods the foul bleeds still, and will not be stenched, but only by the blood of Chrift, and that is it which it is busily enquiring after, then by way of diversion he bids such pray, and hear, and confer, and joy in them, and rest in them. He cares not where they have comfort, so it be on this side Jesus Chrift; well he koows, that a reaching out of the foul towards the mercio ful hand of Christ holden out to help it up in the next and immediate act, by which a mao is quite and for ever pulled out of Satan's power, and put into the paradise of grace; and therefore here now he bestirs himself, and to the soul that cries after ease and comfort, he offers comforts of these several forts, carnal and spiritual outward mirths, and refting on means of grace.

SECT. IX. of the Soul's Wrestling with Satan as to these Affaults.

O these two assaults you must use suitable repulses,

To the first then of wicked companions and their temptations, consider of these particulars:

1. It is not so much a companion, a friend, a loofe com: pany of men, as the devil in and by them, that tempts ihee to carnal comforts. When Christ began to thew to his disciples; how that he must go into Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders, and chicf priests, and scribes; then Peter took him alide, and would needs comfort him

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with, Be it far from thee Lord, this shall not be uplo · thee. But he turned and said unto Peter, Get'thee be: higd me Satan, thou art an offence voto me, thou sa

voureft not the things of God, but those that be of men,' Mat, xvi, 21, 22, 23, 24. Peter in his dissuasion was an Ditrument of Satan, and set on work by Satan, and there. fore Christ calls him Satan; no less are they that bring carGal comforts to fpiritual fores.

: 2. lo seeking comfort, it is no way of God, to advise with carnal and uoregenerate friends. Alas! they think thou art mad, they know not what trouble for fia means, why tben fhould thou discover thy disease to such who are no physicians: When God wrought wonderfully from heaven, in the conversion of Paul, it is said, that he obeyed God immediately, and never consulted with fless and biood, Gal, i. 16. Thus do thou. Doth God by his ministry convince thee of thy finful ways, of becoming a new man, of coming to him for ease and refreshment? Give up thyself to this call immediately, and consult not with flesh and blood.

3. There is no suitableness of what they offer to the healing of thy forrowful and Go-Sick soul. What idle companions can quiet thy conscience, forgive thy fia, fupport thy spirit, or fill thee with spiritual joy? Alas! all their joys are but as the crackling of thorns under a pot; Vanity, vanity of vanities, all is vanity. I said of laughter, It is mad, and of joy, what doth it?' Eccl. ii. 1, 2.TH There is no more agreement betwixt carnal mirth spiritual fore, than betwixt light and darkness. Away then, Depart from the tents of these wicked men, and 'touch nothing of theirs, left thou shalt be consumed in all * their fins,' Numb. xvi. 26.

4. It was the apostle's advice to them, who upon the prick of the heart eaquired for cure, Save yourselves from this crooked generation. Aod this he did very earnestly. for with many words did he testify and exhort, faying, Save yourselves from them, Acts ii. 40. He insisted much on it, and seriously charged, adjured, and iotreated them, as knowing it to be a business of very great importance in what company such young beginners lighted; furely this


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concerns thee as much as Himi. - Oh that whed such teitiptations are abroad, thou wouldit think as if thou heardt that question put to thee, Why feek ye the living among the dead? Luke xxiv. 3. What living lasting joys can be found with them that are dead ja lins? - Ob save thyself from them!

To the fecond assault of going to duties, and resting oà duties for ease and comfort. Coolider,

1. This is a seeking for righteousness, as it were, by the words of the law, nor directly, but as it were, it-fets up one thing for another; · Being ignorant of the righte*ousness of God, we establith our own righteousvels, and are not subject to the righteousnels of God,' Rom. ix. 3 f. ing and

and x. 3:


3. Daties mag pacify conscience for a time, bet certainlý it will not hold: Then Ephraim faw his fickness, and • Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Alls.

rian, and sent to king Jareb, yet could they not heal him, por cure him of his wound, Hóf. 1. 13. It is natural to med to rest on duties, so it was at first, Adam and all his posterity was to be saved by doing; Do this and live: And hence all to this day seek in like manger io be faved by doing; but if this were fufficient, what need of a Saviour? If we rest on duties, or any thing this side Chrift, we thall find then as weak as the Affyrian, or as Jareb, they cannot heal us, they cannot cure us of our wounds.

3. Duties must be used, but carnally applauded and gloried in, they will undo souls. Duties are to Satan as the ark of God was to the Philistines : He tremeled to set a foul diligent in the use of duties, but when the creature con des in them, and rests on them, he hath his defigo. This was Bernard's temptation; when being afsted in du. ty, he could stroke his own head with Bene fecifti Bernarde, O Beraard, this was galladily dope, pow chear up thy. felf. Many a poor foul would have comfort, kød knows not whither to go for it but to prayer, hearing, readings &c. and that donė, he goes away and ftrokes bimself, Surely I shall do well pow, I shall be able to wrestle with devils. This is the very way to miscarry. One speaks it oui boldly, but truly, Many fouls do not only perish pray


3, but they perish by their praying and repenti they carnally trust, and comfort them selves

I defire to be rightly understood in this poir

cause they must rely on duties, let go their e their comfort ought to be all in Chrift, y imagine a Christ talked of, and not desired, ved in, or prayed to, will folidly comfort. ted of Satan's deceit either way! What, is thy

and feeks to be comforted ? Go to Christ, but

nim in a way of duty, pot resting on the duty, bû. Jóly op him; heár a fermon to bring thee to Chrilt,

fast and pray, and get a full tide of affections in them to I carry thee to the Lord Jesus Christ; in this deing, Satan

will vanish and depart from thee, at least for a feason, as he did from Christ, the Captain of thy soul's salvation.

Of Satan's Affaults upon the fight of Sin.
HE fouł dow understanding that there is no folid,

fuitable comfort on this fide Christ, begins there fore to look out for Christ, Hol. vi: 1, 2, 3. Come, fay • converts, let us returp upto the Lord, for he hath bro. . keo us, and he will heaf us; he hath (mitten us, and he • will bind us up: After two days he will revive us, in

the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his

sight; then shall we know, if we follow on to know the • Lord, his going forth is prepared as the morning, and • he shall come upto os as the rain, as the latter and for.

mer rain unto the earth.' Well, faith Satan, if it be thus, if nothing but Jesus Chrift will serve the turn, if a sight of Christ be the next thing looked for, then take a view of Christ in his beauties, graces, sweetnesses; acquaint thyself with the history of Christ from first to last; learn him in his natures, perfon, incarnation, offices, endowments; for his nature, he is God and man, (Theanthropos] God manifested in the fiefh; for his person, he is the second person in the Triöity, in which perfon both the natures are ünited; for his incarnation, he was conceived of the Holy Ghost, bort of the virgin Mary; for his office, he is a king, a priest, and a prophet; and for his codow. ments, he received the Spirit without measure, obim are


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hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowlege, in which respect he is said to be fairer than all the children of med. Why all this, faith Satan, I am willing thou should it learn, ftudy and gain as much of the speculative, Dotional knowlege of Christ as possible thou capít; launch out (if thou wilt) into the deep questions and controversies of three persons in one nature, and of two patures in one perfon: Consult all schoolmen in their hot disputes and new opinions, there thou mayit hear enough of the found of his name.

Oh the temptations of Satan when he hears finners complain! What, no remedy for a fin-fick fou!? is there no balm in Gilead, no physician there? And when the answer is given no, there is no other Dame under heaven, whereby possibly thou canst be saved, but only Jesus Christ. Why then, let me fee Christ, faith, the soul, give me a view of Jesus, or I die, I am undone, I perish everlastingly. Hereupon steps in Satan, saying, Come, thou shalt have a view of Christ, I am ao enemy to a general, notional, historical, fpeculative knowlege of Jesus Christ, only content thyself with Chrift as an object of knowlege, and not of faith. And thus Satan deals with fouls, as we do with furveyors of lands, that take an exact compass of our grounds or lands, of which they shall never enjoy a foot; and many are taken in this foare: There is much talking of Christ, many luxuriate into a' theoretical knowlege, a meer brain knowlege of Christ, that have no right or title to Christ, oor ever look after it, and so they miscarry.

S E C T.. XI. of the Soul's Wrestling with Satan as to this Af

* fault. To thi Labout You know Chrife, as to have your

you , hearts taken up with the practical admiration of the glory of Christ above all the glories in the world, that is true knowlege which stirs up affections in the heart, and the effects thereof in your life; and the firft affection that is stirred up in the bearts of men at the sight of Christ, it is a wondering and admiring at the glories, splendors, and excellencies that are in Christ, Ifa. ix. 6. His name foall


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