The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood

Rowman Altamira, 2004 - 227 pàgines
'There are many greater Quakers than Ellwood, but few more likeable' quips editor Rosemary Moore in her epilogue. Her new edition of Thomas Ellwood's autobiography will be of interest to social and religious historians, Quakers, English literary scholars, and to many others. For Ellwood's story vividly recounts the early days of the Friends movement in 17th century England and the persecution they underwent. A student of Issac Pennington, an assistant to John Milton, and the editor of the journals of George Fox, Thomas Ellwood gives moving account of his tumultuous life and times.

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Sobre l'autor (2004)

\Former president of the Friends Historical Society, Rosemary Moore is the author of The Light in Their Consciences: Early Quakers in Britain 1646-1666 and is currently editing an annotated edition of the works of Isaac Penington.

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