Imatges de pÓgina

10. Laftly, Hence we may learn what to expca from

par ticular persons, and what to look for also publickly, in the Church, and in the world. He that knoweth what man is, and what godly men are, but as well as I do, will hardly expect a concordant uniform building to be made of such discordant and uneven materials; or that a fet of Orings, which are all, or almost all out of tunc, should make any harmonious diclody i Cor that a number of Infants should conflitute an Army of valiant men ; or that's company that can farce (pelt; or read, should constitute a learned Academy, God must make a change upon individual perfons, if ever he will make a great change in the Church." They must be morc wife, and cbaritable, and peaceable Chriftians, who mal make up that happy Church fate, and fettle that amiable peaco, and serve God in that concordant Kitinony' as all of us dire, vand fomnc cxpc&t.

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How to wfe Faitbagaint particular fins 503, THE

HE moff that I have to say of this, is to be gachered

from what went before, about San&tification in thogenaral. And becaufe I have been fo mach longer than I intend

. ed, you muft bear with my necessary brevity in the ref. Dire&. 1. Wben temptatior

, fettetle attual fin before you, or inward finikeeps up within, look well on God and fin together. Let Faith scc Gods Holiness and Justice, and all that Wifdoma, Goodxeß and Power, which fin defpifeth. And one such believing fight of God, is enough to make you look at ein, u * the D:vil himself; as the most ugly thing.

Dirca. "2. Set fin and the Law of God togetbers and then it will appear to be exceeding finful; and to be the crooked fruit of the tempting Serpent. You cannot know fim, but by the Law, Ron. 7. 14, &c.

Dire&t. 3. Set fin before the Cross of brit: . Let Faith fprinkle his blood upon it, and it will dic and wither. Scc it #ill as that which killed your Lord'; and that which picrccd

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his tidc, and hanged him up in such coatempt; and puç tho

chc gall and vinegar to his mouth.

Dirca. 4. Forget not the forrows and feats of your conversion (if you are indeed converted :) Or(if not) at least the forrows and fears whicb you must feel if ever you be.Conueried. God doth purposely caft us into grief and terrours, for our former fins, that it may make us the more careful to fin no more, Ich worfe belall us : If the pangs of the new birch were sharp and gricvous to you, why will you again renew the cause, and drink of thosc bitter waters? Remember what a mad and lad condition you were in while you lived according to the flesh, and how plainly you low it when your cycs were opencd2; And would you be in the same condition again? Would you be uplandtified, and unjaftificd, and unpardoned, • and unsaved ? Every wilful fin is a turning backward, toward the fate of your former captivity and misery.

Dirca. s. Wben Satan fets tbe beit before youi, let Faitb alwsies set Heaven and Hel before you, and take all togstber, tbeend wirb the beginning. And chipk when you are tempted to lye, to ftcal, to deceive, to lust, to pride, to gulofity or drunkennels, &c. what men are now fuffering for these fame fins ? and what all that are in Hell and in Heaven do think of them? Supe pofe a man offered you. a cup of wine, and a friend telleth you, I saw bim pur poison into it, and therefore take beed wobat you do.] If the offerer were an enemy, you would hardly take it. The world, and the fl. [h, and the devil, arc enemics: when they

the delights of fin, hear Faith, and it will tell you, there is poison in it; there is fin, and bell, and Gods dilplesfure in it,

Dirca. 6. Let Fairbo keep you under the continual appreben. fions of the Divine Authority and Rule; that as a child, a fervent, a scholar, a fubje&t, doch till know that he is not maferless, but one that must be ruled by the will or Law of his 4

fuperiour ; so may you alwaics live with the yoak of Chrift *apon your necks, and his bridle in your mousas : Remembring also that you are ftill in your Mafters cyc.

Dircd. :7. Remember til that it is tbe work of Faith to overcome the world, and be flell, and to over-rule your sense and appetite, and to make morbing of all that would stand up againt


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de your beavenly interests and to crucific is by ibo Cross of Cbrift Gal. 6. 14. & 5.24. Rom. 8.1, 9, 10, 13. Set Faith therefore upon irs proper work; and when you live by Faith, and walk after the Spirit, you will not live by figbt, nor walk after the Acth, 2 Cor. 5.7

. Dirca. 8. li is also the work of Faitb to take off all tbe masks of fin, and open its nakedness, and fame, and cast by al fifts, pretences, and excuses. When Sacan faith, It is a little one, and the danger is not great, and it will serve thy pleasure, profit, or prefermcat; Faith should say, Doch not God forbid it? There is no dallying with the fire of God: Be Hot deceived, man; God wil not be wocked! Whatsoever a man foweb, obat froal be also reap: If you fow to the Acm, of tbe fil.m you shall reap: corruption, Gal, 6. When Satan faith, To Mall not dir: and when the finner with Adam hidech himself,Faith will call him out to Judgment, and say, Wbas baft tbou done? Hajt tbon eaten of ibe fruit sobicb God forbade ?

Dirca. 9. Let Faitb Aill keep you bufied in your Masters work. Nothing brccdeth and feederh fin so much as idleness of mind and life : Sins of omission have this double mischici, that they are the firft part of Satans game themselves, and they also bring in fins of commission. When men are not taken up with good, they are at lcilure for temptations to intice them ; and they fet open their doors to the tempter, and tell him he may fpeak with then when he will. Wanton thoughts, and covetous thoughts, may dwell there when better thoughts arc absent. But when you are so wholly taken up with your du . ty (fpiritual or corporil) and (o confently and industriously busic in your proper work, fin cannot enter, nor Satan find you at lejfure for his service.

Dirc&. 10. Let Fairb make Gods service pleasant to you, and bofe net yout deligbr in God and godliness, and tben you will not reBifha finful pleasures. You will find no need of fuch base de.. lights, when you live on the foretast of Angelical pleasures. You will not b: calily drawn to steal a morsel of dung or poi. fon from the Devils table, while you doily fcaft your fouls on Chrift: or to steal the Onions of Egypt, when you dwell in a Land that floweth with milk and hony. But while you keep your felves in the wilderness, you will be tempted to look



back again to Egypt. The great caufc of mens linning, and yielding to the temptations of forbidden pleasures, is becausc they aic negligent to live upon the pleasures of Bclicvers.

Dircct. 11. Take bred of the beginnings, if ever you would escape the fin. No man becometh ftark nought at the firft step. He that beginneth to take one pleasing unprofitable cup or bit, intendeth not drunkenness and gluttony in the groffcfenfe : But he hath fet fire in the church, though he did not inccod co burn his house ; and it will be harder to quench it, than to have forborn at first. He that beginneth but with lascivious dalliance, fpecches.or embraces, chinketh not to proceed to filthy fornication: Bur he might beteet have focused his conscience, if he had never medled so far with fin. Few ruinating damning fins, began any otherwise than with such small approaches, as seemed to have little harm or danger.

Direct. 12. If ever you will fcape fin, keep off from strong temptations and opportunities. He that will be ftill neer the fire or water, may be burnt or drowned at lait. No man is long fafc in the midA of danger, and at the next step to ruinc. Hc thar liveth in a Tavern or Ale-house, had need to be vay averse to cipling. And he that fittelh at Dives table, had need to be very averse to gulofiry : And he that is in the leaft denger of the fire of luft, mult keep at a sufficicni dilance, not only from the bed, and from immodeft adtions, but from secret contpany and opportunities of fin, and from a licentious ungoverned, cye and imagination. This caused Chuilt to say, How hard it is for the Ricb to be saved ? because they have a stronger fichly intereft to keep them from Chrift and godliness, which must be denyed; and because their fin hath plentiful provision, and the fire of concupiscence wantech no fewel, and it is a very cafie thing to them stil to fio, and alwnies a bardibing to avoid ir : And mans sluggith nature will hardly long cither bold on in that which is bardly done, or forbear that which is ftil bard to forbear. Good mun be made sweet and eafie to us, or elle wc Thall never be constant in it.

Dirca. 13. If you find any difficuliy in forfaking any disgraceful fin, cberish it not by fecrecy, but 1. Plainly confes it to your bofom friend : And 2. If that will not serve, to orbers also, than you may bave obe greater engagements to forbsar.

I know wisdom mult be used in such conf.llions, and they mua be avoided when the hurt will prove greater than the good. But Achly wisdom must be no councellor, and Ashly intercft must not prevail. Secrecy is the net of Gin, where it is kepe warm, and hidden from disgrace : Turn it out of this ned, and it will end sooner perilh. Gods eye and knowledge Acould serve turn: but when it will not, let man know it allo, and curn onc fin against another, and let the love of Reputation help to subduc thc love of Luft. Opening a fin (yca or a strong temptation to a lin) doth lay an engagement in point of common credit in the world, upon them that were before under the divive engagements only. It will be a double theme to lin when once it's known. And as Chrift speaketh of a right hand, or cye, so may I of your bonour in this case, it is better, go to Heaven with the theme of a penitent confeffion, than te keep your honour till you arc io Hell

. The loss of mens good opinion is an casic price, to prevent the loss of your solvacion, Prov. 28.13. Herbat coveretb bis fins shall not prosperi baat opbofo-conf letb and forsaket b them Mall bave mercy. So i Jobu 1, 9, 10. James 5.15, 16.

Direct. 14. Epecially take bred of beinous fons, called mortal, becausc inconfiftent with fincerity.

Dired. 15. And take beed of those sins which your felves or etbers that fear God are in greatest danger of : Of which I will {peak a liecle morc diftin&iy.


Queft. W

Wbat fins the bent should most watobfully avoid i and wbercin ibe infirmities of i be upright de fer from mortal fins ?

Hat fins are religious people who fear fin, moft in danger of ? and wbore muft tbey set the strong,

eft watcb ? Answ. 1. They are much in danger of those fins, the complations to which are neer, and inportunate, and constant, and for which they have the greateft opportunities : They have fenfes. and appetites as well as others : And if the bait be great, and



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