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you would know whether you live by sense or faich? And mark what contrary answers the film and faisb will give to it, when it comes to pra&icc! I say, though many fin in poverty, and in sufferings, and in disgrace, yea and by occafion of them, and by their temptations, yet no man ever sinocd for ebem : They are none of the bait that ftcaled away the heart from Ged. Set deep upon your heart, the fenfe of the danger of 1 prosperous ftate, and fear and vigilancy will help to fars you.

Dirca. 2. Imprint upon your memory tbe charaders of this deadly fin of worldliness, that so you may not perish by , whilf you dream ibat you are free from it ; but may alw sies see bore for it dot b prevail. Here therefore to help you, I will fet beforc you the chara&ters of this fin ; and I will but brichly namac them, left I bc tedious, because they are many.

5. The great mark of damning worldlinefs is, when God and Heaven are not loved and preferred before the picafurcs, and profits, and honours of the world.

2. Another is, when the world is eftermed and used more for the service and pleasure of the felh, than to honour God, and to do good with, and to further our salvation: When men defire great places, and riches, more en please their apperites and carnal minds with, than to benefit others, or to serve the Lord with; when they are not rich to God, but to tbem. Jelves, Luke 12. 20, 21.

3. It is a mark of some degree of worldi:ntis, to defire : greater meafure of riches or honour, than our ípiritual work, and ends, and benefit de require : For when we are convinced that less is as good or better to our highesi cncs, and yet we would have more; it is a sign that the reft is desired for the flem, Rom. 13. 14. & 8.8, 9,10,13.

4. When our defires after worldly ihings are too eager and violent : when we must needs have them, and cannot be wichour them, 1 Tim.6.9.

5. When our contrivances for the world are too follicitous; and our cares for it take up an undue proportion of our time, Mat. 6. 24, 25. to the end.

6. When we are impatient under want, d.Chonour, or difappoinements, and live in trouble and discontent, if we want much, or have not our wills.

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7. When the thoughts of the world arc proportionably lo many more than our thoughts of Heaven, and our salvation, that they keep us in the neglect of the duty of Meditation, and keep empty our minds of holy things, Mat. 6. 21.

8. When it turnerb our talk all towards the world, or takech up our frecht, and our sweetest and mof serious words, and leaveth us to the use of feldom, dull, or formal, or affc&cd words, aboat the things which should profit the foul, and glorific our great Crcator.

9. When the world incroacheth upon Gods part in our families, and thrusts out prayer,or the reading of the Scriptures, or the duc instruction of children or servants: when it cometh in upon the Lords day; when it is intruding in Gods Worship, and at Sermon or Prayer our thoughts are more pleasingly running out after some worldly thing, than kept in attendance upon God, Exk. 33. 31.

10. When worldly prosperity is so sweet to you, that it can keep you quiet under the guilt of wiltul fin, and in the mida ol all the dangers of your

fouls. Because you have your hearts defire a while, you can forget cternity, or bcar those thoughıs of it with security, which otherwise would amazo your souls, Luke 12. 19, 20.

:11. When the peace and pleasure which you daily live upon, is fetche more from the world, than from God and Heaven; so that if at any time you ask your felves the true rcafon of your peace, and whcoce it is that you risc and lic down in quictness of mind, your confciences muh tell you, it is not so much from your belief of the Love of God in Chrift, nor from your hope to live in Heaven for ever, as because you feel your self well in body, and live at case and prosperity in the world: And when any mirth or joy poffefeeh you, you may casily feel, that it is more from someching which is graicful to your felh, than from the bclick of everlasting glosy.

12. When you think too highly and plcalingly of the con. dition of the rich, and too mcanly of the date of poor Believers : when you make too greet a difference between the rich and the poor, and say to the man with the gold Ring, and the gay Apparel, Come up hither, and to she poor, Sit there at my footfool, James 4. & 5. When you had racher be made like.



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the rich and honourable in the world, than like the poor that are morc holy; and think with more delight of being like Lords or Great men in the world, than of being more like to humble heavenly Believers.

13. When you are at the heart more thankful to one that giveth you lands or money;than to God for giving you Chrift and the Scriptures, and the Means of Grace: and would be better pleased if you were advanced or enriched by the King, than to think of being fan&tified by the Spirit of Christ. And when you give God himself morc hearty thanks for worldly than for fpiritual things.

14. When you make too much ado for the things of the world; and labour for them with inordinate induftry;or plunge your selves into unnecessary business, as one that can never have or do enough.

15. When you are too much in expecting liberality, kindnefses and gifts from others; and are too much pleased in it; and grudge at all that gocth befide you ; and think that it is mens duty to mind all your concernments, and further your commodity more than other mens.

16. When you arc felfith and partial about worldly intereft, and have little senfc of your neighbours concernments in comparison of your own. If one give never so liberally to many others, and give nothing to you, it doth never the more con. tent you, nor reconcilc your mind to the charity of the giver. If one give to you, and pass by many that have morc nccd, you love and honour the bounty which fatisficth your own defires. If you sell dear, you rejoyce ; and if you buy cheap, you are glad of your good bargain, though perhaps the seller be poorer than you. He that wrongeth you, or any way hindereth your commodity, is alwaies a bad man in your cftcem :. No vertuc will save him from your censures and reproach :. But hc that dealeth as hardly by your neighbour, and well with you, is a very honeft man, and worthy of your praisc.

17. When you are quarrelsome for worldly things, and the love of them can at any time break your charity and peace, and make an enemy of your neerch fricnd; or engage you in caufles Law-fuits aud contentions. What abundance doth the world fet together by the cars

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18. When you can see your poor brother or neighbour in want, and shut up the bowels of your compassion from him; and do little good with what God hath given you, but the Ach and self devourcih all.

19. When you will venture upon unlawful wsies of getting ; or will fin for honour or commodity; or at least will let go your innocency and conscience, rather than lose your prosperity in the world; and will distinguish yourselves out of every danger, or coftly duty, or suffering for righteousncls fake; and will prove every thing lawful, which seemeth necessary to the prosperity and safety of thc A. th.

20. When you are more careful to provide riches and honors for your children after you, than to save them from worldli. nels, voluptuousness and pride, and to bring them up to be the hcirs of Heaven: and had rather venture their souls in the moft dangerous temptations, than abate any of their plenty or grandure in the world.

These be the plain marks of worldly minds, whatever a blinded heart may devise to hide them,

Dirca. 3. Take.beed of tbose blinding pretences mobicb world. ly minds do commonly use, to flatter, deceive and undo sbemselves. For instance.

1. The molt common pretence is (That Gods creatures are good, and prosperity isibis blefing, and t bat our bodies must be cbrrished, and tb at synical and cremetical extreams and austerities, are far from tbegenius of true Cbriftianity.

There is truth in all this, or else it would not be co fic to be made a cloak for fin by misapplication. The world and all Gods works are good; and to the pure they are pure : to the fan&ified they are fan&ified; that is, they are devoted to the service of God, and used for him from whom they come: God hath given os nothing which may not be used for his service, and our salvation. No doubt but you may make you friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness, to further your receprion into the everlasting habitations : You may lay up a good foun. dation for the time to come; and you may low to the Spirit, and reap in the end overlafting lisc, Gal. 6. You may provide you bags that wix not old : you may pleasc God by the sacrifices of diftributing and communicating, Hel. 13; Bu yer I 1


mult tell you, the world and all Gods crcatures in it, are too good to be sacrificed to the fl., and to the Divil; and not good enougb to be loved and preferred before God, and your innocency and salvation.

The body muft bo cherished, but yee the Acth must b: fubdwed; and if you live afer it, you shall die. Health and alacri. ty muft be preterved, becaufe they make you fit for duty; but wanron apperites muft be refraincd, and no provifion muft be made for the fleth, to fatisfic its lufts (or wills) Rons. 13. 14. It must be cherished as your hersc or fervant for his work; but it must not be pampered, and made unruly, or your Mafter. You may feck food for your neceffity and use ; and ask of God your daily bread (Mattb.6. Pfal. 145.) but you may not with the Ifraelites, ask meat for your luft, as being weary of caring Manna fo long, Pfal. 78. Hurting your health by useless auItcritics, is not pleasing unto God: But sensuality and Achpleasing, and love of the world, is nevertheless abominable in his fight.

Object. 2. Necesity makes me mind i be world : 1 bave obil. dren to maintain, and am in debt, and cannot pay every one bio

Anfw. Whether you have necessity or not, you ought to la bour faithfuly in your callings. But no neceffity will excuse your worldly love and cares : What will the love of the world do towards the fupply of your necefities? or what will your cager defires, and your cares do, more than the labours and quiet forecast of onc that hath a contented patient mind? Sarely in reason, the less you have in the world, and the harder your condi'ion is, the less you should love it, and the more you fbould abound in cars and Jiligence, to make fure of a betres world hercaster.

Object. 3. I covetino mans but my own.

Answ. 1. Why then are you fo glad of good bargains, or of gifts? 2. But what if you do not? You covet to have more to be your own, than God allorreth you? Perhaps you have already as much as your fleth knowcth what to do with; and Therefore nccd not cover more. But will this excule you for loving your riches more than God? The queftion is not now, what you cover, but what you love. If the world hath your



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