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3. You agt 1903 93

wi di miuno: Le moniz? To the Worshipfullo Panenuch banore

honour ed Friend Richard Hampden:sofi S Hampden, Esquire Tand the Lady Lætitia bis Wife, Grace and Pénte

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ai stil butuld. Og

: Our Nalties itathelheteria thé "front of this Tieatife I oni

a double account! Firft that (the custom of Writers tha: I ving, gleeft me lück unband

I vantages i may tell the pres fent and futute Ages, how much I love and honour your Piety, Sobriéty, Integrity and Mo deration, in an Age when luch Vertues grow into contempt, 'Or into lifeless Tmages and Nanker? And how much I am my Telf your debter,



for the manifold expressions of your love ; and that in an Age when Love directed by the superiour faculties is out of fashion, and towards fuch as I, is grown a crime. Sincerity and Love are things that shall be honourable, when Hypocrisie and Malice have done their worst : But they are most con{picuous and refulgent in times of rarity and When the theme of their condraties feed them off und bucla him to

Secondly, To signifie my, Lovel and Gratitude by the best return which I can make, which is, bý tendering to you and to your family, the sürest Directions for the moft noble manly life on earth, in order to a blessed life in Heaven. Though you

. haye proceeded well, you care mouerpare need of help: so great a work dot galt. for skilfull counsel, and Ntudious karaing, and industrious, and unwcaried practice. And your hopeful children may be the reas dier to learn this excellent Life from these Directions, for the love of your prefixed Names. And how happy will they be, if they conyerse with God, when others are wallowing in the filth of sensuality! When the dead-hearted-sioner thinketh noc


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of anorhef world, with the wisdom of a foreseeing man, till he is going out of this, fecurus. quo pes ferat, atque ex tempore rvivit

, ut Perf. quibus in solo vivendi caufa palato est, ut fup. When such sensual souls must be draggd tible Aeth, to divine revenge, ut of their pampered corrup,

and go with the beginnings of endless horrour, to the world where they might have found everlafting rest; what joy will then be the portion of mortified and patient Believers, whose Treasures, and Hearts, and Conversations in Heaven, are now the forecaste of their possession, as the Spirit of Christ which causeth this, is the seal of God, and the pledge and earnest of their inheritance. If a Aesh-pleasing life in a dark, distracted, bruitish world, were better than a life with

methinks yet they that know they cannot have what they would, fhould make sure of what they may have: And they that cannot keep what they love, fhould learn to love what they may keep. Wonderfull stupidity! That they who see, that carrying dead bodies to the grave, is as common a work; as the Midwifes cakeing children into the world, and that this

God and Angels

life is but the road to another, and that all men are posting on to their journeys end, should think no more confiderately whither so many thousand fouls do go, that daily shoot the gulf of death) and return no more to the world whịch once they called

, their honie!. That men will have no house or home, but the ship which carryeth them so swiftly to eternity, and spend their time in furnishing a dwelling on luch a tempestuous Sea, where winds and tide are hafting them to the shore! and even to the end are contriving to live where they are daily dying! and care for no habitation but on horse back! That almost all men die much wiser than they lived; and yet the certain foreknowledge of death will not ferve to make them more feasonably

? and more safely !wife'n Wonderfiyl! that it should be posible for a man awake, to believe that he mult shortly be gone from earth, and enter into an unchangeable onda less life, and yet not bend the thoughts of his soul, and the labours of his life to len curę his true and durable, felicity . But

á Adam bach given fun the angeçedency to grace, and madness she priority to mifidong


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