Imatges de pÓgina
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That the transactions of my life, and the observa-
tions and reflections I have made on men and
things, by sea and land, in various parts of the
world, might not be buried in oblivion, and by
length of time, be blotted out of the memory of
men, it has been my wont, from the days of my
youth to this time, to write down memorandums of
every thing I thought worth noticing, as men and
matters, books and circumstances, came in my way;
and in hopes they may be of some service to my
fellow-mortals I publish them. Some pleasing and
some surprising things the reader will find in them.
He will meet with miscellany thoughts upon seve-
ral subjects. He will read, if he pleases, some
tender stories. But all the relations, the thoughts,

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