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Notices.--Agents of the Miscellany. rious liberty of the children of God. 1 yea, the absolute necessity of a reI might proceed to state many parti- vival of religion. Family visits, and culars in which the power and grace meetings for inquiry were evidently of God were most affectingly display- owned of God, and peculiarly blessed ed during the revival, but this would

as a means of promoting the revival. extend the narrative to an improper In concluding this narrative, we length.

wish, in this public manner to exAs to the general character of the press our gratitude to Mr. Goodell, work, it has been deep, solemn, and the neighboring clergy, young genstill. I have discovered very little tlemen from Union and Hamilton that I could denominate visionary, or Colleges, and some others from aa mere work of the passions. Under broad, who cheerfully entered the convicting sinners have had clear and field of labor, and aided in gathering affecting views of their sinful and in the harvest. Especially, above all lost state by nature; of the purity, ex- we desire to return public thanks to tension, and spirituality of the divine Almighty God who has done great law—the justice of God in their con- things for us, whereof we are glad, demnation, and the necessity of the and would bless his name for ever new birth-they have generally man

and ever. ifested sensible opposition to the holy

JONATHAN Hovey, sovereignty of God, in having mercy Pastor of the Church & Congreon whom he will have


gation in Winfield. nearly all whom we count as the hopeful subjects of the renovating influ- CARLISLE, JANUARY 17. ence of the Holy Spirit cordially embrace what are generally denominated

Since this number was first publishthe doctrines of grace.

ed the prospects of the establishment The whole number of hopeful sub- have become much more flattering. jects of renewing grace during the

The editors sincerely thank the rerevival is something more than 130. Of the whole number for whom we

ligious public for the unanimous suphad reason to indulge a hope, I do not port they have already received. Yet as yet know of a single instance of a- comparatively few are circulated postacy: Between 80 and 90 have

through this county. We ask the joined the Congregational Church-a

interferance of our friends in obtainfew, perhaps 8 or 10, have joined the

8 Baptist Church; the remainder have

ing subscribers. We can supply yet, not as yet made a public profession about 50 individuals with the pre


. It may

further be remarked, that this sent volume; and it is our desire that work of divine grace evidently began they should be immediately called in the church; and sinners have been

for. converted in answer to special, believing, and persevering prayer. It

We shall print the remaining five is confidently believed that when the numbers which run short, as soon as secrets of all hearts are made mani

possible. This will greatly augment fest, it will appear that a number of the members of the church were for

the expences of the publication. All several months previous to any visible that we request of our patrons, is a religious excitement among the im- strict compliance with our terms. penitent, unusually faithful, fervent, and believing in closet devotion For the convenience of our patrons they evidently felt an unusual desire; who live at à distance, the following Conditions of Publication.-Summary.


gentlemen are authorized to receive and Widows' Society, by the Rev. any money, communications or sub- Sereno E. Dwight, a collection ascriptions for this paper:

mounting to 8242,88, besides a gold AGENTS.

ring was taken up. Rev. Mr. Elliott, Mercersburg.

In the year 1812, a Theological SeRev. Mr. Winebrenner, Harrisburg. of Virginia, and until the death of the

minary was established by the Synod Mr. Samuel Blood, Chambersburg. Samuel Linn, Esq. Landisburg.

late Dr. Hoge, was under his care. Its Mr. W. Baldridge, Loungstown,

operations were suspended at his

1 Westmoreland county, Pa.

death. The Synod of Virginia have Thomas Goforth, Esq. Lisburn.

now relinquished it to the Synod of Mr. James Laughlin, Newville.

Hanover, by whom the Seminary has Mr. Wm. Smiley, Dougless Mills,

been re-organized, and the Rev. Dr.

Rice of Richmond, has been chosen Perry County

Professor. The statement that this

gentleman has accepted the PresiCONDITIONS.

dency of Nassau Hall, is incorrect. The Religious MiscellẢNY, is The Richmond Visitor states that he published every Friday, at Two Dol- has been dangerously ill, and prelars per annum, payable HALF YEARLY

sumes that he has not yet formed a in advance.

determination on the subject. No subscription taken for a shorter A Bible Society was formed in time than six months-nor paper dis-. Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 28th of Oct. continued till arrearages are paid.

by members of several denominaUnless notice is given at the end of tions, and entitled the Auxiliary Bithe term subscribed for, it will be ble Society of Ross county. considered a new engagement.

A meeting of the Society for the reEvery tenth copy allowed to effici

lief of the Insane, was held in Hartcient and responsible agents.

ford on the 3d inst. it was voted uA title page and index will be nanimously, that the Retreat of the given at the close of each volume.

Insane should be established in that **Letters to the EDITORS must be

city. post paid.

In the Mission College at Serampore, between 30 and 40 who are the

children of converted parents, are reThe Treasurer of the American.ceiving instruction; two students are Bible Society acknowledges the re

members of the church, and four unceipt of 84620,88, in the month of der serious impressions. The Native November. The issues from the de- sisters of the church at this place are pository during the same, month were; about 60 in number, and hold

prayer Bibles, 4896; Testaments, 3607. meetings from house to house. The

The Treasurer of the A. B. C. F. prospects of the missions are favoraM. acknowledges the receipt of 84,- ble both in Calcutta and Serampore. 408,91 from October 13th, to Novem-Native preachers are uncominonly ber 12th inclusive.

active. The Agent of the New England

In each of the following languages, Tract Society, acknowledges the re- viz.. Sungscrit, Bengalee, Orisa and ceipt of $419,49 from October 10, to Mahraita, the Bible forms five vol. November 20, 1822.

umes, octavo, After a Sermon preached in Park- The 3d following articles are taken street Meeting House, Boston, on from an English work entitled the the 24th of Nov. before the Fatherless | Investigator.


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London Orphan Asylum.-The 6th, priests died in the year 1819: and in anniversary dinner of the friends and the same year there were 1401 ordisupporters of this institution, was held nations. There are 106 female conon Thursday, May 10, at the City of gregations, possessing altogether 1721 London Tavern; H. R. H. the Duke establishments, which contain 11,752 of Sussex in the chair, who entered sisters. It is estimated that these at some length into the details of the charitable women administer relief to institution. The principal object now nearly 69,000 sick persons, and grawas to raise £10,000 to commence tuitously instruct 63,000 persons. the building, which is estimated would The young men in Philadelphia have cost £15,000. This building was to formed a missionary society, for the contain 300 children of whom 200 purpose of affording instruction to the were to be boys. There are at pres- poor and miserable in the suburbs of ent in the establishment 110 children.

that city. The usual toasts were subsequently given; and previously to retiring, his royal highness announced that a sub

RELIGIOUS MISCELLANY. scription had been raised, in the

Hail! thou long expected stranger, course of the evening, to the amount of £1,470.

Breathing star of Zion's joy;

Beaming bright, secure from danger, Advantages of Education. Rev'd.

Long may love thy page employ. Dr. Waugh, enlarging lately at a public Sunday school meeting on the bles- Guest thrice welcome in our border, sings of education, and turning to his If thy columns bright appear, native country, Scotland for proof, Fill'd with love, peace, truth, and order, related to his auditors the following

Guide for Zion's pilgrim here. anecdote:--As a board-day at the


Welcome thou to each believer, nitentiary, at mill-bank, the food of

If thy voice proclaim afar, the prisoners was discussed, and it

Free Salvation from the Giver, was proposed to give Scotch broth

Christ the bright and Morning Star.. thrice a week. Some of the

governors were not aware what sort of


Mild as voice of lambs from mountains, barley made, and desired to taste a If thy accents sweetly move; specimen before they sanctioned the Then, like rills from crystal fountains, measure. One of the officers was ac

Cordials soothing, thou wilt prove. cordingly directed to go to the wards,

Long may lucid rays effulgent, and bring a Scotch woman, competent Shine from thee o'er great and small; to the culinary task, to perform it in

Spreading news of an indulgent the kitehen. After long delay, the

God, who rules this floating ball. board fancying the broth was being made all the while, the fellow return- Oh! Columnbia, prize the blessing, ed and told their honors that there You possess o'er Pagan lands:was no Scotch woman in the house! Humbly then, your Christ confessing, French Clergy.-It is calculated Seek for pardon at his hands.

K. that there are at present in France

Carlisle, Jan. 15, 1823. 2649 curates, 22,244 temporary curates, 5301 vicars, 4462 regular priests, 373 almoners of colleges and hospitals. The number of priests regularly officiating, including those who

FLEMING AND GEDDES, do not receive pay from the treasury,

North Hanover-Street. amounts to 36,185.-1361 French



Religious it iscellany.

“Say ye to the daughter of Zion, behold, thy salvation cometh."


No. 2.

Vol. I.

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wife and children, were all baptised. MISSIONARY INTELLIGENCE.

The ceremony was performed by sprinkling or pouring a cup of water on the head; and this was done seven times. Ni w foreigners never emi

brace the Jewish religion; and if they It is, perhaps, not known to many

| should, he does not think they would

be baptised. I do not yet know of our readers, that one of the mem

what othe Jews would say on this bers of this mission, Mr. Parsons, has subject. We read Psalm xvi, and I been removed from his important asked him what the Jews understand labors by death. By this occur

by Sheol, the word used, verse 10th, rence, the Board experienced a great

for hell. He says they believe that,

in the place of future punishments loss. However, we are rejoiced to there are seven habitations. The observe, that another gentleman is ! first, and most tolerable, is Gehenna, engaged in a course of preparatory the second Sheol, the third Abadyon,

&c. studies, in order to embark in the duties of this mission. We are un

One day I inquired, “What do you

Jews believe and expect. concerning able to present our readers with all

the Messiah?” He replied, “That he the news in our possession, in detail; will come, though we know not when, we can only give at present, what fol- some say after 200 years, and that he lows, in relation to this mission. will be a great prophet, and a great

king.” I then stated to him what we The following extract from Mr. believe concerning Jesus, his divinity, Fisk's letter, is truly interesting. It his atonement, the apostacy and deshews the desception which the Jews pravity of man, and the way of salare held under at present. The let

vation; to all which he listened with

attention, but made no reply. Anoter was written in March. The fol

ther day, we read Isaiah liii, in Helowing extract is the substance of an brew and Italian. I asked whose interview with a young Jew “a native sufferings were there described. He of Salonica, a place famous for the

said he did not know. I then exnumber of its Jewish inhabitants." plained it as referring to Christ, and

told him, after enlarging consideraMr. Fisk observes:

bly on the love of the Lord Jesus, that

the Jews, according to their own beWe have often read the Scriptures lief, have no Saviour to bear their initogether. After reading the account of Philip and the Eunuch, I enquired that chapter very carefully. He lis

quity, and exhorted him to examine whether any such thing as baptism, is tened, but made me no answer. One known among the Jews. He said that day we read Genesis xlix, 10, and I in ancient times, when a stranger embraced the Jewish religion, he, and his

inquired what the Jews supposed wa meant by Shiloh. He replied, “th


Extract from Mr. Fisk's Letter.

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Messiah.” “Then,' said I, the Mes- dant, you refuse to believe.” He resiah must be already come, for your plied, "that is, true. I have been sceptre departed centuries ago. You reading the Testament you gave me, have no king, no kingdom, no govern- with another Jew, and told him that ment.” “You speak truly,” said he. the transactions which we read, were “The Rabbins, however, say there is a fulfilment of what Isaiah and the a place where the sceptre still remains other prophets had predicted; wherein the hands of the Jews."* “But as we had been waiting 1800 years where is that place?”. “Who knows,” for this fulfilment, and waiting in said he, “but it may be, as some say, vain.” He said, “I am myself willing in America, beyond Mexico, where to believe, but my relatives and friends there is a river of stones, that run a are all Jews, and they will oppose me." long, as water does, in other rivers, I then urged upon him the value of except on Saturday, when the river truth, in preference to every thing stands still.” I assured him that else, and the necessity of seeking for there is neither a river of stone, nor it diligently, and embracing it boldly, a kingdom of Jews, in America. He wherever found, and whatever might then said, “Some say it is beyond | be the consequences. We have read Mecca,” “But,” said I, “travellers together the second chapter of Acts, have been through all that country, several chapters in Hebrew, and some and there is no such river, and no other parts of Scripture. In our last such people there.” “The Rabbins interview, he told me he was very say there is such a country,” said he, sorry I was going away, and hoped I “but who knows any thing about it.” should return here again. “It is easy to explain the matter," said I,“The Messiah came 1800 years

Mr. Fisk closes his letter, from ago, and your fathers rejected him, which the above is extracted, by and you persist in their course of unbelief ; for though the evidence from noticing several things, interesting

both to the Christian and the historian. your own prophets is clear, and abun

While here, (at Alexandria,) I have *I presume the confused idea which distributed 130 different tracts, in six is here expressed, respecting a king

different languages, a few missionary dom of Jews, is derived from the pamphlets, 20 numbers of the Boston story which Basnage relates in his Recorder, and 18 Bibles, Testaments history of the Jews, B. 7, ch. 1. It

and Psalters. seems that the Jews, in order to prove The population of Alexandria, is that the sceptre is not departed from estimated, by those with whom I conJudah, invented, many


ago, versed, to be from 10 to 15,000. The many fabulous stories respecting a great body of the people, are Arabs. kingdom called Cozar, situated in It has given me great satisfaction to

Tartary, and inhabited by the descen- be able to preach the gospel, argue dants of Togermah, the grandson of from the Scriptures, and circulate the Japheth. In this country, there were written word of Gud, in this city, said to be many Jews and that finally where some of the most eminent primthe king, after trying all other reli- itive Christians lived. gions, embraced Judaisin, and his peo- Cario, March19. I close my letple followed his example. The dif

ter to forward it to the care of Mr. ficulty however is, that nobody has Temple, at Malta. A letter from Dr. ever been able to find this kingdom, Naudi, which I received ten days ago, or ascertain where it may be found. informed that he had, that moment,

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