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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1856, by


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.




The compiler of “The First Class Reader,” encouraged by the favor with which that work has been received, has prepared a similar collection, adapted to the capacity of young persons forming the second classes in our public schools. His aim has been to include no piece which would not be level to the capacity of an intelligent boy or girl of from eleven to thirteen years of age. He has been careful to admit nothing to which the moral sense or the taste could take the least exception. The compiler has also borne in mind that young persons, of the age for which this selection is intended, are impatient of any thing dry, didactic, or heavy, and has regulated his choice with a view to that fact. He has taken nothing which an intelligent boy or girl would find it a task to read.

Descriptions of natural scenery and objects, sketches in natural history, anecdotes of animals, and such narratives as either awaken the sensibilities or convey some moral or practical lesson, form a considerable portion of the contents of the work. In early life the eye is active and restless, and the mind demands pictures. The compiler has endeavored to meet this want; and it will be a source of pleasant reflection to him, if he shall have thus helped to form habits of observation in the coming generation, and create a taste for natural history, which is one of the best remedies for that listless feebleness of mind which the constant reading of books of entertainment and excitement is sure to produoe.


As in the First Class Reader, omissions and changes have occasionally been made in order to adapt the extracts to the purposes for which they are intended. Brief introductory notices are generally prefixed, and the necessary explanations are made at the bottom of the

page. The introductory portion, on reading, enunciation, and the training of the vocal organs, has been prepared, expressly for this work, by Mr. James Jennison, teacher of elocution in Harvard University


BOSTON, November, 1856.


37. The same, concluded,


38. Account of Alexander Selkirk, ........... Chambers's Journal. 95

39. Verses in the Character of Alexander Selkirk,......... · Cowper. 99

40. Bruin the Bear and Renard the Fox,


41. The Chameleon,...

Merrick. 104

42. The One-handed Flute Player, . .New Monthly Magazine. 106

43. The Whale Fishery,

North American Review. 110

44. Gelert,

.. Spencer. 112

45. Happy Families of Animals,.

Chambers's Miscellany. 115

46. Moonlight in the Tropics,...

Gosse. 119

47. The Conjugating Dutchman,.


48. New Year's Eve,..

Tennyson. 122

49. The Grisly Bear, ..


50. The Child's Funeral,

Bryant. 128

51. The Bluebird, ...

Wilson. 130

52. Animal Humanity,

Chambers's Journal. 133

53. An Eagle and a Salmon,.

..Life in the Woods. 137

64. Kitten Gossip,

Westwood. 139

55. Rifle Shooting in Kentucky,

. Audubon. 141

56. The Frost,

Miss Gould. 144

57. The Lighthouse,...

Moore. 145

58. Select Paragraphs in Prose,..


59. The Lying Servant,.

.. London Magazine. 151

60. A Mosquito Hunt,....

.Hall. 155

61. The Two Highlanders,.

.. Hogg. 158

62. To the Driving Cloud,..

.Longfellow. 161

63. Life of Christopher Columbus,.

The Charm. 163

64. The same, concluded,...


65. The Stork and the Ruby,

Stoddard. 171

66. Death of the little Scholar,.

..Dickens. 174

67. The Pine Tree Shillings,,

.Hawthorne. 177

68. The Sunken Treasure,.

.Hawthorne. 181

69. The same, concluded,.


70. The Bird let loose,..

. Moore. 187

71. The Fringed Gentian,..

. Bryant. 188

72. The Moss Rose,...


73. The Trial of the Swords,

Scott. 189

74. The Death of De Boune,

Scott. 194

75. The Forgiven Debt,

Hunt. 197

76. Passages from Cowper's Task,


77. The River Saco,

.Lyons. 204

78. Behind Time,

..Hunt. 206

79. Winter Pictures,......

Philips and Bryant. 208

80. The Winged Worshippers,.

Sprague. 210

81. The Forged Deed,

Miss Edgeworth. 212

82. The Shepherd and Philosopher,..

Gay. 216

83. Boyhood of Washington,....

... Irving. 219


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