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Sect. XXXI. Christ cures a man of the palsy.
Sect. XXXII. Christ calleth Matthew the publican.

He discourses with the Pharisees.

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Sect. LI. Christ eats with Simon the Pharisee. A wo-
man anoints his head with ointment, and washes
his feet with tears.
Sect. LII. Herod's opinion of Christ. The power of
conscience exemplified in him.
Sect. LIII. The apostles return to Christ. He feeds
five thousand with five loaves and two fishes.
Sect. LIV. Christ, walks on the sea. He stills, a tem-
pest with his word.

Sect. LV. Christ discourses with his disciples concern-

ing the bread of life. Peter confesses him to be the

Son of God.

Sect. LVI. Christ heals the impotent man at the pool
of Bethesda. The Jews seek to kill him. He dis-
courses of his union with the Father.
Sect. LVII. Christ discourses with the Scribes and Pha-
risees concerning traditions.
Sect. LVIII. Christ cures the daughter of a Canaanitish
woman. Gives hearing to a deaf man; and per-
forms many other miracles.

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Sect. LIX. Christ feeds four thousand with seven loaves
and a few fishes. He discourses concerning a sign
from, heaven, and the leaven of the Pharisees.

Sect. LX. A blind man cured. Peter professes his

faith. Christ foretells Peter's preaching the Gospel


Sect. LXII. Christ is transfigured before two of his
disciples, James and John. Moses and Elias appear

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Covetous rich man. He exhorts his disciples to page watchfulness. The parable of the slothful servant. Sect. LXXVII. Of the Galileans whom Pilate slew. The parable of the fig tree. Christ heals an infirm


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Sect. LXXVIII. Christ warns his hearers of the dif.
ficulty and importance of entering into the kingdom
of heaven.
Sect. LXXIX. Christ cures a man of the dropsy at the
house of a Pharisee, and admonishes the Jewish
teachers. The parable of the wedding feast.
Sect LXXX. Christ urges the necessity of considering
the difficulties of religion, before a profession of it.
Sect. LXXXI. The parables of the lost sheep, the piece
of and the prodigal son.
Sect. LXXXII. The parable of the unjust steward.
Sect. LXXXIII. The parable of the rich man and La-








Sect. LXXXIV. The parables of the unjust judge, and the publican and Pharisee.


Sect. LXXXV. Christ rebukes the intemperate zeal of James and John, and heals the ten lepers. He warns the Pharisees of the approaching national de



Sect. LXXXVI. Christ cures a man who had been blind from his birth.


Sect. LXXXVII. Prediction of Isaiah concerning the

good shepherd of Israel.


Sect. LXXXVIII. Part of the prophecy of Ezekiel concerning the bad shepherds of Israel.


nevolent reception of them.

Sect. LXXXIX. The parable of the good shepherd.
Sect. XC. Christ, at the feast of the dedication, declares

himself to be the Messiah.

Sect. XCI. Little children brought to Christ. His be

Sect. XCII. A rich young ruler comes to Christ for in

struction. Discourses concerning riches.

Sect, XCIII. The parable of the labourers in the vineyard. 401 Sect. XCIV. Christ raises Lazarus from the dead.

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