Imatges de pÓgina
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Athanasian Creed, the, anecdote re- count of Baxter's acquaintatice

specting, 290. Archbishop Ma- with Archbishop Usher, and agree-
gee's evidence on, 475. Recom-

ment with him, in opposition to
mendation to publish Uvitarian Owen and others, on fundamen-
works on, 483. At variance with

ials, 287. Angelic apparitions,
common sense and Christian cha-

289. “ Strange pieces of Provi.


deure at Brightling, Sussex," 290.
Atlee, Dr , Elias Hickes' letter to, 211 Mr. Biddle's great congrega.
Aitorney-General, the, his speech on rious,"

Carlile's case,
574 Bee-hire, lines on a,

AUBREY, Mr., Jun, statement of BELSHAM, Mr., in reply to Mr. Frend,
the Middleton congregation, by, 569 on Uvitarianism,

AUTHOR OF THE HYMN OF MARY Bellanıy's Version of the Pentateuch,
MAGDALENE, TAF, il reply to defended,


465 BEN DAVID on his defence of 1 Joho
v. 7,

Bennett, Miss Maria, obituary of 694

Bennett, Rev. James, his speech at

the Protestant Society auniver-
Bailey, Mrs. Susan, obituary of 628


BAKER, Mr., his defence of ordina- Benson, Mr. Charles James Fox, obi-
tion services,

81, 345
tuary of,

Baker, Rev. John, letter to, ou his BEREUS Ou Elias Hickes" letter to
“ Prayer-book,"

29 Dr. Atlee, 211. On an American
BAKEWELL, Mr., his remarks on the Quaker creed,

republication of Dr J. P. Smith's Bible discussions, pastoral letter of
letters respecting Geneva, 331. On Dr. Doyle's on public, 541. Pro-
the doctrine of the Final Per.

posal for,

severance of the Elect," as held Bible Societies, observation on, 562

by the modern Swiss Calvjuists, 641 Bible, ibe, brief potes on, 26. Pro.
Bancroft, Dr., letter from Ex-Pre- hibited in Turkey, 126. Sermons
sident Adams to,

35 on the Study of, reviewed, 168,
Baptism, arguments for its perpetuity, 225, 298. A new translation of,
with remarks,

49 proposed, 193. Fact in the batu-
Barbauld, Mr., verses on the death ral bistory of,


488 Bicknell, Mr. William, obituary of, 750
Barbauld, Mrs. Anoa Lætitia, obitu- Biddulph, Rev. Thomas T., convicted
ary of, 185. Inquiry respecting a of plagiarisms,

hymn of hers, in the Essex Street Bird, Rer, C., A. M., his Sermon
Collection, 280. The Works of; before the Judges of the Northern
with a Memoir by Miss Aikin, re. Circuit, reviewed,

viewed, 484, 558. Her verses on Birminghamu Chronicle, biographical
Mr. Barbauld's death, 488-on notice of Dr. Parr, from the, 183
the Deserted Village, ib. Her poe- Birmingham Unitariau Tract Society
tical addresses to Dr. Priestley and anniversary,

Dr. Enfield, 558. Her fable of Bland, Rer. R., obituary of, 238
Peace and Shepherd, 559. Ex- B. Mi's translation of, and remarks
tracts from her letters written on

on, Rosenmüller's notes on Isaiah
the Continent, 560. On the cha-

ix: 5, 6, 9. On Upitarian book-
racters of Dr. Priestley and Mira- sellers and publishers,


561 Bogue, Rev. Dr., his speech at the
Bath and Wells, the Bishop of, his Protestant Society anniversary, 700.
speech against the Unitarian Mar- Obituary of,

riage Bill, 435-against the Catho- Bolingbroke, Lord, on a porth-west
}ic Claims,
572 passage,

Battle Unitarian Association anni. Bolton Chapel anniversary,

246 Bonaparte, religious opinions of, in
Baxter, Mr. John, obituary of, 182 his last illness and just previous to
Baxter MSS. in Williams's Library, his dissolution,

original letters and papers from Во nycastle, Mrs., obituary of, 628
the, 142. From Major Beake to Book-Lover, A, on a passage in
Baxter, 143. Two letters from Lord Bolingbroke's Works, 67
John Rawlett to Baxter, 144. Two Bowles, Mr., on an original letter
letters of Baxter's on his convic. of Mr. Emlyn's

tion for his Paraphrase, 147. AC- Bowring's Hymns, reviewed, 618


Bramfield, opening of the Unitarian Cambridge University, summary of
Chapel at,
56 members at, in 1824,

B. R. D.'s report of the Lancashire Canyon, Mr. William, obituary of, 693

aud Cheshire Associated Ministers' Canterbury, the Archbishop of, his
annual meeting,

425 speech on the Unitarian Marriage
Breitell's Country Minister, (Part Bill,

Second,) reviewed,

227 CANTABRIGIENsis on Archdeacon Pa.
Brevis's notes on the Bible,
26 ley's creed,

Brief Account of the Unitarians, re- Cardamus, Hieronymus, a mad pro-


Bristowe, Mrs. B., obituary of, 495 Carlile, Richard, parliamentary de-
British and Foreigo Bible Society, bate on the case of, 573, Notice
its resolution on the Apocryphal of his release from gaol,


753 CARPENTER, Dr., his Evening Ser-
British and Foreign Unitarian Asso-

mon at the Opening of the Chapel
ciation, formation of the, 314. Its in York Street, reviewed, 101.

resolution ou the Catholic Bill, 317 Proposal for publishing the Secoud
British Museum, heads of expeudi- Part of his Reply to Archbishop
ture, &c., of the,

* 249
Magee, 681.

His remarks ou,
Broadley, Samuel, Esq., obituary of, 750 739. On Mr. Wellbeloved's Fa-
Brooksbank, Rev. Joseph, obituary mily Bible, 740. Ou Mr. Rutt's

241 edition of Dr. Priestley's Works, 740
Brougham, Mr., his speeches ou the Castle, Mrs. Fandy, obituary of, 371

conduct of Dissenters with regard Catholic Association, address of the,
to the Catholic Claims, 441, 443 to the people of Ireland, 378, 431
-on presenting a petition from Catholic Claims, the, list of Norfolk
Carlile and others,

573, 574

petitioning clergy in favour of,
Brown, Mrs. M., obituary of, 564 270. Resolutious of Dissepting
Brown, Rev. Dr., his speech at the bodies with regard to, 316. Duke

Protestant Society anniversary, 702 of York's speech on, 433. Parlia-
Brown, Rer. W. S., ordination of, at mentary debates on the conduct of

423 Dissenters with regard to, 441,
Browne, Rev. S. W., his address at 508, 571. Resolutions of Protes-
the interment of Mrs. Jones, 54-

tant Peers relating to,

at the interment of Charles Yar- Catholic question, state of the, in the
nold, Esq.,
182 House of Lords,

Bruce's Sermons on the Study of the Catholics, qumber of their chapels,

Bible, reviewed, 168, 225, 298. schools, and priests, in Eugland,
Strictures on,

385 191. Appeal of the Irish, to the
Bunker-Hill celebration,

757 people of England, 251. Earl of
Burbage Wood, sonde composed in, Donoughmore's advice to the, 753
Oct. 3, 1824,

418 Chalmers, Dr., remarks on, and ex-
Burckhardt's account of the Waha. tracts from, his late volunie of Ser.

414 mops, 135. Ou his Astronomical
Burdett, Sir Francis, his liberal do.


nation to the London Mechanics' Chambers's Traditions of Edinburgh,
lustitution, 59. His speeches on extracts from,

Carlile's case,

573, 574 Champion, Mrs., obituary of, 373
Butcher's Discourses on our Lord's Chancellor, the Lord, his speech

Sermon ou the Mount, reviewed, 489 against the Unitarian Marriage
Byron, Lord, on the infidelity of, 1. Bill, 436. His speech on the
Luscription on his monument, 754 Unitarian petition, 438. An An-

swer to his Question, “ What is
a Unitarian ?” reviewed,


Channing, Dr., on his delineation
'C. on ordination services,

550 of Dr. Priestley's character, 7,
Calcutta, a Sermon in aid of the

134. Notice of his two Ser-
Erection of a Unitarian Chapel at, mons reprinted in England, 103,

362 364, 368. On a passage in a Ser-
Calthorpe, Lord, his speech in favour mon of his,

of the Unitarian Marriage Bill, Charles Ilod's government, descrip-
437—on the conduct of Dissenters

tions of,

668, 741, 744
with regard to the Catholic Claims, 509 Charles X., coronation of,

Calviuists and Antinomians, affinity Charters, Rev. Samuel, D.D., obi.


tuary of,



Chester, the Bishop of, his speech on CONSISTENT SCEPTIC, A, on the
the Unitarian Marriage Bill, 437 Mosaic mission,

-on the conduct of Dissenters Continental Uuirersities, statistical
with regard to the Catholic Claims, 509 potice of certain, in 1823,

Chinese, extract from a Memoir of Controversy on a marriage protest of
36 Freethinking Christians,

Christian Evidence Society, the Lord Cook, Rev. Joseph, M. A., obituary
Mayor's opinion of the,
704 of,

Christian Examiner, religion of the Cooper, Mr. and Mrs., libel on, 317
Wahabees, from the,

414 Copleston, Or., strictures ou his
Christian Inquirer, Ex- President Discourses on Necessity and Pre-
Adams' letter to Dr. Bancroft, destination,

from the,

35 Coronation Oath, on the sense of
Christian Ministry defended, and the,

Priestcraft exploded, an Essay, by Corporation and Test Acis, operation
R. Wright, reviewed,

of the,

Christian prayers and discourses; CORRESPONDENCE, 64, 128, 192,
an extract from an American Ser-

256, 320, 384, 448, 512, 576,


640, 704, 760
Christian Register, remarks from the, Correspondeuce relative to the Pros-
on Dr. Watts's opinions,

135 pects of Christianity, and the Means
Christian Tract Society, anniversary of promoting its Reception in lo-
of the, 241. Its oficers for 1825, dia, votice of,

106, 174, 230

243 Country Minister, the, (Part Se-
Christianity and Slavery, a Sermon cond,) reviewed,

on the incompatibility of, re- Critical synopsis of the Monthly Re-

50 pository, 321, 389 460, 515, 588, 653
Christians, conduct of, a stumbling- Crowe, Mr. James, obituary of, 307
block to Pagans,

36 Cudlipp, Mr. R. C., obituary of, 181
Church-of-Ireland Magazine, account
of the well of Down, from the, 666

Circumcision, Mr. Justice Bayley's

opinion of the illegality of, 191 D.'s notice of the Rev. John Davis,
CLARKE, Mr. ABRAHAM, his expo- 53. His report of the 'Ditchling

sure of an error in the Quarterly General Baptist Church anniver.
709 sary,

CLARKE, Mr., on the exclusive use Dallas's Recollections of the Life of
of the name “ Unitarian,”
279 Lord Byron, extracts from,

Clergymen holding lay offices, par- DARE, Mr., his sonnet composed in
liamentary debate ou,

505 Burbage Wood, Oct. 3, 1824, 418
CLERICUS CANTABRIGIENSIS on the Daughter, verses to a, on the com-
propriety of Upitariaus adopting pletion of her 20th year,

some more distinctive appellation, Davies, Mrs. Anna, obituary of, 55
22. His strictures on Dr. Cople- Davies, Rev. Joho, obituary of, 116
ston's Discourses before the Uni. Davis, Rer. John, obituary of, 52.
versity of Oxford, on Necessity and

Poetical tribute to his memory, 236

552 De Montford, a tragedy, criticism
Cobbett's History
the “ Reforma.

tion,” reviewed,

47 Denman, Mr., his speech on present.
Codinan, Rev. Dr., his speech at the ing a petition from three Dissent-

Protestant Society anniversary, 701 ing Ministers in favour of the Ca.
Cogan, Mr., on Dr. Channing's opi. tholic Claims,

nion of Dr. Priestley, 7. On a Devon and Cornwall Unitarian As-
canon of criticism relating to the sociation anniversary,

Greek article, 75. On Grotius's Devon and Cornwall Uuitarian Mis-
interpretation of Heb. i. 2, 388. sionary Society anniversary, 243
Ou the meaning of the verb yeye

Discourses on our Lord's Sermon on
ygotat, 605, 646, 729. On the

the Mount, reviewed,

doctrine of Necessity,

606 DissentER, A, on Dr. Fordyce's
Colman, Rev. Henry, on Christian stumbling at the marriage service, 75
prayers and discourses,

400 Dissenters, on tbeir taking the sa-
Compiled Prayers, with an Essay on

crameutal test, 352. Parliamen-
Prayer, reviewed,


tary debates on the conduct of,
Compton, Bishop of London, Bax.

with regard to the Catholic Claims,
ter's letter to,


441, 508, 571

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Dissenting bells, on the legality of, 533 of the Catholic question in the
Dissenting teachers comunitted to House of Lords, from,

jail as vagrants, case of the, 187, 695 Edinburgh, traditions of,

Dissenting trusts, 09, 157, 208, 214, Editor, on a new version of Isaiah's

257, 262, 265 prophecy respecting Jesus Christ,
Dissenting youths, on sending, to 159. On a communication from
the Universities,

Ram Doss, 273. His acknowledg.
Ditchling, apniversary of the General meut of a paper from the Edin-
Baptist Church al,

313 burgh Magazine, 340. On the late
Dobree, Rev. Peter Paul, obituary Dr. Rees's queries to the Reviewer

628 of his Practical Sermons, 398. On
Doddridge, Dr., his letter to the an account of the Wahabees, 414,

Rev. Job Orton, on Dissenters' His request for information re-

taking the Sacramental test, 352 specting Union Schools, 466. On
Donouglainore, Earl of, obituary of, 622 the conduct of Freethinking Chris.
Donoughmore's, the Earl of, advice tians with regard to the marriage
to the Catholics,
753 service,

Dore, Rev. James, M. A., obituary Edwards, Mr. J., Jan., obituary of, 181

238 Elect, ou the doctrine of the Final
Doyle, Dr., his pastoral letter on Perseverance of the, 611, 731
public Bible discussions,

541 Ellis, Johu, Esq., M. A., F, S., A.,
Du Deffand, Madame, remarks ou obituary of,

her Letters,

562 Elmsley, Rev. Peter, obituary of,
Dukinfield, fragments of the history 309. Professor Herman's sketch
of religious denominations in, du. of his literary character,

ring the last and to the middle of Emlyn, Mr., an original letter of his
the preceding century,

518 to Mr, Manning, with Mr. Man-
Dukinfield Hall, sonnet to,
ib. ning's notes,

Durham Chronicle, the, its eulogium Emmet, Miss Catherine, obituary of, 113

on the character of Mr. James Enfield, Dr., poetical episyle to, 558
Crowe, 307. On the proposal of EPISCOPUS's inquiry respecting

a Unitarian Chapel at Durham, 637 “ Hours of Devotion"--a popular
Durham, proposal of Unitarian wor- German work,

ship at,

474, 544, 637 E. R. on Archbishop Magee's evi-
Dwight, Rev. Mr., his speech at the dence on the Athanasian Creed,

Protestant Society anniversary, 702 Established and Disseating Churches

in Scotland,

Estlin, Mr. Edward Rochemont, obi-
tuary of,


E. T.'s inquiry respecting a hymn of
E.'s thoughts on religious education, Mr. Barbauld's iu the Esses Street
17. On Dr. Chalmers's late vo-

Collection, 280. His notice of a
lume of Sermons, 135. On Ame- religious service on Mr. Tagart's
rican Unitariau publications, 483. scttlement with the Norwich con-
On a passage in a Sermon of Dr. gregation,


527 “ Evangelical" alarm,
Eastern Unitarian Society anniver- “ Evangelical" declaration of war

428 against Unitarians, on the, 56, 76,
East-ludia Unitarian mission, sub-

116, 157
scriptions to, acknowledged, 314, Evangelical Magazine, its criticisms
Scruples as to the,

336 on Milton's Treatise of Christian
East-York and Lincoloshire Unita. Doctrine,

710, 712, 746
rian Association anniversary, 424 Evans, Dr., on Lord Byrou's jutide-
Eaton, Mr., his account of the rise lity, 1. On the General Baptist

and progress of the Unitarian Church at Dover, 74. On the reli.

337, 479 gious opinions of Dr. Gale and the
E. C.'s translation of a sketch of Dr. Rev. Wm. Foot, ib. His obituary
Elmsley's literary character,

419 of Dr. Rogers, Ill. On the em-
ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, 187, ployments of heaven, 276. On

376, 500, 635 the religious opinions of Bonaparte
E, D.'s account of the monument to in his last illness and just previous

the late Rev. Theophilus Lindsey, 538 to his dissolution, 528. On the
Edinburgh Magazine, the, sketch of Athanasian Creed, 606.

On a
Established and Dissenting Church- Motto from Shakspeare, 667. Qņ
cs in Scotland, from, 340. State Milton's new work,


660, 713

EVANS, Mr. John, Jun., on the Sa- ing the last and to the middle of
cramental test,

the preceding century,

Evans, Rev. Johu, obituary of, 419 France, bigotry in,

Evening Gazette, the “ faith of the FREEMAN, Mr., on the sense of the
heart," from the,
68 Coronation Oath,

Evening, poetical addresses to, 620, 621 Freethinking Christians, controversy
Evershed, Mr. William, obituary of, 54 on a marriage protest of,

E. W., the Infant's Grave, by, 110. French, -, Esq., Ram Doss's letter
His account of the Somerset and


Dorset Unitarian Association half- French Protestants, short account of
yearly meeting,
310 the,

Example, consequences of bad, 490 FREND, Mr., his proposal of a new
Extempore preaching, on,

651 translation of the Bible, 193. On

the exclusive use of the same

“ Unitarian," 350. On the three

witnesses' text, &c., 647. On the
F. on the strictures on an American proem of John's Gospel,

Quaker creed, 13. His obituary FULLAGAR, Mr., his scruples as to
of Mr. William Fowler, 51-of the East-India Unitarian mission, 336
Mr. John Hardy,

309 Future punishment, ou,
Fairlop oak, reflections suggested by, 562
“ Faith of the heart,” the,


upion schools,

FATHER OF A FAMILY, The, on the Gale, Dr., religious opinions of,
proposed new London University, 284


Fawkes, Walter, Esq., obituary of, 694 Gaskell, Mr. Thomas Biggio, obituary
F. B.'s account of the opening of the of,

Unitarian Chapel at Salford, 57 G. B. Wi's obituary of Miss Gun-
Field, Rev. W., address and presen-


tation of a piece of plate to, 429 General Baptist Assembly annirer-
Fisher, Mrs. Martha, obituary of, 239 sary,

Fletcher, Rev. Joseph, M. A., his General Baptist Church at Dorer,

speech at the Protestant Society case of the,

701 Geneva, remarks on the republica-
Flint, Rev. James, hymn by,

758 tion of Dr. J. P. Smith's letters
Floating Churches and Chapels, 756 respecting, 331. Sabbath services
Foot, Rev. Wm., an Antitriuitarian, 74 at,

Fordyce, Dr., his stumbling at the Gentleman's Magazine, the, obituary

marriage service, 75. Mrs. Bar- of John Hollis, Esq., from, 55.
bauld's strictures on,

561 Notice of a Hebrew MS., from,
Fordyce, Mrs. Henrietta, Memoirs of 61. Obituary of the Rev. John
the late, reviewed,

44 Toogood, M. A., from, 113. Obi.
FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.-America, tuary of the Rev. Peter Elmsley,
62,124, 255,638,737. East Indies, from,

! 126. France, 383, 756. Hanover, Gerrans, Rev. Benjamin, obituary of, 371

124,384. Italy, 756. Mexico, 125. Gibbon, Mr., similarity between him
Prussia, 61,125. Russia, 125,757. and Lord Byron, í. His treat-

Switzerland, 125, 256. Turkey, 126 ment of Dr. Priestley and Dr.
FOSTER, Mr., on the Unitarianism of Watson,

Job Scott, the American Quaker, GIBSON, Mr., his questions to Dr. J.
139. On the character and writa Pye Smith on Justification, 17, 154.
ings of Job Scott,

266 His concluding remarks, 264. On
Fowler, Mr. William, obituary of, 51 Dissenting trusts, 265. On the
Fox, Mr., his acknowledgment of state of the times as to theology, 271

subscriptions for the spread of Gifford, Major-General William, obi-
Unitarianism in India,
314 tuary of,

Fox, Mr. John, obituary of, 237 Copyeo Jar on the verb, 537, 605,
Foy, General, death of,


646, 724, 729
Fragment on entering a place of wor- Glasgow College, distribution of
ship alone, on the evening of a prizes in, April 30, 1825,


Fragment on the hope of heaven, 564 Gnostics, system of the,

Fragments of the history of religious Goldsmith's Deserted Village, lines
denominations in Dukinfield dur-



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