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5. Until otherwise resolved, the following shall be considered as the leading divisions of its objects:

I. The promotion of Unitarian worship in Great Britain, by assisting poor congregations, and sending out or giving assistance to Missionary Preachers.

II. The publication and distribution of books and tracts, controversial and practical,—principally in a cheap and popular form.

III. The pursuit of the two last-mentioned objects (as opportunity and the means of the Association may afford) in foreign countries, and the maintenance, in the mean time, of correspondence and general co-operation.

IV. The protection and extension of the civil rights of Unitarians.

6. For the purpose of preserving the distinct prosecution of each of the above objects, and for the maintenance of the funds and property that may be, or have been, invested, bequeathed or contributed for any of those objects specifically, or to or for any of the Societies which may unite themselves to this Association, and for the purpose also of enabling individuals, who are so disposed, to appropriate their subscriptions to any one of those objects in preference to another, separate funds and accounts shall be opened and kept for each, besides the General Fund or Account of the Association, which separate funds shall be respectively called—

I. The Congregational and Missionary Fund (representing, uniting, and preserving the Society called "The Unitarian Fund," and as such appropriating and giving validity to all Donations and Bequests to such Society).

II. The Book and Tract Fund.

III. The Foreign Fund.

IV. The Civil Right Fund.

7. Each Member of the Association shall be at liberty either to subscribe to the General Fund of the Association, or to appropriate his subscription or donation to any one of the particular Funds above designated, or to apportion it among them or any of them.

8. The General Fund of Subscriptions and Donations, not specifically appropriated by the Donors thereof, shall be divisible and applicable among the several objects of the Association, under the direction of its Committee.

9. It shall be competent to the Association to receive and merge into itself any one or more of the Societies at present established, for the promotion of any particular branch of its objects, together with the existing list of subscribers, stock and property of any such Society; and in such event such stock and property may be appropriated to the particular fund to which the same shall apply, and be preserved therewith, distinct from the General Fund of the Association.

10. All persons who shall have made Donations to any of the Societies so merged in this Association, to the amount altogether of Ten Guineas, or who shall increase their Donations to that amount, shall be considered as Life Subscribers of the Association after the union.

11. All Members of the Association, and all District and Congregational Societies united therewith, shall be entitled to recommend cases to the attention and assistance of the General Committee.

12. A house or other appropriate offices in London shall, as soon as convenient, be taken for the Committee Meetings, and for the permanent carrying on of the business of the Association, at which one of its officers may, if thought advisable, constantly reside or attend.

13. At the General Whitsuntide Meeting, to be held as hereafter provided, a General Committee, consisting of fifteen persons, Members of the Association, shall be chosen to transact its general business for the ensuing year, of whom five, viz. those five who shall have given the least attendance at the meetings during the year, shall be ineligible for one year. In cases of equal number of attendances, the decision as to ineligibility to be by lot.

14. In every Committee, to be appointed as above-mentioned, there shall be at least two Members who have not been on the Committee for five years preceding.

15. A Treasurer of the Funds of the Association shall also be chosen at the Annual General Meeting, and also an Under Treasurer, if thought necessary.

16. A Secretary shall also be chosen at such Annual Meeting, for the general business and objects of the Association, with the exception of the foreign business; and for the conduct of the business of the foreign department, a Secretary shall be chosen at the Annual Meeting, to be entitled the Foreign Secretary. A Solicitor shall be also chosen at the Yearly Meeting to attend to any legal business of the Association.

17. Such Treasurer, Under Treasurer, Secretaries, and Solicitor, shall form part of the Committee, by virtue of their offices.

18. An Under Secretary shall be yearly appointed for the management and conduct of the ordinary business of the Association, under the direction of the Secretaries;-such appointment to be made by the Committee, with such salary or other allowance, or remuneration, out of the funds of the Association, as shall from time to time be deemed proper and be agreed upon.

19. The Committee shall, appoint such Sub-committees for the separate conduct of the different branches of the business of the Association, as may appear to them necessary and proper; and attendances on such Subcommittee Meetings shall be reckoned as attendances on the General Committee.

20. Three Auditors shall also be chosen at the Annual General Meeting, for the purpose of auditing the Treasurer's accounts, one of whom shall not have been Auditor for three years preceding.

21. A General Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in Whitsun-week, and shall occupy and be apportioned among three or more successive days, as the exigency of the business shall require.

22. On the first of such days, viz. the Tuesday, a Meeting shall be held of the General Committee, attended by the Deputies of the District Associations-at which Meeting the Reports of such District Associations

shall be received-the Conimittee's General Report and any Sub-committees' Reports that may be thought expedient, agreed upon-the Ac counts audited-any subjects to be brought before the Public Meeting considered-and all other general business of that nature transacted. On the Wednesday, the General Public Meeting of the Members of the Association (comprising the individual Subscribers, Deputies of District Associations, Representatives of Congregations, and Honorary Members) shall be held for receiving the Report or Reports, transacting the general business of the Association, electing its Officers, &c. On the evening of Wednesday and on the morning of Thursday, Sermons may be preached before the Association, by Ministers previously appointed by the Committee, and public collections made in aid of the Funds.

23. Ministers preaching the Sermons at the General Meetings shall thenceforth be considered Honorary Members of the Association.

24. No Sermon so preached before the Society shall be printed at the expense of the Association, except upon the application of the Com→ mittee, on a vote at a subsequent meeting.

25. The Annual Report or Reports of the Committee shall be printed every year, upon or immediately after the Annual Meeting, and forwarded to the District Associations for general circulation.

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26. Every Annual Meeting shall be held in London, unless circumstances should at any time render it advisable, in the discretion of a General Meeting, to hold any such Annual Meeting in some other principal city or town of England.

27. The Committee shall have power at any time to call a General Meeting of the Association, in their discretion, Any twelve Members shall have the same power, by requisition, in writing, to the Secretary.

28. The Committee shall appoint Under-Treasurers and Corresponding Agents in such places as shall appear expedient, for the promotion and regular transmission of subscriptions and information.

29. For the regulation of the Book and Tract department, particular rules shall be framed and submitted by the first year's Committee to the next General Meeting for its approval; which rules shall provide on what recommendation and on what sanction and vote Books and Tracts shall be published or provided by the Association-on what terms and in what mode they shall be supplied to District Associations and individual members-in what manner they shall be printed-and to what extent gratuitously circulated.

30. The Committee shall have power to appoint and admit Honorary Members, in their discretion.

31. All Subscriptions shall be paid in advance and considered as falling due on the first day of January in every year.

32. No addition to or alteration in the Rules of the Association shall be made, except at a General Meeting, and after notice of the intended motion to the Committee at one of its meetings preceding.

LIST OF OFFICERS, 1825-1826.


JOHN CHRISTIE, Esq., 52, Mark Lane.

Deputy Treasurer,

THOMAS HORNBY, Esq., 31, St. Swithin's Lane, Lombard Street.



Foreign Secretary,

Rev. W. J. FOX, Dalston.


EDGAR TAYLOR, Esq., King's Bench Walk, Temple.


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