The British intelligencer, containing a catalogue of English, Scotish, Irish & Welsh historians; an account of authors quoted by Rapin, Tindal, Carte, Bisset, and Adolphus, in their histories of England [&c.].

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PÓgina 74 - Argument, proving, that according to the Covenant of Eternal Life, revealed in the Scriptures, man may be translated from hence into that Eternal Life, without passing through death, although the human nature of Christ could not be thus translated, till he had
PÓgina 79 - Art of Restoring; or, the piety and probity of General Monk in bringing about the last Restoration, evinced from his own Authentic Letters : With a just account of Sir Roger, who runs the parallel as far as he can: In a letter to a Minister of State at the Court of Vienna.
PÓgina xxiv - (Sir Winston) Divi Britannici: Being a Remark upon the Lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from the Year of the World 2855, unto the Year of Grace 1660. Folio.
PÓgina lx - BAZIAIKH: or, the Picture of the late King James, drawn to the Life. In which is made manifest, that the whole course of his Life hath to this day been a continued Conspiracy against the Protestant Religion, Laws, and Liberties of the Three Kingdoms. In a Letter to Himself, and humbly dedicated to
PÓgina lxxvi - Bibliotheca Politica : or, an Enquiry into the Ancient Constitution of the English Government, with respect to the just Extent of the Regal Power, and the Rights and Liberties of the Subject. Wherein all the chief Arguments both for and against the late Revolution, are impartially represented and considered. In fourteen Dialogues. Collected out of the best Authors, ancient and modern.
PÓgina xxv - JS) Life of James II. King of England, &c. Collected out of Memoirs writ of his own Hand, together with the King's Advice to his SOn, and His Majesty's Will. Published from the original Stuart Manuscripts in Carleton House, 2
PÓgina xv - History of the Reign of Henry II. and of Richard and John, his Sons; with the events of the period, from 1154 to 1216. In which the character of Thomas Becket is vindicated from the attacks of George
PÓgina 48 - discovery of a gaping Gulf, wherein England is likely to be swallowed by another French marriage, if the Lord forbid not the bans, by letting her see the sin and punishment thereof.
PÓgina xxxv - unto the tyme now present. Gathered and collected according to the true copies and wrytinges certificatorie, as well of the parties themselves that suffered, as also out of the Bishops' Registers, which wer the doers thereof,
PÓgina 75 - and the Dutch Barrier; the trade to and from France; the trade to Portugal, Spain, and the West Indies, and the fisheries of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia : With other matters and advantages accruing to Great Britain by the Treaties of Peace and Commerce lately concluded at

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