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ISAIAH XXXV. 10. The ranford to the Word

Mall return, and come to Zio with Sant
Psalm cxxxviii. 5. They had sing

Ways of the Lord.


Printed in the YEAR MDCCLXVII.


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INGING of Psalms and Hymns, is a part of Divine Worship in the Christian

Church.--May you and I, Cbriflian Reader, have the Alliance and Guidance of the Holy Spirit, in this important Employment; may we be enabled to Sing with Grace in our Hearts ; may. the Melody of the Voice be fo Santified, as to affet our inmost Souls, and may we be found at last of the happy Number of those Seraphick Spirits, that Jhall meet around the Throne of God, to Sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb for ever.

Even fo, Lord Jesus,

Amen and Amen.

May Jesu's Word take place,

And Wisdom in uw dwell,
That we his Miracles of Grace,

In Psalms and Hymns may tell.

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Behold we meet to worship God
Behold, what wond'rous Grace
Before the Earth or World's were made
Behold, our Brother's happy Soul
Behold us Saviour, now we meet
Blessed are the Sons of God

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TRY, Ambafiadors of God

Come let our Voices join
Come let us join our chearful Song
Come, Lord, and help me to rejoice
Come holy Spirii, lieavenly Dove
Come let us now atteinpt
Come, Sinners to the Gospel Feast
Come, guilty Souls, and flee
Come, ye Sinners, who are wretched
Celestial King, our Spirits lie
Come let us adore
Come and let us afcend
Come holy Ghost, celestial Dove
Come thou Fount of ev'ry Blefling
Come, my Soul, before the Lamb
Come, holy Spirit, and infuse
Chrift comes ! he comes to call
Come immortal King of Glory
Come, dear Saviour, Son of God
Come let us sing to Jesu's Name
Children of God arise
Come, deareft Saviour, from above
Come, thou dear Jesus, and reveal
Come all and hear of Jesu's Love
Commit thy Ways and Goings
Chrif the Lord is risen to-day
Children of God rejoice
Come tbou Almighty King

Brethren Ifrael's Race
Come my Brethren, let us join

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