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Hailes's (Sir David Dalrymple, Lord) Annals of Scotland, from Malcolm III. to Robert I. 2 vols. 4to. Edin. 1776

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See PROSE WORKS, vol. xx. pp. 314-318, and xxi. 185-196.

Pinkerton's (John) History of Scotland, from the Accession of the House of Stuart to that of
Mary. 2 vols. 4to.
Lond. 1797


Robertson's (Rev. Principal William) History of Scotland during the reigns of Mary and James VI. 3d edit. 2 vols. 4to.

ib. 1760 Dalyell's (Sir John Graham) Fragments of Scottish History; Robert Birrel's Diary 1532–1605; Patten's Account of Hertford's Expedition into Scotland, 1544; Somerset's Expedition into Scotland, 1547. sm. 4to. Edin. 1798 See Notes to Abbot, Fortunes of Nigel, and Chronicles of the Canongate. POETICAL and PROSE WORKS, passim. Home's (John) History of the Rebellion in 1745. 4to. Lond. 1802


Majoris (Joan.) Historia Majoris Britanniae, tam Angliae quam Scotiae. barnio. 4to.

See PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. p. 165.

Edente Rob. Fri-
Edin. 1740

Keith's (Bp. Rob.) Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops to 1688, with MS. additions. 4to. ib. 1755 Boece's (Hector) History and Chronicles of Scotland, translated from the Latin by Bellenden ; edited by Thomas Maitland, Esq. 2 vols. 4to. ib. 1821 See POETICAL WORKS, passim. PROSE WORKS, vol. xx. p. 302, et seq.-Notes to Fair Maid of Perth, &c. Wallace and Bruce. Barbour's (John) Metrical History of King Robert I. and Henry the Minstrel's Life and Acts of Sir William Wallace of Ellerslie. Edited, from two MSS. in the Advocates' Library, by Dr. John Jamieson. 2 vols. 4to. ib. 1820

ib. 1812

See POETICAL WORKS, vol x. passim. Introduction and Notes to Castle Dangerous. M'Crie's (Rev. Dr. Thomas) Life of John Knox. royal 8vo. Lamont's (John, of Newton,) Chronicle of Fife, being his Diary from 1649 to 1672. Edited by Archibald Constable, Esq. 4to. ib. 1810 Regiam Majestatem Scotiae: Veteres Leges et Constitutiones, &c., opera et Studio Joan. Skenaei. fol. ib. 1609

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See PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. p. 30; vol. xxi. p. 179.

Carstares's (Rev. Principal Wm.) State Papers and Letters, relating to the affairs of Scotland during the reigns of William and Anne. Edited by Rev. Dr. J. M'Cormick. 4to. ib. 1774 Tyler's (Evan, King's Printer) Inventary of Worke done for the State, 1642 to 1647. Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. 4to. ib. 1815 Pennant's (Thomas) Tours in Scotland, and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1769 and 1772. 5th Edition. 3 vols. 4to. Lond. 1790

Cordiner's (Rev. Charles) Antiquities and Scenery of the North of Scotland. 4to.
Shaw's (Rev. Lachlan) History of the Province of Moray. 4to. .

ib. 1780

Edin. 1775

Martine's (Geo.) Reliquiae Divi Andreae, or State of the Venerable and Primitial See of St.
Andrews, &c. 1683. 4to.
St. Andrews, 1797

See Introduction to The Antiquary.

Hibbert's (Dr. Samuel) Description of the Shetland Islands. 4to.

See Introduction to The Pirate.

Edin. 1822

Munro's (Col. Rob.) Expedition with the worthy Scots Regiment (called MacKeyis Regiment) levied in 1626, &c. fol. Lond. 1637


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See Introduction to Legend of Montrose.

Hailes's (Lord) Annals, and Tracts relative to the History and Antiquities of Scotland. 3d edit. 3 vols. 8vo. Edin. 1819 Elibank's (Lord) Letter to Lord Hailes on the History of Scotland. 12mo. ib. 1773 See PROSE WORKS, vol. xx. p. 317.

Wishart's (Rev. Dr. Geo.) Memoirs of the most renowned James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, with original Letters, &c. new edit. 8vo. ib. 1819 Dalrymple's (Sir John) Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, from the last Parl. of Charles II. till the Capture of the Fr. and Sp. Fleets at Vigo. 3d edit. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1790 Pinkerton's (John) Enquiry into the History of Scotland, preceding Malcolm III. (1056.) Dissertation on the Scythians and Goths. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1787-94

See PROSE WORKS, vol. xx. pp. 319-327.

Baillie's (Rev. Principal Robert) Letters and Journals, &c. from 1637 to 1662; with Life and Glossary, 2 vols. 8vo. Edin. 1775

Stuart's (Dr. Gilbert) History of Scotland, from the Establishment of the Reformation till the
Death of Mary. 2d edit. 2 vols. 8vo.
Lond. 1783

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Laing's (Malcolm) Historical Dissertation on the participation of Mary in the Murder of
Darnley. 2d edit. 2 vols.-History of Scotland, from the Union of the Crowns to the
Union of the Kingdoms, &c. 2 vols. 4 vols. 8vo.
Lond. 1800-1804
Irving's (Dr. D.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan. 2d edit. 8vo. Edin. 1817
Pinkerton (Jo.) Vitae Antiquae Sanctorum Scotiae, &c. 8vo.
Lond. 1789
Certayne Matters concerning the Realme of Scotland, composed together, &c. as they were
anno Domini 1597.
ib. 1603

sm. 4to.

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. viii. p. 56. SOMERS TRACTS, vol. ii.

Martin's (M.) Description of the Western Isles, 2d. edit. with MS. notes by Toland, Dr. Lort, &c. 8vo. ib. 1716

Hay's (Richard) Vindication of Elizabeth More, (wife of Robert II.) from the charge of being a Concubine, &c. with MS. notes. sm. 4to. Edin. 1723

Webster's (David) Short Account of Scottish Money and Coins, &c. 8vo.
Fernie's (Rev. John) History of Dunfermline. 8vo. with MS. note by Sir W. S. Dunf. 1815
Small's (Rev. Dr. R.) Statistical Account of Dundee. 8vo.

ib. 1817

Dund. 1792

sm. 4to.

King James VI. Essayes of a Prentise in the divine Arte of Poesie; with prefatory Memoir by R. P. Gillies.

Edin. 1814

Ancient Popular Poetry of Scotland, Select Remains of the. Edited by David Laing, with
Letters from the Editor and Robert Pitcairn to Sir W. S.
Edin. 1821-2
Fugitive Scottish Poetry (Various Pieces of) collected by David Laing. 8vo.
See Note to Heart of Mid-Lothian.

sm. 4to.

sm. 4to.

Heroick Poem upon the late Rebellion, &c. &c.
Milne's (Rev. Ad.) Description of the Parish of Melrose. sm. 8vo.
See Letters on Demonology, p. 99, note.

ib. 1825

Lond. 1683
Edin. 1743

Another Copy, interleaved, with an original letter of the author,
Bower's (John) Description of the Abbeys of Melrose and Old Melrose. 8vo.
The Same, 2d edit. improved. 8vo.

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Companion to Armstrong's Map of Peebles or Tweeddale.

ib. 1743

Kelso, 1813

Edin. 1822

ib. 1775

Pennecuik's (Alexander) Poems; containing Entertainments for the Curious,' 'Corydon and

ib. 1723, &c. ib. 1776

8vo. Lond. 1793

Cochrania, a Pastoral,' &c. with prefatory MS. note. sm. 4to. Copland's (John) Saint Andrews, &c., a Poem in 3 parts. sm. 4to. Buchanan's (Rev. J. Lane) Travels in the Western Hebrides, 1782 to 1790. Oswald (James, of Dunnikier,) Memoir of the Public Life and Character of. Johnstone's (J. & J.) Historical and Descriptive Account of George Heriot's Hospital. 8vo. ib. 1827 See Note to The Fortunes of Nigel.

8vo. Edin. 1825


Lithgow's (Wm.) Gushing Tears of Godly Sorrow, &c. a Poem, 1640. Present Surveigh of
London and England's State, &c. 1643. Experimentale, &c. Relation upon that famous
Siege of Newcastle, &c. 1645. sm. 4to.
Edin. & Lond. 1640-3-5

See SOMERS TRACTS, vols. iv. & v.
Nineteen Years' Travels, &c. in Europe, Asia, and Affrica, wants title. sm. 4to.
The Same, Eleventh Edition, with Plates and Notes from later Travellers. 12mo. Edin. 1770
Pennecuik's (Alex.) Geographical, &c. Description of Tweeddale, &c. sm. 4to.

ib. 1715

Collection of Scots Poems. 12mo.

ib. 1769

Welwood's (Dr. James) Memoirs, &c. for the last hundred years preceding the Revolution of 1688. 4th edit. sm. 8vo.

Lond. 1702

Crawfurd's (David) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland. 3d edit. 12mo.
Leslacus (Jo. Episc. Rossensis) de Orig., Moribus, et Rebus gestis Scotorum. sm. 4to. Rom.1675

Edin. 1767

Scot's (Captain Walter, of Satchells,) True History of several honourable Families of the right
honourable name of Scot, &c. With MS. Verses by Sir W. S. sm. 4to.
Edin. 1688
POETICAL WORKS, passim. PROSE WORKS, vol. iii. p. 65.

See LIFE, vol. i. pp. 63-4.
Beague's History of the Campaignes 1548 and 1549, &c., translated from the French (by Dr.
Patrick Abercromby)-(wants title)-Enquiry into the causes of the miscarriage of the
Scots Colony at Darien. sm. 8vo.

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Lockhart's (George) Memoirs of Scotland from Q. Anne's Accession to the union of the
Kingdoms, Lond. 1707. 2d. edit. with Key. Balcarras's (Earl of) Account of the Affairs
of Scotland, relating to the Revolution of 1688. Lond. 1714. sm. 8vo.
Guthrie's (Henry, Bishop of Dunkeld,) Memoirs, &c. of the Conspiracies and Rebellion against
K. Charles I. sm. 8vo.
Lond. 1702

See PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. p. 185.

Gordon's (Wm.) History of the Family of Gordon, from their first arrival, &c. to 1690, 2 vols. sm. 8vo.

Edin. 1720 Aberd. 1754

(C. A.) Concise History of the House of Gordon, &c. 18mo. Ker's (John, of Kersland,) Memoirs, relating to Politics, Trade, and History, &c. 3d. edit. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. Lond. 1727 Oldmixon's (John) Memoirs of North Britain, taken from authentick Writings, &c. containing Trials of Argyle and Baillie, Dundee's Rebellion, Glenco's Death, &c. sm. 8vo. ib. 1715 Supplement to New State of England, containing an accurate Description of North Britain, &c. sm. 8vo.

ib. 1709 Edin.

Robertson's (Alex. of Strowan,) Poems on several subjects. 8vo. MISCELLANEA SCOTICA; A Collection of Tracts relating to the History, Antiquities, Topography, and Literature of Scotland. 4 vols. sm. 8vo. L. P.

Vol. 1.-History of the Picts.

Monipennie's Scots Chronicles, 1633.

See PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. p. 151.

History of the Clans.

Vol. 2.-Life of Archbishop Sharpe.

Monro's Description of Western Isles.

Martin's Voyage to St. Kilda.

Notices respecting Royal Library of Scot


George Buchanan's Chameleon.

Cronycle of Death of K. James I.

Buchan's Description of St. Kilda.

Vol. 3.-Memoirs of Viscount Dundee, Glencoe Mas

sacre, &c.

Vol. 3.-continued.

Glasgow, 1818-20

Letter from Scotts Nobility, &c. to Pope
John in 1320.

Frazer's (Rev. John) Treatise on the Second

Sight &c. by Theophilus Insulanus.

See Note to Legend of Montrose.

Vol. 4.-Moncreiff's Mem. on alliance of French and


Graham's Account of Glencairn's Expedition

in 1653-4.

Life and Death of K. James V.

Navigation of James V. round Scotland.

Buchanan on Ancient Scottish Surnames.

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Edin. 1753-7

Stevenson's (And.) History of the Church and State of Scotland, from the accession of Charles I. to the Restoration of Charles II. &c. 3 vols. sm. 8vo. Nicholson's (Bishop) Leges Marchiarum, or Border Laws, from Henry III. to the Union of the Crowns. sm. 8vo..

Spalding's (John) History of the Troubles, &c. in Scotland. 2 vols. 12mo.

Lond. 1705

Aberd. 1792

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. ii. p. 175, 190, 238. PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. p. 171. Freebairn's (Robert) History of the Life and Reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, (from the French of Bois Robert). sm. 8vo.

Lond. 1725

Buchanan's (Wm.) Inquiry, &c. into ancient Scottish Surnames, &c. Svo.

Edin. 1775

Drake's (Dr. James) Historia Anglo-Scotica; or Impartial Hist. of all that happened between
England and Scotland, &c. from Wm. the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth. 8vo. Lond. 1703
Ferguson's (Robert, the Plotter,) The late Proceedings and Votes of the Parliament of Scot-
land, &c. stated and vindicated.


sm. 4to.

Glasgow, 1689

Henry the Minstrel's Acts and Deeds of the most famous and valiant Champion Sir William
Wallace. B. L. wants title. sm. 4to.

Barbour's (John) Life and Acts, &c. of King Robert Bruce. B. L. sm. 4to.
Wyntoun's (Androw, Prior of Lochleven,) Oryginale Cronykil of Scotland,
Glossary, &c. by David Macpherson. 2 vols. royal 8vo.

ib. 1758 with Notes, Lond. 1795

Edin. 1818

ib. 1822

See Preface to Fair Maid of Perth. POETICAL and PROSE WORKS, passim.
Scott's (Rev. James) Hist. of Life and Death of John Earl of Gowrie, &c. royal 8vo.
Letters to Sir Walter Scott on the King's Visit to Scotland in 1822. royal 8vo.
Peterkin's (Alex.) Rentals of the ancient Earldom and Bishopric of Orkney. 8vo.
Pinkerton's (John) Iconographia Scotica, Portraits of illustrious Persons of Scotland, with
Biographical Notices. 2 vols. royal 8vo.
Lond. 1797-9

See Note to The Abbot.

ib. 1820

Stoddart's (Sir John) Remarks on Local Scenery and Manners in Scotland in 1799-1800.
2 vols. royal 8vo.
ib. 1801

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See LIFE, vol. i. p. 327. POETICAL WORKS, vol. ii. p. 307.

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Atwood's (William) Scotch Patriot Unmasked; (Answer to George Ridpath's reducing of
Scotland by Arms.) sm. 4to.
ib. 1705
Discourse of Present Importance, humbly offered, &c. (on the projected Union.) sm. 4to. 1704
Nisbet's (Alex.) Essay on the Ancient and Modern Use of Armories, &c. 4to. Edin. 1718
Historie and Life of King James the Sext, from a MS. of the 16th Century. Edited by Mal-
colm Laing. royal 8vo.
ib. 1804

See PROSE WORKS, Vol. vii. p. 364.


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Montrose, 1815

Edin. 1790

Macdonald's (J. P.) Keppoch Song; a Poem in five Cantos. 8vo.
Duncan's (Rev. Alex.) History of the Revolution 1688.
Miscellanea Aulica; or a Collection of State Treatises, (Reigns of Charles II. and James II.)
by Thomas Brown. 8vo.
Lond. 1702
Melvil's (Sir James, of Halhill,) Memoirs written by himself, and published by George Scott.
3d edition, with the Editor's Autograph, and MS. Note by Sir W. S.
ib. 1752
Hamilton's (Charles) Transactions during the Reign of Queen Anne, from the Union till her
death. 8vo.
Edin. 1790
Lindsay's (Sir Robert, of Pitscottie,) Cronycles of Scotland, published from MSS. by Sir
J. G. Dalyell. 2 vols. 8vo.
ib. 1814


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