Imatges de pÓgina

day after the Citation served at the farthest and that the party so cited, unless he be convinced by two witnesses, shall upon the denial of the fact upon Oath be forthwith freely dismissed without any payment of Fees: provided that this Decree extend not to any grievous crime, as Schism, Incontinency, mis-behaviour in the Church in time of Divine Service, obstinate Inconformity, or the like.

E, of Our Princely inclination and Royal care for the maintenance of the present Estate and Government of the Church of England, by the Laws of this Our Realm now setled and established, having diligently, with great contentment and comfort read and considered of all these their said Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions agreed upon, as is before expressed: And finding the same such as We are persuaded will be very profitable, not only to Our Clergy, but to the whole Church of this Our Kingdom, and to all the true members of it, (if they be well observed;) Have therefore for Us, Our Heirs and lawful Successours, of Our especial grace, certain knowledge, and meer motion, given, and by these presents do give Our Royal Assent, according to the form of the said Statute or Act of Parliament aforesaid, to all and every of the said Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions, and to all and every thing in them contained, as they are before written. And furthermore, We do not only by Our said Prerogative Royal, and supreme Authority in Causes Ecclesiastical, ratifie, confirm and establish by these Our Letters Patents, the said Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions, and all and every thing in them contained as is aforesaid, but do likewise propound, publish, and straightly enjoine and command by Our said Authority, and by these Our Letters Patents, the same to be diligently observed, executed and equally kept by all Our loving Subjects of this Our Kingdom, both within the Provinces of Canterbury and York, in all points wherein they do or may concern every or any of them according to this Our will and pleasure hereby signified and expressed. And that likewise for the better observation of them, every Minister, by what name or title soever he be called, shall in the Parish-Church or Chappel where he hath charge, read all the said Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions, at all such times, and in such manner as is prescribed in the said Canons, or any of them: The Book of the said Canons to be provided at the charge of the Parish, betwixt this


1. Concerning the Regal Power.


For the better keeping of the day of his Majesties most happy

For suppressing of the growth of Popery.

4. Against Socinianism.

5. Against Sectaries.

6. An Oath injoined for the preventing of all Innovations in Doctrine





and Government.

A Declaration concerning some Rites and Ceremonies.

Of Preaching for Conformity.

ne Book of Articles of inquiry to be used at all Parochial Visitations.

Concerning the Conversation of the Clergy.

11. Chancellours Patents.




Chancellours alone not to censure any of the Clergy in sundry


Excommunication and Absolution not to be pronounced but by a


Concerning Commutations, and the disposing of them.
ouching concurrent Jurisdictions.

Concerning Licenses to Marry.




gainst vexatious Citations.


and the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel next ensuing, straightly charging and commanding all Archbishops, Bishops, and all other that exercise any Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction within this Realm, every man in his place to see and procure (so much as in them lieth) all and every of the same Canons, Orders, Ordinances, and Constitutions to be in all points duly observed, not sparing to execute the penalties in them severally mentioned, upon any that shall wittingly or wilfully break or neglect to observe the same; as they tender the honour of God, the peace of the Church, the tranquillity of the kingdom, and their duties and service to Us their King and Sovereign. In witness whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patents. Witness Our Self at Westminster, the thirtieth day of June, in the sixteenth year of Our Reign.

67 Egrotantes à Ministris sedulò visitandi.

68 Ministri Baptismum, aut Sepulturam denegare vetiti.

69 Ministri Baptismum in articulo necessitatis differre vetiti.

70 Ministri Baptizatorum, Nubentium, & Sepultorum Registrum conservare jussi.

71 Ministri concionum & Cœnæ Dominicæ publicam Religionem in privatas ædes invehere, prohibiti.

72 Ministri publica jejunia, prophetias appellatas, & exorcismos privato ausu celebrare prohibiti.

73 Ministri conventicula privata conciliare prohibiti.

74 Ministris in vestitu gravitas præcepta.

75 Vitæ sobrietas Ministris præcepta.

76 Ministris à vocatione sua resilire interdictum.

De Ludimagistris.

77 Publicè vel privatim injussu Ordinarii docere prohibitum. 78 Curati ad docendum habiles ab Ordinario aliis preferendi. 79 Ludimagistrorum officia.

De Ecclesiis & rebus Ecclesiasticis.

80 Libri sacri in Ecclesiis parandi.

81 Baptisteria in Ecclesiis paranda.

82 Mensæ in sacræ Cœnæ usum in Ecclesiis parandæ.

83 Pulpita idonea in Ecclesiis paranda.

84 Cistæ ad eleemosynarum custodiam in Ecclesiis comparandæ. 85 Ecclesiæ sartæ tecta conservandæ.

86 Ecclesiæ de tertio in tertium annum perlustrandæ, & earum defectus Regiis Commissariis intimandi.

87 Terrarum, & peculiorum ad Ecclesias spectantium inventaria conficienda, & in Episcoporum Archivis asservanda. 88 Ecclesiarum religio prophanis usibus non polluenda.

De Ecclesiarum Oeconomis & Inquisitoribus.

89 Oeconomorum electio, & rerum Ecclesiasticarum procuratio. 90 Inquisitorum sive Assistentium electio, eorumque cum Oeconomis

officii communitas.

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