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P 2 Be still--and learn that he is God;

He reigns exalted o'er the lands; mf He will be known and feared abroad,

But still his throne in Zion stands. P

3 O Lord of hosts—almighty King,

While we so near thy presence dwell,
Our faith shall sit secure, and sing,

Nor fear the raging powers of hell.

46 THIRD Part. L. M. Winchester. mf TAE Lord in Zion ever reigns,

And o'er her holds his guardian hand;
Her worship and her laws maintains,

Which, like himself, unmoved shall stand. mp 2 Oh come, behold what he has done,

Whom we delight to call our Lord;
The vict'ries, which his arm has won;

And faithfully his deeds record.
3 He maketh war on earth to cease;

He breaks the bow-he cuts the dart,
The chariot burns-and sheds his peace

O'er every nation--every heart.

4 Be still-and hear the Lord proclaim

"I will above the heathen rise; « O'er all the earth exalt my name, [skles.

“ And spread my triumphs through tho

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47 First Part. L. M. Old Hundreå.

Exultation in the Reign of Jehovah. f O

ALL ye people, clap your hands,

And shout with triumph while you sing or God-who all the earth commands

Of God-the dreadful, mighty King.
2 The trumpet swells along the sky-

We hear the joyful, solemn sound-
The righteous God ascends on high,

And shouts of gladness echo round.
3 The Lord, who o'er the earth bears sway,

Sits on his throne of holiness;
The heathen now his laws obey :

Let all the earth his praise express.

# 4 Loud praises to Jehovah sing,

In hymns of joy his love proclaim;
Sing praises to the heavenly King,

Adore and bless his sacred name. 47 SECOND Part. L. M. Sharon.

Praise to the exalted Redcemer. f JESUS, the Lord, ascends on high !

He reigns in glory o'er the sky !
Let all the earth its offerings bring,
Exalt his name-proclaim him king!
2 Wide-throʻthe world-he spreads his sway,
And bids the heathen lands obey,
His church with willing offerings greet,
And bend submissive at her feet.
3 His reign the heathen lands shall own:
His holiness secures his throne:
And earthly princes gather round,
Where Christ-the niighty God, is found.
4 Princes by him their power extend,
Earth's mightiest kings to Jesus bend:
He bids them rule-he bids them die,
Himself o'er all exalted high!

47 THIRD PART. C. M. Marlow. 11 OH for a shout of sacred joy

To God, the sovereign King!
Let every land their tongues employ,

And hymns of triumph sing.
2 Jesus, our God, ascends on high;

His heavenly guards around
Attend him rising through the sky,

With trumpet's joyful sound.
3 While angels shout, and praise their King,

Let mortals learn their strains:
Let all the earth his honors sing;

O'er all the earth he reigns.
P 4 Speak of his praise with awe profound,

Let knowledge guide the song;
Nor mock him with a solemn sound

Upon a thoughtless tongue.

5 Loud be the shouts of sacred joy

To God the sovereign King ! f Let every land their longues employ,

And hymns of triumph sing. 47 FOURTH PART. C. M. Arlington.

ARISE, ye people, and adore,

Exulting strike the chord;
Let all the earth-from shore to shore,

Confess th' almighty Lord.
2 Glad shouts aloud, wide echoing round,

Th’ascending God proclaim;
Th’ angelic choir respond the sound,

And shake creation's frame.
3 They sing of death and hell o'erthrown

In that triumphant hour;
And God exalts his conquering Son

To his right hand of power.
4 O shout, ye people, and adore,

Exulting strike the chord;
Let all the earth--from shore to shore,

Confess th' almighty Lord.

48 FIRST PART. S. M. St. Thomas. God's Presence the Safety and Glory of the Church. And let his praise be great;

Ha makes the churches his abode,

His most delightful seat.
2 In Zion God is known,

A refuge in distress;
How bright has his salvation shone !

How fair his heavenly grace!
3 When kings against her joined,

And saw the Lord was there ; 1 In wild confusion of the mind,

They fled with hasty fear.
4 Oft have our fathers told,

Our eyes have often seen,
How well our God secures the fold

Where his own flock has been


5 In every new distress

We'll to his house repair, mf Recall to mind his wondrous grace, And seek deliverance there.

FAR as thy name is known

The world declares thy praise ;
Thy saints, O Lord, before thy throne,

Their songs of honor raise.
2 With joy thy people stand

On Zion's chosen lill,
Proclaim the wonders of thy hand,

And counsels of thy will.
3 Let strangers walk around

The city where we dwell;
Compass and view thine holy ground,

And mark the building well ;-
4 The order of thy house,

The worship of thy court,
l'he cheersul songs—the solemn vows

And make a fair report.-
5 How decent, and how wise !

How glorious to behold!
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes,

And rites adorned with gold.
6 The God we worship now

Will guide us till we die;
Will be our God, while here below,

And ours above the sky.

50 FIRST Part. C. M. Burford.

Jchovah coming to Judgment.
THE Lord, the judge, before his throno

Bids all the earth draw nigh;
The nations near the rising sun,

And near the western sky.
2 No more shall bold blasphemers say,

“ Judgment will ne'er begia;"
No more abuse his long delay

To impudence and sin.

3 Throned on a cloud, our God shall come,

Bright flames prepare his way;
Thunder, and darkness-fire, and storm

Lead on the dreadful day.
4 Heaven, from above, his call shall hear;

Attending angels come;
And earth and hell shall know and fear

His justice and their doom.



8.7. & 4. Greece.

LO! the mighty God appearing,

From ou high Jehovah speaks!
Eastern lands the summons hearing,
O'er the west his thunder breaks:

Earth beholds hiin:
Universal nature shakes!
2 Zion, all its light unfolding,

God in glory shall display:
Lo! he comes !--por silence holding,
Fire and clouds prepare his way:

Tempests round him-
Hasten on the dreadful day!
3 To the heavens his voice ascending,

To the earth beneath he cries;
“ Souls immortal, now descending,
Let the sleeping dust arise !

Rise to judgmentLet my throne adorn the skies ! 4 « Gather first my saints around me,

Those who to my covenant stood; Those who humbly sought and found me, Through the dying Saviour's blood :

Blest Redeemer! Dearest sacritice to God!" 5 Now the heavens on high adore him,

And his righteousness declare:
Sinners perish from before him,
But his saints his mercy share:

Just his judgment-
God, himself the judge, is there!


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