Imatges de pÓgina

3 The desert grows a fruitful field;
Abundant food the valleys yield;
The plains shall shout with cheerful voice,
And neighboring hills repeat their joys.
4 Thy works pronounce thy power divine;
O'er every field thy glories shine;
Through every month thy gifts appear:

Great God, thy goodness crowns the year. 65 FOURTH Part. C. M. Nottingham.

THE Lord is good, the heavenly king,

He makes the earth his care;
Visits the pastures every spring,

And bids the grass appear.
2 The times and seasons-days and hours,

Heaven, earth, and air are thine;
When clouds distil in fruitful showers,

The author is divine.
3 The softened ridges of the field

Permit the corn to spring;,
The valleys rich provision yield,

And all the laborers sing.
4 The various months thy goodness crowns;

How bounteous are thy ways!
The bleating flocks spread o'er the downs,

And shepherds shout thy praise. 65 FIFTH Part. C. M. Litchfield.

Worship of God in his Temple.
PRAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee,

There shall our vows be paid;
Thon hast an ear when sinners pray;

All flesh shall seek thine aid.
P 2 O Lord, our guilt and fears prevail,

But pardoning grace is thine,
mf And thou wilt grant us power and skill

To conquer every sin.
3 Blest are the men, whom thou wilt choose

To bring them near thy face;
Give them a dwelling in thy house,

To feast upon thy grace.

4 In answering

what thy church requests,
Thy truth and terror shine;
And works of dreadful righteousness

Fulfil thy kind design.
5 Thus shall the wondering nations see

The Lord is good and just;
And distant islands fly to thee,

And make thy name their trust.



66 FIRST Part. L. M. Appleton.

Praise to Christ.
CESUS demands the voice of joy,

Loud through the land let triumph ring;
His honors should your songs employ,

Let glorious praises hail the king.
2 Shout to the Lord-adoring own,

Thy works thy wondrous might disclose,
Thine arm victorious power has shown;

Thus did thy cross confound thy foes !
3 Low, at that cross, the world shall bow,

All nations shall its blessings prove ;
While grateful strains in concert flow,

To sing thy power, and praise thy love.
4 Oh bless our God, ye nations round;

People and lands, rehearse his name:
Let shouts of joy through earth resound,

Let every tongue his praise proclaim.


SECOND PART. C. M. Marlor.

Praise to the Creator.
f LET all the lands, with shouts of joy,

To God their voices raise ;
Sing psalms in honor of his name,

And spread his glorious praise.
P 2 And let them say-How dreadful, Lord,

In all thy works art thou !
To thy great power thy stubborn foos

Shall all be forced to bow,

3 Through all the earth, the nations round

Shall thee, their God, confess;
And, with glad hymns, their awful dread

of thy great name express.
4 Oh come, behold the works of God ;

And then with me you'll own,
That he, to all the sons of men,

Has wondrous judgments shown.
5 Let all the lands, with shouts of joy,

To God their voices raise;
Sing psalms in honor of his name,

And spread his glorious praise.

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66 THIRD PART. C. M. Marlow.

SING, all ye nations, to the Lord,

Sing with a joyful noise ;
With melody of sound record

His honors and your joys.
2 Say to the power that formed the sky,

How terrible art thou !
Sinners before thy presence fly,

Or at thy feet they bow.
f 3 Oh bless our God, and never cease;

Ye saints, fulfil his praise ;
He keeps our life-maintains our peace,

And guides our doubtful ways. 66 FOURTH PART. C. M. Clarendon.

Praise for Redemption.
NOW shall my solemn vows be paid

To that almighty power,
Who heard the long request I made

In my distressful hour.
[ 2 My lips and cheerful heart prepare

To make his mercies known;
Corne, ye who fear my God, and hear

The wonders he has done.
3 When on my head deep sorrows fell,

I sought his heavenly aid ;
He saved my sinking soul froni liell,
And death's eternal shade.

4 If sin lay covered in my heart,

While prayer employed my tongue,
The Lord had shown me no regard,

Nor I his praises sung.
f 5 But God-his naine be ever blest-

Has set my spirit free;
He ne'er rejected my request,

Nor turned his heart from me. 66 Fifth Part. C. M. Stephens. 111 O ALL ye lands, rejoice in God,

Sing praises to his name;
Let all the earth, with one accord,

His wondrous acts proclaim ;-
2 And let his faithful servants tell

How, by redeeming love,
Their souls are saved, from death and hell,

To share the joys above ;-
3 Tell how the Holy Spirit's grace

Forbids their feet to slide;
And, as they run the Christian race,

Vouchsafes to be their guide.
f 4 Oh, then, rejoice, and shout for joy,

Yo ransomed of the Lord;
Be grateful praise your sweet employ,

His presence your reward.

67 First Part. C. M. Bedford.

Prayer for the Enlargement of the Church.
SHINE mighty God, on Zion shine,
Reveal thy power through every land,

And show thy smiling face.
2 When shall thy name, from shore to shore,

Sound through the earth abroad,
And distant nations know and love

Their Saviour and their God?
3 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Sing loud with solemn voice;
Let every longue exalt his praise,

And every heart rejoice.

67 SECOND PART. S. M. Thatcher.

TO bless thy chosen race,

In mercy, Lord, incline;
And cause the brightness of thy faco

On all thy saints to shine
2 That so thy wondrous way

May through the world be known;
While distant lands their homage pay,

And thy salvation own.
3 Oh let them shout and sing,

Dissolved in pious mirth;
For thou, the righteous judge and king,

Shalt govern all the earth.
4 Let differing nations join

To celebrate thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious name. 67 THIRD PART. S. M. St. Thomas.

O GOD, to earth incline,

With'mercies from above;
And let thy presence round us shine,

With beams of heaveniy love.
2 Through all the earth below,

Thy ways of grace proclaim,
Till distant nations hear and know

The Saviour's blessed name.
3 Now let the world agree

One general voice to raise ;
Till all mankind present to thee

Their songs of grateful praise !
4 Oh let the nations round

Their cheerful powers employ,
And earth's far-distant coasts resound

With shouts of sacred joy. 67 Fourth Part. S. M. Paddington.

THOU shalt, O Lord, descend,

And all the kingdoms bless ;
Throughout the earth thy realm extend,

And judge in righteousness.

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