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103 Second Part. L. M. Dunstan.

HIGH o'er the heavens-supreme-alone,
Th' eternal Lord prepares his throne :
O'er all his kingdom he'll extend,
Beyond a limit or an end.
2 Bless ye the Lord—his glories tell,
Ye angels, who in might excel,
Who do his will-who hear his voice,
And in his high commands rejoice.
3 Bless ye the Lord-proclaim his state,
Ye heavenly hosts, who round him wait,
Quick to perform his acts of might,
His pleasure your supreme delight.
4. Bless ye the Lord, his works around !
Creation, with his praise resound!
My soul, the general chorus join,

And bless the Lord in songs divine. 103 THIRD PART. L. M. Rothwell.

MY soul, inspired with sacred love,

God's holy name forever bless;
Of all his favors mindful provo,

And still thy grateful thanks express.

2 The Lord abounds with tender love,

And unexampled acts of grace;

His wakened wrath does slowly move, mf His willing mercy flies apace.

3 As far as 'tis from east to west,

So far has he our sins removed,
Who, with a father's tender breast,

Hlas such as fear him always loved. f 4 Let every creature jointly bless

The mighty Lord ;—and thou, my heart,
With grateful jov thy thanks express,

And in this concert bear thy part.

103 Fourth Part. L. M. Tallis' Ed. Hy.

THE Lord! how wondrous are his ways!
Ilow firn his truth how large his grace !
Jie takes his mercy for his throne,
And thence he makes his glories known.

2 Not half so high his power hath spread
The starry heavens above our head,
As his rich love exceeds our praise,
Exceeds the highest hopes we raise.
3 Not half so far has nature placed
The rising morning from the west,
As his forgiving grace removes
The daily guilt of those he loves.
4 How slowly does his wrath arise
Or, if he lets his anger burn,
How soon his frowns to pity turn!
5 His everlasting love is sure
To all his saints and shall endure;
From age to age his truth shall reign,
Nor children's children hope in vain.

103 Fifth Part. L. M. Duke Strect.

MY soul, with humble fervor raise
To God the voice of grateful praise :
Let every mental power combine,
To bless his attributes divine.
2 Deep on my heart let memory trace
His acts of mercy and of grace;
Who, with a father's tender care,

Saved me, when sinking in despair ;mf 3 Gave my repentant sonl to prove

The joy of his forgiving love ;

Poured balın into my bleeding breast, > And led my weary feet to rest.

103 Sixth PART. S. M. Hudson,

O BLESS the Lord, my soul,

Let all within me join,
And aid my tongue to bless his name,

Whose favors are divine.
20 bless the Lorit, my soul,

Nor let his mercies lie
Forgotten in unthankfulness,

And without praises die.


3 "Tis he forgives thy sins

"Tis he relieves thy pain-
'Tis he that heals thy sicknesses,

And gives thee strength again.
4 He crowns thy life with love,

When ransorned from the grave;
He, who redeemed my soul from hell,

Hath sovereign power to save.
5 He fills the poor with good;

He gives the sufferers rest :
The Lord hath judgments for the proud,

And justice for the oppressed.
6 His wondrous works and ways

He made by Moses known;
But sent the world his truth and grace

By his beloved Son.
70 bless the Lord, my soul,

Let all within me join,
And aid my tongue to bless his name,

Whose favors are divine.


103 SEVENTH PART. S.M. Dover.

O BLESS the Lord, my soul !

His grace to thee proclaim:
And all that is within me join

To bless his holy name.
2 0 bless the Lord, my soul ;
His mercies bear in mind

Forget not all his benefits:

The Lord to thee is kind. mp 3 He will not always chide ;

He will with patience wait ;
His wrath is ever slow to rise,

And ready to abate.
4 He pardons all thy sins,

Prolongs thy feeble breath ;
He healeth why infirmities,

And ransoms thee from death.
5 Then bless his holy name,

Whose grace hath made thee whole;
Whose loving kindness crowns thy days;

O bless the Lord, my soul!

103 EIGATH PART. S. M. St. Thomas.

MY soul, repeat his praise,

Whose mercies are su great ;
Whose anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate.
2 His power subdues our sins,

And his forgiving love,
Far as the east is from the west,

Doth all our guilt remove.
3 High as the heavens are raised

Above the ground we tread,
So far the riches of his grace

Our highest thoughts exceed. 103 Ninth PART. S. M. Bethanu

THE pity of the Lord

To those that fear his name,
Is such as tender parents feel

He knows our feeble frame.
2 He knows we are but dust,

Scattered with every breath;
His anger, like a rising wind,

Can send us swift to death.

3 Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning flower!
When blasting winds sweep o'er the field,

It withers in an hour.
mf 4 But thy compassions, Lord,

To endless years endure;
And children's children ever find

Thy words of promise sure. 103 Tenth PART. S. M. St. Thomas

THE Lord, the sovereign King,

Hath fixed his throne on high,
O’er all the heavenly world he rules,

And all beneath the sky.
2 Ye angels, great in might,

And swift to do his will,
Bless ye the Lord, whose voice ye hear,

Whose pleasure ye fulfil.

3 Ye heavenly hosts, who wait

The orders of your King,
Who guard his churches when they pray,

Oh join the praise we sing.
4 And while his wondrous works

Through his vast kingdom show
Their Maker's glory-thou, my soul,

Shalt sing his praises too.


Praise to God the Creator.
M'When clothed in
Y soul, thy great Creator praise ;

celestial rays,
He in full majesty appears,
And like a robe his glory wears.
2 How strange thy works! how great thy skill,
While every land thy riches fill:
Thy wisdom round the world we see-

This spacious earth is full of thee. mp 3 How awful are thy glorious ways !

Thou, Lord, art dreadful in thy praise; < Yet humble souls may seek thy face, mf And tell their wants to sovereign grace.

104 SECOND PART. L. M. Nazareth.

LONG as I live, all-bounteous Lord !
My song thy glories shall record ;
Thy praise, my God, shall fill the strain,

While lise or being shall remain. mp

2 Sweet are the thoughts which fill my breast,

When on thy various works they rest : mf Gou, my creator, lifts my voice:

In God, my Saviour, I rejoice!
3 Soon shall his arm his foes dismay,
And sweep the guilty race away :

And wbile his church his power adore,
> The wicked sink to rise no more.
mf 4 Then, O my soul, Jehovah hless,

His providence and grace confess: f Let all his works their tribute raise,

And triumph in Jehovah's praise.

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