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C. M.

Litchfield. Corinth 142

Pity and Condescension of Christ.
THE Saviour! oh, what endless charms

Dwell in that blissful sound!
Its influence every fear disarnis,

And spreads delight around.
2 Here pardon, life, and joy divine

In rich effusion flow,
For guilty rebels, lost in sin,

And doomed to endless wo.

3 Th'almighty Former of the skies,

Stoops to our vile abode;
While angels view with wondering eyes,

And hail th' incarnate God.
4 How rich the depths of love divine !

Or bliss, a boundless store !
Aff Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine

I cannot wish for more!
5 On thee alone my hope relies;

Beneath thy cross I fall;
My Lord, my life, my sacrifice,

My Saviour, and my all ! 143

C. M. Covington. Baldwin,
BEHOLD what pity touched the heart

Of God's eternal Son;
Descending from the heavenly court,

He left his Father's throne.
2 His living power, and dying love,

Redeemed unhappy man,
And raised the ruins of our race

"To life and God again.
3 To thee, O Lord, our noblest powers

We joyfully resign:
Blest Jesus, take us for thy own,
For we are doubly thine.

L. M.

Brewer. Montgomery. 144

Safe trusting in Christ.
LET everlasting glories crown

Thy head, my Saviour, and my Lord ;
Thy hands have brought salvation down,

And writ the blessings in thy word.

2 In vain the trembling conscience seeks

Some solid ground to rest upon ;

With deep despair-the spirit breaks,

Till we apply to Christ alone.
3 How well thy blessed truths agree!

How wise and holy thy commands !
Thy promises—how firm they be!

How firm our hope, our comfort stands ! 145

L. M.

Medway. Hague.
JESUS, no other name but thine,

Is given by everlasting love,
To lead our souls to joys divine;

No other name will God approve.
2 Here let my constant feet abide,

Nor from the heavenly way depart!
Let thy good Spirit be my guide,

Direct my steps and rule my heart.
3 In thee, my great almighty Friend,

My safety dwells-and peace divine ,
On thee alone my hopes depend,
For life, eternal life is thine.

78. Pleyel's Hymn. Edyficld. 146

Redeeming Love.
NOW hegin the heavenly theme,
Sing of mercy's healing stream:
Ye, who Jesus' kindness prove,
Sing of his redeeming love.
2 Welcome all, by sin oppressed,
Welcome all to Jesus' rest.
Nothing brought him from above,
Nothing but redeeming love.
3 He subdued th' infernal powers,
His inveterate foes, and ours:
These he from their empire drove,
Mighty in redeeming love.
4 Hither, then, your tribute bring,
Strike aloud each joyful string :
Saints below, and saints above,

Join to praise redeeming love. 147

88 & 78. Sicilian Hymn. Meaning SAVIOUR, source of every blessing,

Tune my heart to gratefiul lays;
Streams of mercy, never ceasing,

Call for ceaseless songs of praise.

2 Teach me some melodious measure,

Sung by raptured saints above;
Fill my soul with sacred pleasure

While I sing redeeming love.
3 Thou didst seek me when a stranger,

Wandering from the fold of God;
Thou, to save my soul from danger,

Didst redeem me with thy blood.
4 By thy hand restored, defended,

Safe through life, thus far, I'm come;
Safe, O Lord, when life is ended,
Bring me to my heavenly home.

88 & 78. Walpole. Greenville 148

Christ a Friend.
ONE there is, above all others,

Well deserves the name of Friend;
His is love beyond a brother's,

Costly-free-and knows no end.
Which of all our friends, to save us,

Could, or would have shed his blood ?-
But this Saviour died to have us

Reconciled in him to God.
2 When he lived on earth abased,

FRIEND OF SINNERS was his name,
Now, above all glory raised,

He rejoices in the same.
Oh for grace our hearts to soften!

Teach us, Lord, at length to love ;
We, alas ! forget too often
What a Friend we have above.
88 & 78.

Greenville. 149

Christ dwelling in his people.
LOVE divine, all love excelling!

Joy of heaven, to earth come down:
Fix in us thy humble dwelling,

All thy faithful mercies crown:
Jesus! thou art all compassion,

Pure, unbounded love thou art;
Visit us with thy salvation,

Enter every trembling heart!
2 Cume! almighty to deliver,

Let us all thy life receive !
Suddenly return-and never,

Never more thy temples leave!

Thee we would be always blessing,

Serve thee as thy hosts above;
Pray, and praise thee without ceasing,
Glory in thy precious love.

L. M. Uxbridge. Duke Street. 150

Christ's unchanging Love the safety of his people. WHO shall the Lord's elect condemn?

'Tis God that justifies their souls;
And mercy, like a mighty stream,

O'er all their sins divinely rolls.
2 Who shall adjudge the saints to hell ?

'Tis Christ who suffered in their stead;
And their salvation to fulfil,

Behold hun rising from the dead !
3 He lives !-he lives, and reigns above,

Forever interceding there :
Who shall divide us from his love?

Or what shall tempt us to despair?
4 Not all that men on earth can do,

Nor powers on high-nor powers below,
Shall cause his mercy to remove,

Or wean our hearts from Christ our love. 151

S. M. Pentonville. Hudson.
TO God, the only wise,

Our Saviour, and our King,
Let all the saints below the skies

Their humble praises bring.
2 'Tis his almighty love,

His counsel and his care,
Preserves us safe from sin and death,

And every hurtful snare.
3 He will present our souls,

Unblemished and complete,
Before the glory of his face,

With joys divinely great.
4 Then all the chosen seed

Shall meet around the throne;
Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

And make his wonders known. f 5 To our Redeemer God,

Wisdom with power belongs,
Immortal crowns of majesty,
And everlasting songs.


C. M. Colchester. St. Ann's
FIRM as the earth thy gospel stands,

My Lord, my hope, my trust;
If I am found in Jesus' hands,

My soul can ne'er be lost.
2 His honor is engaged to save

The meanest of his sheep:
All whom his heavenly Father gave

His hands securely keep.
3 Nor death, nor hell shall e'er remove

His favorites from his breast;
Safe, on the bosom of his love,
Shall they forever rest.

C. M. Litchfield. Corinth. 153

Grateful Remembrance of Christ.
IF human kindness meets return,

And owns the grateful tie;
If tender thoughts within us burn,

To feel a friend is nigh,-
2 Oh! shall not warmer accents tell

The gratitude we owe
To him who died, our fears to quell,

And save from death and wo!
3 While yet in anguish he surveyed

Those pangs he would not flee,
What love his latest words displayed

« Meet and remember me !"

thee !--thy death, thy shame Our sinful hearts to share ! O memory! leave no other name

But his recorded there!

C. M. Grafton. St. Austin's, 154

Godly Sorrow in View of the Sufferings of Christa
ALAS! and did my Saviour bleed,

And did my Sovereign die ?
Would he devote that sacred head

For such a worm as I?
2 Was it for crimes that I had done,

He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity !--grace unknown !
And love beyond degree !

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