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2 Return, O wanderer-now return!

He hears thy humble sigh :
He sees thy softened spirit mourn,

When no one else is nigti.
3 Return, wanderer-now return !

Thy Saviour bids thee live:
Go to his feet-and grateful learn

How freely he'll forgive.
4 Return, O wanderer-now return !

And wipe the falling tear:
Thy father calls—no longer mourn!

"Tis love invites thee near. 264

L. M. Uxbridge. Duke Street
THUS saith the wisdom of the Lord,
Blessed is the man that hears my word ;
Keeps daily watch before my gates,
And at my feet for mercy waits.
2 The soul that seeks me shall obtain
Immortal wealth, and heavenly gain;
Immortal life is his reward,
Life, and the favor of the Lord.

Turin. 265 Sinners urged to accept the Invitation.

YE, who in his courts are found,
Listening to the joyful sound,
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Sons of sorrow, sin, and care,
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.
2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes,
View this bleeding sacrifice;
See, in him, your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven:
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.

Norwich. Alaen, 266

SINNERS, tum-why will ye die?
God, your Maker, asks you why:
God, who did your being give,
Made you with himself to live.
2 Sinpers, turn-why will ye die?
God, your Saviour, asks you why: .

He who did your souls retrieve,
He who died, that ye might live.
3 Will you let him die in vain?
Crucify your Lord again?
Why-ye ransomed sinners-why
Will ye slight his grace, and die?
4 Sinners, turn-why will ye die
God, the Spirit, asks you why:
He who all your lives hath strove,
Wooed you to embrace his love ;
5 Will ye not his grace receive?
Will ye still refuse to live?
Oh! ye dying sinners, why-

Why will ye forever die? 267

L. M.

Windham. Ralston.
SINNER, oh why so thoughtless grown?

Why in such dreadful haste to die?
Daring to leap to worlds unknown!

Heedless against thy God to fly!
2 Wilt thou despise eternal fate,

Urged on by sin's delusive dreams?
Madly attempt th' infernal gate,

And force thy passage to the flames ?
3 Stay, sinner, on the gospel plains ;

And hear the Lord of life unfold
The glories of his dying pains !

Forever telling, yet untold !


C. M. Grafton. Medfeld. 268

Conviction by the Law.
LORD, how secure my conscience was,

And felt no inward dread!
I was alive without the law,

And thought my sins were dead.
2 My hopes of heaven were firm and bright;

But since the precept came
With such convincing power and light,

I find bow vile I am.

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3 My guilt appeared but small before,

Till I with terror saw
How perfect, holy, just, and pure

Is thine eternal law.
4 Then felt my soul the heavy load-

My sins revived again;
I had provoked a dreadful God,

And all my hopes were slain.
5 My God! I cry with every breath,

Exert thy power to save,
Oh! break the yoke of sin and death,

And thus redeemn the slave. 269

S, M, Olmutz. Little Marlboro'.
MY former hopes are fled,

My terror now begins;
I feel, alas! that I am dead

In trespasses and sins.
2 Ah, whither shall I fly?

I hear the thunder roar;
The law proclaims destruction nigh,

And vengeance at the door.
3 When I review my ways,

I dread impending dooin;
But sure a friendly whisper says,

“ Flee from the wrath to come.”
4 I see-or think I see,

A glimmering from afar; mf A beam of day, that shines for me,

To save me from despair.
5 Forerunner of the sun,

It marks the pilgrim's way ;
I'll gaze upon it while I run,
And watch the rising day.

L. M. Medway. Middlebury 270

Impenitence deplored.
AMID displays of wrath and love,

What stubborn creatures, Lord, are we!
No relish for the joys of heaven,

No dread of endless misery.
2 With what a base contempt we treat

Thy threatenings and thy promises !
Duty neglect--and mercy slight,
Nor fear to sin-nor seek to please.

3 Could angels weep-for us they'd mour :

Break, then, these flinty hearts, O God!
Sure we must melt beneath thy grace,
Or feel the terrors of thy rod.

C. M.

Grafton. Spencer. 271

ALMIGHTY Father! God of grace !

We all, like sheep astray,
In folly, from thy paths have turned,

Each to his sinful way.
2 Sins of omnission and of act

Through all our lives abound ;
Alas! in thought, and word, and deed,

No health in us is found.
3 Oh spare us, Lord S-in mercy spare !

Our contrite souls restore,
Through him who suffered on the cross,

man's transgressions bore.
4 And grant, O Father! for his sake

That we, through all our days,
A just and godly life may lead,
To thine eternal praise

C. M.

Graflou. Eastporte 272

Coldness and Inconstancy lamented.
LONG have we heard the joyful sound

of thg salvation, Lord !
Yet still how weak our faith is found,

And knowledge of thy word!

2 How cold and feeble is our love!

How negligent our fear!
How low our hope of joys above!

How few affections there!
3 Great God! thy sovereign power impart,

To give thy word success!
Write thy salvation in each heart,

And make us learn thy grace. mf 4 Show our forgetful feet the way

That leads to joys on high;
Where knowledge grows without decay,

And love shall never die.


C. M.

Barby. Stamford.
PERPETUAL Source of light and grace,

We hail thy sacred name;.
Through every year's revolving round,

Thy goodness is the same.
2 On us, all worthless as we are,

It wondrous mercy pours;
As sure as heaven's established course,

And plenteous as the showers.
3 Inconstant service we repay,

And treacherous vows renew;
As false as morning's scattering cloud,

And transient as the dew. р

4 In flowing tears our guilt we mourn,

And loud implore thy grace,
To bear our feeble footsteps on,

In all thy righteous ways.
5 Armed with this energy divine,

Our souls shall steadfast move;
And with increasing transport press

To thy bright courts above. 274

L. M.

DEAR Jesus-when-when shall it be,
That I no more shall break with thee
When will this war of passion cease,
And I enjoy a lasting peace ?
2 Here I repent, and sin again ;
Sometimes revive-sometimes am slain ;
Slain with the same malignant dart,
Which, oh! too often wounds thy heart.
3 When, gracious Lord--when shall it be,
That I shall find my all in thee-
The fulness of thy promise prove,
And feast on thine eternal love?


C. M. Medfield. Spencer. 275

Prayer for Repentance.
OH for that tenderness of heart,

Which bows before the Lord !
That owns how just and good thou art,

And trembles at thy word!

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