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L. M.

Medway. Bath. 411

Cold Affections lamented.
JESUS demands this heart of mine,

Demands my love, my joy, my care;
But ah! how dead to things divine,

How cold, my best affections are!
2 'Tis sin, alas! with dreadful power,

Divides my Saviour from my sight;
Oh! for one happy, shining hour

Of sacred freedom-sweet delight.
mf 3 Come, dearest Lord--thy luve can raise

My captive powers from sin and death,

And fill my heart and life with praise, Len And tune my last, expiring breath.

C. M.

Patmos. Ferry, 412

Backsliding and Returning.
WHY is my heart so far from thee,

My God, my chief delight?
Why are my thoughts no more by day

With thee, no more by night?
2 When my forgetful soul renews

The savor of thy grace,
My heart presumes I cannot lose

The relish all my days.
3 But ere one fleeting hour is past,

The flattering world employs
Some sensual bait to seize my taste,

And to pollute my joys.
4 Wretch that I am! to wander thus,

In chase of false delight!
Let me be fastened to thy cross,

Nor ever lose thy sight. 413

C. M. Grafton. Medfield,
DEAR Lord, accept a sinful heart,

Which of itself complains;
And mourns with much and frequent smart,

The evil it contains.
2 How eager are my thoughts to roam

In quest of what they love!
But ah! when duty calls me home,
How heavily they move!

3 Oh cleanse me in my Saviour's blood,

Transform me by thy power,
Make me, O Lord, thy blest abode,
And let me rove no more!

S. M.

Little Marlboro'. 414

Departure from Christ lamented.
OH thou, who on the cross

Didst for my sins atone,
Although rebellious, and perverse,

Do not a child disown!
2 Thine by a thousand ties

I am, and still would be ;
Confirm my faith-inflame my love,
And draw my soul to thee.

L. M. Hingham. Medway. 415

Returning and choosing God.
MY gracious Lord, whose changeless love

To me nor earth nor hell can part,
When shall my feet forget to rove?

Ah, what shall fix this faithless heart?
2 Why do these cares my soul divide,

If thou indeed hast set me free?
Why am I thus, if thou hast died

If thou hast died to ransom me?
3 Great God, thy sovereign aid impart,

And guard the gifts thyself hast given: mf My portion thou, my treasure art,

My life, my happiness and heaven. 4 Would aught with thee my wishes sbare,

Though dear as life the idol be,

That idol from my breast I'll tear, mf Resolved to seek my all from thee.

5 Whate'er I fondly counted mine,

To thee, my Lord, I here restore: mf With joy Í all for thee resign ;

Give me thyself-I ask no more. 416

8. M. St. Thomas. Penton ville. MY soul, review the time

In whích my God I sought;
I cried aloud for aid divine,

And aid divine he brought.


2 Through all my fainting heart

His secret vigor spread;
To me his strength he did impart,

And raised my drooping head. fli 3 Now will I raise my voice,

In loud and cheerful song;
With all the saints will I rejoice,

Who to his courts belong.
4 With them the path I'll trace,

Which leads to his abode;
With them I'll sing redeeming grace,

Along the joyful road.
5 Within his sacred walls,

I shall be ever blest;

I'll follow where my Father calls, Len And seek his heavenly rest. 417

8s & 4. Islington. South Street.
CREATE, O God, my powers anew,
Make my whole heart sincere and true;
Oh cast me not in wrath away,
Nor let thy soul-enlivening ray

Still cease to shine.
2 Restore thy favor, bliss divine !
Those heavenly joy's that once were mine ;
Let thy good Spirit, kind and free,
Uphold and guide my steps to thee,

Thou God of love.
mf 3 Then will I teach thy sacred ways;

With holy zeal proclaim thy praise ;
Till sinners leave the dangerous road,
Forsake their sins, and turn to God

With hearts sincere.
mp 4 Oh cleanse my guilt, and heal my pain ;

Remove the blood-polluted stain: mf Then shall my heart adoring trace, < My Saviour God, the boundless grace,

That flows from thee. 418

C. M. St. Martin's. Stamford.
AGAIN, indulgent Lord, return,

With sweet and quickening grace,
To cheer and warm my sluggish soul,

And speed me in my race.

2 Awake, my love, my faith, my hope,

My fortitude, and joy :
Vain world, be gone-let things above

My happy thoughts employ.
3 Whilst thee, my Saviour, and my God,

I would forever own;
Drive each rebellious, rival lust,

Each traitor, from the throne.
4 Instruct my mind-my will subdue,

To heaven my passions raise ;
And let my life forever be

Devoted to thy praise.


S. M. Southfield. Clapton. 419

Safety of the Church. . HOW honored is the place,

Where we adoring stand,
Zion, the glory of the earth,

And beauty of the land !
2 Bulwarks of grace defend

The city where we dwell;.
While walls, of strong salvation made,

Defy the assaults of hell.
3 Lift up th' eternal gates,

The doors wide open fling-
Enter, ye nations that obey

The statutes of your King.

4 Here taste unmingled joys, >

And live in perfect peace;
You that have known Jehovah's name,

And ventured on his grace.
5 Trust in the Lord, ye saints,

And banish all your fears :
f! Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells,

Eternal as his years. 420

L. M. Mendon, Marletta. mbi IIAPPY the church, thou sacred place,

The seat of thy Creator's grace;
Thine holy courts are his abode,
Thou earthly palace of our God.

2 Thy walls are strength and at thy gates
A guard of heavenly warriors waits;
Nor shall thy deep foundation move,
Fixed on his counsels and his love.
3 Thy foes in vain designs engage,
Against thy throne in vain they rage,

Like rising waves with angry roar, > That break and die upon the shore. f1l 4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell,

Nor fear the wrath of earth and hell;
His arms embrace this happy ground,
Like brazen bulwarks built around.
5 God is our shield--and God our sun;
Swift as the fleeting moments run,
On us he sheds new beams of grace,
And we reflect his brightest praise.

C. M. 421

Stephens. Arlington.
The Promise to Believers and their Children
HOW large the promise! how divine !

To Abraham and his seed !
“I'll be a God to thee and thine,

Supplying all their need."
2 The words of his extensive love

From age to age endure;
The angel of the covenant proves,

And seals the blessings sure.
3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms

To our great father given;
He takes young children in his arms,

And calls them heirs of heaven.
4 Our God !-how faithful are his ways!

His love endures the same;
Nor from the promise of his grace

Blots out our children's name. 422

8. M. Pentonville. Mornington, LORD, what our ears have heard,

Our eyes delighted trace;
Thy love in long succession shown

To Zion's chosen race.
2 Our children thou dost claim,

And mark them out for thine:
Ten thousand blessings to thy name,

For goodness so divine.

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