Imatges de pÓgina

2 Bless thy word to old and young;

Grant us, now, thy peace and love;
And when life's short race is run,

Take us to thy house above. 472


SAVIOUR, bless thy word to all,

Quick and powerful let it prove;
Oh may sinners hear thy call !

Let thy people grow in love.
2 Thine own gracious message bless,

Follow it with power divine;
Give the gospel great success-

Thine the work—the glory thine.
3 Saviour, bid the world rejoice,

Send-oh send thy truth abroad!
Let the nations hear thy voice-
Hear it-and return to God.
C. M.

Spencer. Ely. 473

Prayer for Sincerity in Worship.
Af LORD! when we bend before thy throne,

And our CONFESSIONS pour,
Oh may we feel the sins we own,

And hate what we deplore.
2 Our contrite spirits pitying see ;

True penitence impart:
And let a healing ray from thee

Beam hope on every heart.
3 When we disclose our wants in PRAYER,

Oh let our wills resign;
And not a thought our bosom share,

Which is not wholly thine.
mf 4 And when with heart and voice we strive

Our grateful hymns to raise,
Let love divine within us live,

And fill our souls with PRAISE.
5 Then, on thy glories while we dwell,

Thy mercies we'll review;
Withi love divine, transported, tell-

Thou, God, art Father too !! 474

C. M. St. Martin's. St. Ann's, COME, ye that love the Saviour's name,

And joy to make it known;

The sovereign of your heart proclaim,

And bow before his throne.
2 When in his earthly courts we view

The glories of our King,
We long to love as angels do,

And wish like them to sing.
3 And shall we long and wish in vain

Lord, teach our sungs to rise:
Thy love can raise our huinble strain,

And bid it reach the skies.
4 Oh, happy period !-glorious day!

When heaven and earth shall raise,
With all their powers, their raptured lay
To celebrate thy praise.
L. M.

Hingham. 475

Christ ever present in his Churches.
JESUS, where'er thy people meet,
There they behold thy mercy-seat;
Where'er they seek thee, thou art found,
And every place is hallowed ground.
2 For thou, within no walls confined,
Inhabitest the humble mind;
Such ever bring thee where they come,
And going, take thee to their home.
3 Great Shepherd of thy chosen few!
Thy former mercies here renew;
Here to our waiting hearts proclaim
The sweetness of thy saving name.

L. M. 97th Ps. Tune. Winchester, 476

The Presence of God realized.
LO, God is here let us adore,

And own how dreadful is this place!

Let all within us feel his power, р

And silent bow before his face !
2 Lo, God is here !-him day and night

United choirs of angels sing:
To him, enthroned above all height,

Let saints their humble worship bring.
3 Lord God of hosts! oh may our praise

Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill:
Stili may we stand before thy face,

Still hear and do thy sovereign will.

L. M.

Duke Street 477

DISMISS us with thy blessing, Lord;
Help us to feed upon thy word;
All that has been amiss forgive,
And let thy truth within us livé.
2 Though we are guilty, thou art good;
Wash all our works in Jesus' blood ;
Give every burdened soul release,

And bid us all depart in peace. 478

8s, 78 & 4. Sicilian Hymn. Greenville. LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing;

Fill our hearts with joy and peace!
Let us, each thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace:

Oh refresh us,
Travelling through this wilderness.
2 Thanks we give, and adoration,

For thy gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound!

May thy presence
With us evermore be found !
3 Then, whene'er the signal's given,

Us from earth to call away,
Botne on angels' wings to heaven,
Glad the summons to obey

May we ever
mf Reign with Christ in endless day!

88 & 78. Walpole. Sicilian Hymn. MAY the grace of Christ our Saviour,

And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favor,

Rest upon us from above.
2 Thus may we abide in union

With each other, and the Lord,
And possess, in sweet communion,

Joys which earth cannot afford. 480

8s, 78 & 4. Sicilian Hymn. Greenvillo. GOD of our salvation, hear us ;

Bless, oh bless us, ere we go;
When we join the world, be near us,


Lest we cold and careless grow:

Saviour, keep us-
Keep us safe from every foe.
2 May we live in view of heaven,

Where we hope to see thy face ;
Save us from unhallowed leaven,
All that might obscure thy grace;

Keep us walking,
Each in his appointed place.
3 As our steps are drawing nearer,

To the place we call our home,
mf May our view of heaven grow clearer,

Hope more bright of joys to come; e 및

And, when dying,

May thy presence cheer the gloom. 481 L. M.

THE peace which God alone reveals,

And by his word of grace imparts,
Which only the believer feels,

Direct, and keep, and cheer our hearts !
2 And may the holy Three in One,

The Father, Word, and Comforter,
Pour an abundant blessing down
On every soul assembled here!
C. M.

Barby. Corinth. 482

Languid Devotion lamented.
FREQUENT the day of God returns,

To shed its quickening beams;
And yet how slow devotion burns !

How languid are its flames !
2 Accept our faint attempts to love;

Our follies, Lord, forgive ;
We would be like thy saints above,

And praise thee while we live.
3 Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope,

And fit us to ascend
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up,

And Sabbaths never end ;-
4 Where we shall breathe in heavenly air

With heavenly lustre shine-
Before the throne of God appear,

And feast on love divine.

f 5 There shall we join, and never tire,

To sing immortal lays;
And with the bright, seraphic choir,
Sound forth Immanuel's praise.

C. M.

Medfield. Barby. 483

Longing for the eternal Sabbath.
WHEN, dearest Saviour--when shall I

Behold thee all serene ;
Blest in perpetual Sabbath day,

Without a vail between ?
2 Assist me while I wander here,

Amid a world of cares;
Incline my roving heart to pray,

And then accepi my prayers.
3 Thy Spirit, O my Father, give,

To be my guide and friend;
To light my path to ceaseless joys
Where Sabbaths never end.
L. M.

Uxbrilge. 484 Pleasing Remembrance of the Sabbath.

LORD, how delightful 'tis to see
A whole assembly worship thee!
At once they sing-at once they pray-
They hear of heaven, and learn the way.
2 I have been there, and still would go :
'Tis like the dawn of heaven below:
Not all that careless sinners say,
Shall tempt me to forget this day.
3 Oh write upon my memory, Lord,
The truths and precepts of thy word!
That I may break thy laws no more,
But love thee better than before.
4 With thoughts of Christ, and things divine,
Fill up this foolish heart of mine;
That, finding pardon through his blood,

I may lie down, and wake with God.
C. M.

I LOVE to see the Lord below;

His church displays his grace ;
But upper worlds his glory know,

And view him face to face.

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