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8. M. St. Thomas. Hudson. GREAT Heir of David's throne !

Thy royal power assume ;
Come, reign in faithful hearts alone,

Thou blest Redeemer, come.
2 Set up thy throne of grace

In all the heathen's sight-
Thy kingdom of true holiness-

And order it aright.
3 Now, for thy promise' sake,

O'er earth exalted be:
The kingdom, power, and glory take,

Which all belong to thee.
4 In zeal for God and man,

Thy full salvation bring:
The universal monarch reign,
T'he saints' eternal King.

S. M. Southfield. Eastbara, 541

Rejoicing in Christ's Reign.
NOW living waters flow

To cheer the humble soul;
From sea to sea the rivers go,

And spread from pole to pole.
2 Now righteousness shall spring,

And grow on earth again:
Jesus, Jehovah, be our King,

And o'er the nations reign.
3 Jesus shall rule

The world shall hear his word;
By one blest name shall he be known,

The Universal Lord. 542

L. M. Brewer. Duke Strea.
HAIL to the Prince of life and peace,

Who holds the keys of death and liell;
The boundless world unseen is his,

And sovereign power becomes hím well.

2 In shame and suffering once he died ;

But now he lives forevermore :
Bow down, ye saints, around his seat,

And, all ye angel-bands, adore.
3. So live forever, glorious Lord,

To crush thy foes-and guard thy friends;

While all thy chosen tribes rejoice,

That thy dominion never ends.
4 Worthy thy hand to hold the keys,

Guided by wisdom, and by love ;
Worthy to rule o'er mortal life,

O'er worlds below and worlds above 1 5 Forever reign, victorious King!

Wide through the earth thy name be known; And call my longing soul to sing

Sublimer anthems near thy throne. 543

L. M.

Mendon. Brewer.
YES-mighty Jesus! thou shalt reign,

Till all thy haughty foes submit;
Till hell, and all her trembling train,

Become the footstool of thy feet.
2 Then, ransomed souls shall bless thy power:

Thine arm shall full salvation bring:
Thy saints, in that illustrious hour,
Shall conquer,

with their conquering King 3 Then, ranged thy shining throne around,

Thy honors, Lord, will we proclaim;
While heaven's transported realms resound

Thy glorious deeds and saving name. 544


Adullum. Lincoln.
HARK !-the song of jubilee,

Loud-as mighty thunders roar;
Ur the fulness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore-
2 See Jehovah's banners furled !

Sheathed his sword :-he speaks—'tis done !
Now the kirgdoms of this world

Are the kingdom of his Son.
3 He shall reign from pole to pole,

With supreme, unbounded sway:
He shall reign, when, like a scroll,

Yonder heavens have passed away!
4 Hallelujah! for the Lord,

God omnipotent shall reign :
Hallelujah !-let the word

Echo round the earth and main


S. M. Paddington. Eastburn.
REJOICE! the Lord is King!

Your Lord and King adore ;
Ye ransomed saints, give thanks and sing,

And triumph evermore!
2 The mighty Saviour reigns,

The God of truth and love;
When he himself had purged our stains,
He took his seat above.

2 3 His kingdom cannot fail ;

He rules o'er earth and heaven;
The sovereign keys of death and hell

Into his hands are given.
4 He sits at God's right hand,

Till all his foes submit,
And humbly bow to his command,

And fall beneath his feet.
5 Rejoice in glorious hope !

Jesus, the Judge, shall come,
And take his waiting servants up

To their eternal home. 546


Adullum. Lincoln,
WAKE the song of jubilee,
Let it echo o'er the sea !
Now is come the promised hour ;
Jesus reigns with sovereign power
2 All ye nations, join and sing,
Christ, of lords and kings is King!
Let it sound from shore to shore,
Jesus reigns forevermore!
3 Now the desert lands rejoice,
And the islands join their voice;
Yea, the whole creation sings,
• Jesus is the King of kings!'

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C. M.

Corinth. Oaklarda 547

Nature of Prayer.
PRAYER is the contrite sinner's voice,

Returning from his ways;
While angels in their songs rejoice,

And cry, 'Behold, he prays.'

2 Prayer 18 the Christian's vital breath,

The Christian's native air ;
His watch-word at the gates of death;

He enters heaven with prayer.
3 Prayer is not made on earth alone-

The Holy Spirit pleads;
And Jesus, on th' eternal throne,

For sinners intercedes.
Aff 4 O thou by whom we come to God-

The Life, the Truth, the Way !

The path of prayer thyself hast trod Len Lord, teach us how to pray.

S. M. Little Marlboro". Hudson, 548

Encouragement to Prayer.
AND shall not Jesus hear

His children when they cry?
Yes—though he may awhile forbear,

He'll help them from on high.
2 His nature, truth, and love,

Engage him on their side;
When they are grieved, his bowels move;

And can they be denied ?
3 Then let us earnest be,

And never faint in prayer:
He loves our importunity,

And makes our cause his care. 549

L. M.

Brewer. St. Paul
SING to the Lord, who loud proclaims
His various and bis saving names ;
Oh may they not be heard alone,
But by our sure experience known.
2 Through every age his gracious ear
Is open to his servants' prayer ;
Nor can one humble soul complain,
That he has sought his God in vain.
3 What unbelieving heart shall dare
In whispers to suggest a fear,
While still he owns his ancient name,
The same his power--his love the same;
4 To thee our souls in faith arise,
To thee we lift expecting eyes;
We boldly through the desert tread,
For God will guard, where God shall lead.


L. M. Waterville. St. Paul,
LORD, how shall wretched sinners dare

Look up to thy divine abode,
Or offer their imperfect prayer

Before a just and holy God?
2 Bright terrors guard thine awful seat,

And dazzling glories vail thy face ;
Yet mercy calls us to thy feet:

Thy throne is still a throne of grace.
3 Oh! may our souls thy grace adore ;

May Jesus plead our humble claim,
While thy protection we implore,

In his prevailing, glorious name.
4 Let past experience of thy care

Support our hope-our trust invite; > Again attend our humble prayer;Let mercy still be thy delight.

S. M.

Calmar. Hudson. 551

Lord's Prayer.
OUR heavenly Father, hear

The prayer we offer now;
Thy name be hallowed far and near,

To thee all nations bow !
2 Thy kingdom come-thy will

On earth be done in love,
As saints and seraphim fulfil

Thy perfect law above !
3 Our daily bread supply,

While by thy word we live;
The guilt of our iniquity

Forgive-as we forgive.
4 From dark temptation's power,

From Satan's wiles defend;
Deliver in the evil hour,

And guide us to the end. mf 5 Thine shall forever be

Glory and power divine;
The sceptre, throne, and majesty

Of heaven and earth are thine. mp 6 Thus humbly taught to pray

By thy beloved Son,
Through him we come to thee, and say,

* All for his sake be done !!

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