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Thy Spirit, Father! on us shed,

And bless this good design:
The honors of thy liame be spread ,
Be all the glory thine.
C. M.

Bedford. Ely. 588

Parting with earthly Joys.
MY soul forsakes her vain delight

And bids the world farewell;
On things of sense why fix my sight?

Why on its pleasures dwell?
2 There's nothing round this spacious earth

That suits my soul's desire;.
To boundless joy, and solid mirth,

My nobler thoughts aspire.
3 No longer will I ask its love,

Nor seek its friendship more;
The happiness that I approve

Is not within its power.
4 Oh! for the pinions of a dove,

T'ascend the heavenly road :
There shall I share my Saviour's love;

There shall I dwell with God. 589

L. M. Danvers. Hingham.
I SEND the joys of earth away;

Away, ye tempters of the mind,
False as the smooth, deceitful sea,

And empty as the whistling wind.
2 Your streams were floating me along

Down to the gulf of black despair ;
And while I listened to your song,

Your streams had ev'n conveyed me thero Af 3 Lord, I adore thy matchless grace,

That warned me of that dark abyss,
That drew me from those dangerous seas,

And bade me seek superior bliss. mf 4 Now to the shining realms above

I stretch my hands, and glance mine eyes ,
Oh! for the pinions of a dove,

To bear me to the upper skies !
5 There, from the presence of my God,

Oceans of endless pleasure roll;
There would I fix my last abode,

And drown the sorrows of my soul.

C. M. Grafton. Moddold. 590

Earthly Pleasures dangerous.
HOW vain are all things here below!

How false, and yet how fair!
Each pleasure hath its poison too,

And every sweet a snare.
2 The brightest things below the sky

Shine with deceitful light;
We should suspect some danger nigh,

Where we possess delight.
3 Our dearest joys--our nearest friends

The partners of our blood-
How they divide our wavering minds,

And leave but half for God!
4 The fondness of a creature's love,

How strong it strikes the sense!
'Tis there the warm affections move,

Nor can we call them thence.
5 Dear Saviour! let thy beauties be

My soul's eternal food,
And grace command my heart away

From all created good.

L. M. Sunderland. Hebron. 591

Vanity of the World and Happiness of Heaven.
HOW vain is all beneath the skies!

How transient every earthly bliss !
How slender all the fondest ties,

That binds us to a world like this!
2 The evening cloud-the morning dew-

The withering grass—the fading flower,
Of earthly hopes are emblems true

The glory of a passing hour!
3 But, though earth's fairest blossoms die,

And all beneath the skies is pain,
There is a land, whose confines lie

Beyond the reach of care and pain. of 4 Then let the hope of joys to come

Dispel our cares, and chase our fears:
If God be ours, we're travelling home,

Though passing through a vale of tears.

8. M. Dartmouth. Dover. 592

Religion a Support in Life.
WHEN gloomy thoughts and fears

The trembling heart invade,
And all the face of nature wears

An universal shade,
2 Religion can assuage

The tempest of the soul;
And every fear shall lose its rage

At her divine control.
3 Through life's bewildered way,

Her hand unerring leads;
And o'er the path her heavenly ray

A cheering lustre sheds.
4 When reason, tired and blind,

Sinks helpless and afraid ;
Thou, blest supporter of the mind,

How powerful is thine aid !
Aff 5 Oh let me feel thy power,

And find thy sweet relief,
mB To cheer my every gloomy hour,
And calm my every grier.
C. M.

Grafton. Medfeld. 593

Human Frailty.
LET others boast how strong they be,

Nor death nor danger fear;
But we'll confess, O Lord, to thee,

What feeble things we are.
2 Fresh as the grass our bodies stand,

And flourish bright and gay;
A blasting wind sweeps o'er the land,

And fades the grass away.
3 Our Maker, God, supports our frame;

In God alone we trust!
f Salvation to th' almighty name
That reared us from the dust.
78 & 68.

Amsterdam 594

Flight of Time.
TIME is winging us away

To our eternal home;
Life is but a winter's day-

A journey to the tomb:

Youth and vigor soon will flee,

Blooming beauty lose its charms;
All that's mortal soon shall be

Enclosed in death's cold arms.
2 Time is winging us away

To our eternal home;
Life is but a winter's day-

A journey to the tomb:
But the Christian shall enjoy

Health and beauty, soon, above,
Far beyond the world's alloy
Secure in Jesus' love.
C. M.

Grafton. Bether. 595

Time short and misspent.
HOW short and hasty is our life!

How vast our soul's affairs !
Yet senseless mortals vainly strive

To lavish out their years.
2 Our days run thoughtlessly along,

Without a moment's stay ;
Just like a story, or a song,

We pass our lives away.
3 God from on high invites us home,

But we march heedless on,
And, ever hastening to the tomb,

Stoop downward as we run.
4 How we deserve the deepest hell,

That sligh:i the joys above!
What chains of vengeance should we feel,

That break such cords of love!
Af 5 Draw us, O God, with sovereign grace,

And lift our thoughts on high,
That we may end this mortal race,

And see salvation nigh. 596

C. M.

Grafton. Ely.
THE time is short !-sinners, beware,

Nor trifle time away ;
The word of great salvation hear,

While yet 'tis called to-day.
2 The time is short!-0 sinners, now,

To Christ the Lord submit;
To mercy's golden sceptre bow,
And fall at Jesus' feet.

3. The time is short !-ye saints, rejoice

The Lord will quickly come:
Soon shall you hear the Saviour's voice,

To call you to your home.
4 The time is short !--it swiftly flies

The hour is just at hand,
When we shall mount above the skies,

And reach the wished-for land.
5 The time is short !-the moment near,

When we shall dwell above;
And be forever happy there,
With Jesus, whom we love.
C. M.

Spencer. York. 597 Time the Period to prepare for Eternity.

THEE we adore, Eternal Name!

And humbly own to thee
How feeble is our mortal frame,

What dying worms are we!
2 The year rolls round, and steals away

The breath that first it gave;
Whate’er we do-where'er we be,

We're travelling to the grave.
Aff 3 Great God! on what a slender thread

Hang everlasting things!
Th' eternal state of all the dead

Upon life's feeble strings !
4 Eternal joy-or endless wo

Attends on every breath!
And yet how unconcerned we go

Upon the brink of death!
Af 5 Awake, O Lord, our drowsy sense,

To walk this dangerous road;
And if our souls are hurried hence,

May they be found with God. 598

L. M. Ralston. Middlebury.
LIFE is the time to serve the Lord,
The time t’insure the great reward;
And while the lamp holds out to burn,
The vilest sinner may return.
2 Life is the hour that God hath given
T'escape froin hell, and fly to heaven;
The day of grace and mortals may
Secure the blessings of the day.

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