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5 To tents of wo-to beds of pain, mf

We cheerfully repair ;
And, with the gift thy hand bestows,

Relieve the mourner's care.
6 The widow's heart shall sing for joy,

The orphan sha!l be glau;
The hungering soul with joy we'll point

To Christ, the living bread. 661

C. M.

Litchfield. Eastport.
FATHER of mercies, send thy grace,

All-powerful, froin'above,
To form in our obedient souls

The image of thy love.
2 Oh! may our sympathizing breasts

That generous pleasure know,
Kindly to share in others' joy,

And weep for others' wo.
3 When poor and helpless sons of grief

In deep distress are laid,

Soft be our hearts their pains to feel, mf And swift our hands to aid.

4 So Jesus looked on dying man,

When throned above the skies,
And in the Father's bosom blest,

He felt compassion rise.
5 On wings of love the Saviour flew,

To raise us from the ground,
For us he shed his precious blood,

A balm for every wound. 662

C. M. Spencer. Corinth.
BLEST is the man whose softening heart

Feels all another's pain;
To whom the supplicating eye

Is never raised in vain; 2 Whose breast expands with generous warmth,

A brother's woes to feel,
And bleeds in pity o'er the wound

He wants the power to heal.
3 He spreads his kind, supporting arms

To every child of grief:
His secret bounty largely flows,

And brings unasked relief.

4 To gentle offices of love

His feet are never slow :
He views, through mercy's melting eye,

A brother in a foe.
5 Himself, through Christ, hath mercy found,

Free mercy from above;
That mercy inoves him to fulfil
The perfect law of love.
H. M.

Acton. 663

For Sabbath Schools.
COME, let our voices join

In joyful songs of praise;
To God, the God of love,

Our thankful hearts we'll raise.
To God alone all praise belongs
Our earliest and our latest songs.
2 Now we are taught to read

The book of life divine,
Where our Redeemer's love

And brightest glories shine:
To God alone all praise is due,
Who sends his word to us and you.
3 Within these hallowed walls

Our wandering feet are brought,
Where prayer and praise ascend,

And heavenly truths are taught :
To God alone your offerings bring;
Let young and old his praises sing.
4 Lord, let this work of love

Be crowned with full success!
Let thousands, yet unborn,

Thy sacred name here bless!
To thee, O Lord, all praise to thee

We'll praise throughout eternity.
C. P. M.

Columbia, GREAT God! our voice to thee we raise

Tune thou our lips and hearts with praise,

Thy goodness to adore :
Our life, our health, and every friend,
From thee arise-on thee depend,

Kind Father of the poor !
2 Stretch o'er our heads thy guardian wings,
Secure the weak, O King of kings!

Our shield and refuge be:

Thy Spirit, Lord, conduct our youth,
Through Christ, the life, the way, the truth,

That we may come to thee!
3 While friends their generous aid afford,
Accept the kind intention, Lord,

And crown it with thy love;
f Thog joy shall tune our humble songs,

and we shall join immortal tongues
In nobler praise above.

L. M. Denton. Dresden. 665 In Behalf of Widows and Orphans.

THOU God of hope ! to thee we bow;

Thou art our refuge in distress;
The husband of the widow thou,

The father of the fatherless !
2 The poor are thy peculiar care,

To them thy promises are sure :
Thy gifts the poor in spirit share ;

Oh may we always thus be poor!
3 May we thy law of love fulfil,

To bear each other's burdens here;
Suffer and do thy righteous will,

And walk in all thy faith and fear.
4 Tho' God of hope ! to thee we bow,

Thou art our refuge in distress ;
The husband of the widow thou,

The father of the fatherless! 666

C. M. St. Austin's, Dundeo.
OH gracious Lord, whose mercies rise

Above our utmost need!
Incline thine ear into our cry,

And hear the orphan plead.
2 Bereft of all a mother's love,

And all a father's care,
Lord, whither shall we fiee for help?

To whom direct our prayer ?-
3 To thee we flee-to thee we pray-

'Thou shalt our Father be:
More than the fondest parent's care

We find, O Lord, in thee!
4 Already thou hast heard our cry,

And wiped away our tears :

Thy mercy has a refuge found

To guard our helpless years.
5 Oh let thy love descend on those

Who pity to us show;
Nor let their children ever taste
The orphan's cup of wo.
L. M.

Old Hundred 667

On Opening a Place of Worship.
HERE, in thy name, eternal Gou,

We build this earthly house for thee;
Oh choose it for thy fixed abode,

And guard it long from error free.
2 Here, when thy people seek thy face,

And dying sinners pray to live,
Hear, thou, in heaven, thy dwelling-place,

And when thou hearest, Lord, forgive.
3 Here, when thy messengers proclaim

The blessed gospel of thy Son,
Still by the power of his great name

Be mighty signs and wonders done.
4 When children's voices raise the song,

Hosanna! to their heavenly King,
Let heaven with earth the strain prolong,

Hosanna! let the angels sing.
5 But will, indeed, Jehovah deign

Here to abide, no transient guest?
Here will our great Redeemer reign,

And here the Holy Spirit rest ?
6 Thy glory never hence depart !

Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone 3
Thy kingdom come to every heart,

In every bosom fix thy throne. 668

Pleyel's Hymn. Rotterdam,
LORD of Hosts, to thee we raise
Here a house of prayer and praise ;
Thou thy people's hearts prepare
Here to meet for praise and prayer.
2 Let the living here be red
With thy word, the heavenly bread;
Here, in hope of glory blest,
May the dead be laid to rest

3 Here to thee a temple stand,
While the sea shall gird the land;
Here reveal thy mercy sure,
While the sun and moon endure.
4 Hallelujah !-earth and sky,
To the joyful sound reply ;
Hallelujah!-hence ascend

Prayer and praise till time shall end. 669

L. M.

Old Hundred
AND will the great eternal God
On earth establish his abode ?
And will he, from his heavenly throne,
Avow our temples for his own?
2 We bring the tribute of our praise,
And sing that condescending grace,
Which to our notes will lend an ear,
And call us, sinful mortals, near.
3 These walls we to thy honor raise ;
Long may they echo with thy praise ;
And thou, descending, fill the place
With choicest tokens of thy grace.
4 Here let the great Redeemer reign,
With all the graces of his train;
While power divine his word attends,
To conquer foes and cheer his friends.
5 And in the great decisive day,
When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,

That crowds were born to glory here. 670

H. M. Bethesda. St. Pullip'..
GREAT King of glory, come,

And with thy favor crown
This temple as thy home,

This people as thine own:
Beneath this roof, oh! deign to show
How God can dwell with men below.
2 Here may thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise ascend,

Like incense, to the skies:
Here may thy word melodious sound,
And spread celestial joys around.

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