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P 5 What though in solemn silence all

Move round this dark terrestrial ball-
What though nor real voice, nor sound
Amid their radiant orbs be found

6 In reason's ear they all rejoice, < And utter forth a glorious voice;

For ever singing, as they shine,

« The hand that made us is Divine." 19 THIRD PART. L. M. Hebron. The Glory of God in his Works and in his Word. THE heavens declare thy glory, Lord,

In every star thy wisdom shines;
But when our eyes behold thy word,

We read thy name in fairer lines.
2 The rolling sun—the changing light,

And nights, and days, thy power confess;
But that blest volume thou hast, writ

Reveals thy justice and thy grace.
3 Sun, moon, and stars, convey thy praise

Round all the earth-and never stand;
So when thy truth began its race,

It touched and glanced on every land. mf 4 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest,

Till through the world thy truth has run;
Till Christ has all the nations blest,

Which see the light-or feel the sun.
5 Great Sun of Righteousness, arise !

Oh bless the world with heavenly light!
Thy gospel makes the simple wise :

Thy laws are pure—thy judgments right.
6 Thy noblest wonders here we view,

In souls renewed and sins forgiven : Aff Lord, cleanse my sins—my soul renew, mf And make thy word my guide to heaven. 19 FOURTH PART. C. M. Dunchurch.

Delicerance from Sin implored.
GOD'S perfect law converts the soul,

Reclaims from false desires;
With sacred wisdom, his sure word

The ignorant inspires.

2 But what frail man observes how oft

Ile does from virtue fall :-
Af Oh ! cleanse me from my secret faults,

Thou God that know'st them all! p3 So shall my prayer and praises be

With thy acceptance blest;
And I secure, on thy defence,

My Strength and Saviour, rest. 19 FIFTH Part. S. M. Haverhill. Aff I HEAR thy word with love,

And I would fain obey;
Lord, send thy Spirit from above

To guide me, lest I stray.
2 Oh! who can ever find

The error of his ways?
Yet, with a bold presumptuous mind,

I would not dare transgress.
3 Warn me of every sin,

Forgive my secret faults,
And cleanse this guilty soul of mine,

Whose crimes exceed my thoughts. mf 4 While with my heart and tongue,

I spread thy praise abroad,
Accept the worship and the song,

My Saviour, and my God.
19 Sixth PART. S. M. Eastburn.
The Glory of God in his Works and in his Word.
BEHOLD, the lofty sky

Declares its maker God;
And all the starry works on high

Proclaim his power abroad.
2 The darkness and the light

Still keep their course the same;
While night to day—and day to night,

Divinely teach his name.
3 In every different land

Their general voice is known;
They show the wonders of his hand,

And orders of his throne.

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4 His laws are just and pure;

His truth without deceit;
His promises for ever sure,

And his rewards are great.
5 While of thy works I sing,

Thy glory to proclaim;
Accept the praise, ny God, my King,

In my Redeemer's name. 19 SEVENTH Part. S.M. Mornington.

BEHOLD the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey.
2 But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light,
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight. р

3 How perfect is thy word !

And all thy judgments just! mf For ever sure thy promise Lord,

And we securely trust.
Af 4 My gracious God, how plain

Are thy directions given!
Oh! may I never read in vain,

But find the path to heaven.


20 FIRST PART. L. M. Nazareth.

Prayer and Hope in Trouble.

Attend his people's humble cry!
Jehovah hears, when Israel prays,
inf And sends deliverance from on high.

2 Well he reniembers all our sighs,

His love exceeds our best deserts ;
His love accepts the sacrifice

Of humble groans and broken hearts.
Aff 3 Save 1s, O Lord, from slavish fear,
f And let our hopes be firm and strong,

Till thy salvation shall appear,

And joy and triumph raise the song.




THE Lord unto thy prayer attend,

In trouble's darksome hour: mf The name of Jacob's God defend,

And shield thee by his power, f 2 In thy salvation we'll rejoice,

And triumph in the Lord;
For, when in prayer he hears thy voice,

He will relief afford.
3 In chariots and on horses some

For aid and shelter flee;
But in thy name, O Lord, we come,

And will remember thee.
4 O Lord, to us salvation bring;

In thee alone we trust;
Hear us, O God, our heavenly King,

Thou refuge of the just!



St. Paul's.

Christ exalted to reign.
EHOLD the King of Zion rise

To endless glory in the skies !
Thy strength and thy salvation, Lord,
His joy, his triumph, his reward!

2 The Lord his heart's desire completes, mp From heaven his prayer acceptance meets:

Though howed to death-intent to save,

He lists him from the cross and grave. mf 3 He asks-th' eternal Lord bestows

Life from th' unchanging fountain flows!
O’er death the victory he gives-
Th'exalted Saviour ever lives!
4 Hail, Fount of Blessings !--placed in thee,

Our life, our strength, our ail, we see: f Aloud our songs thy power proclaim,

And wide we spread thy glorious name.

21 SECOND Part. C. M. Bedford

God acknowledged in National Blessings. f IN thee, great God, with songs of praise,

Our favored realms rejoice;
And, blest with thy salvation, raise

To heaven their cheerful voice.
P 2 In deep distress, our injured land

Implored thy power to save;
< For life we prayed-thy bounteous hand

The timely blessing gave.
3 On thee, in want, in wo, or pain,

Our hearts alone rely ;
Our rights thy mercy will maintain

And all our wants supply.
f 4 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous power declare,

And still exalt thy fame;
While we glad songs of praise prepare

For thine almighty name.

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22 First PART. L. M. Medway.

Sufferings and Exaltation of Christ.
OW let our mournful songs record

The dying sorrows of our Lord,
When he complained in tears and blood,

Like one forsaken of his God.
mf 2 But God, his Father, heard his cry-

Raised from the dead, he reigns on high ;
The nations learn his righteousness,

And humble sinners taste his grace.
22 SECOND PART. C.M. Marlow.

"NOW, in the hour of deep distress,

My God, support thy Son,
When horrors dark my soul oppress,

Oh leave me not alone!”
2 Thus did our suffering Saviour pray,

With mighty cries and tears;
God heard him in that dreadful day,

And chased away his fears.

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