Imatges de pÓgina

Folsom, George. History of Saco and Biddeford, &c. 12mo.

Saco. 1830. Fonblanque, John. Treatise of Equity. 2d ed. 8vo. Lond. 1799.

Fonblanque, J. S. M. See Paris, j A. + Fontaine, Jean de la. Euvres. 6 vol. 8vo. Paris. 1826. Fontana, Felix. Opuscules Physiques. Trad. de l'Italien par

M. Gibelin. 8vo. Paris. 1784. Forby, Robert. Vocabulary of East Anglia. 2 vols. 12mo. Lond.

18:30, + Forcellinus, Ægidius. Totius Latinitatis Lexicon, consilio et cura

Jacobi Facciolati, opera et studio Ægidii Forcellini lucubratum, edidit, Anglicam Interpretationem in Locum Italicæ substituit,

etc., Jacobus Bailey. 2 vol. 4to. Lond. 1828. Foresters. See Belknap, Jeremy. Forrest, Robert. Reports of Cases in the Exchequer, from Mich.

Term to Trin. Term, 41st Geo. 111. 8vo. Lond. 1802. Forsey, Thomas, and Waddel Cunningham, Report of an Action of

Assault, Battery, and Wounding between. 4io. N. York. 1764. Forsyth, William. Epitome of Mr. Forsyth's Treatise on the Cul

ture and Management of Fruit Trees, &c., by an American

Farmer. 8vo. Phil. 1803. # Fortescue, John, (Lord.) Reports of Cases in all the Courts of

Westminster Hall, temp. Will. III., Ann., Geo. I., and Geo. II.

fol. Lond. 1748. | Fortiguerra, Niccolò. Ricciardetto di Nicolò Carteromaco. 3 vol.

16mo. Lond. 1767. Forts. See North America. Fosbroke, Thomas Dudley. Encyclopædia of Antiquities, and

Elements of Archæology, Classical and Mediæval. 2 vols. 4to.

Lond. 1825.
Foscolo, Ugo. Essays on Petrarch. Evo. Lond. 1823.

Dei Sepolcri Poesie di Ugo Foscolo d'Ippolito, Pindemonte, e di Giovanni Torti, aggiuntovi uno Squarcio di Vincenzo Monti, &c. 12mo, Firenze. 1825,

Dell'Origine e dell'Ufficio della Litteratura, Orazione. 8vo. Lugano. 1829.

Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis. 8vo. Lond. 1814. + Foster, John. Fast Sermon, January 12, 1815. 8vo. Bost. 1815.

Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Samuel Veazie. 8vo. Portland. 1807. [Foster, Mrs.) The Coquette ; or, the History of Eliza Wharton.

3d ed. 12mo. Newburyport. 1811. † Foster, Sir Michael. Report of some Proceedings on the Com

mission for the Trial of the Rebels in 1746, and of other Crown Cases; to which are added, Discourses upon a few Branches of the Crown Law. With Notes by Michael Dodson. 3d ed. 8vo.

Lond. 1792. Foster, Thomas. Narrative of the Proceedings of the Society

called Quakers, against Thomas Foster, for openly Professing their Primitive Doctrines concerning the Unity of God. 8vo. Lond. 1813.

[Fouqué, Friedrich de la Motte.] Dramatische Spiele von Pelle

grin, herausgegeben von A. W. Schlegel. 12mo. Berlin. 1804.

Romanzen von Thale Ronceval. 12mo. Berlin. 1805. [

.] Zwei Schauspiele von Pellegrin. 8vo. Berlin. 1805.

.] Historie von edlen Ritter Galmy und einer schönen Herzogin aus Bretagne. 2 Theile. 12mo.

Berlin. 1806. [.

.] Alwin, Ein Roman von Pellegrin. 2 Bände. 12mo. Berlin. 1808.

Sigurd, der Schlangentödter. 4to. Berlin. 1808.

Eginhard und Emma. 12mo. Nürnberg. 1811.

Väterländische Schauspiele. 8vo. Berlin. 1811.

Alboin der Langsbardenkönig. 12mo. Leipzig. 1813.

Dramatische Dichtungen für Deutsche. 8vo. Berlin. 1813.

Gedichte vor und während dem Krieg 1813. 12mo. Berlin. 1813.

Corona. 8vo.

Stuttgart und Tübingen. 1814.

Die Jahreszeiten. 4 Hefte. 12mo. Berlin. 1814.

Die Fahrten Thiodolfs des Isländders. Ein Ritterroman. 2 vol. 12mo. Hamburg. 1815.

Tassilo. 12mo. Berlin. 1815.

Kleine Romane. 6 Theile. 12mo. Berlin 1815 - 19.

Die Pilgerfahrt. 8vo. Narnberg. 1816.

Die Zwerge. 12mo. Berlin. 1816.

Der Zauberring. 2te Aufl. 3 Theile. 12mo. Nürnberg. 1816.

Karls des Grossen Geburt und Jugendjahre, herausg. von Franz Horn. 12mo. Nürnberg. 1816.

Sängerliebe. 8vo. Stuttgart und Tübingen. 1816.

Gedichte. 4 Bände. 8vo.. Stuttgart und Tübingen. 1816 - 20.

Die wunderbaren Begebenheiten des Grafen Alethes von Lindenstein. 2 Theile. 12mo. Leipzig. 1817.

Die zwei Brüder. 12mo. Stuttgart und Tübingen. 1817. Suppl. 1.


Fouqué, Friedrich de la Motte. Liebersrache. 12mo. Leipzig. 1817.

Altsächsischer Bildersaal. 4 Theile. 8vo. Nürnberg. 1818.

Aus der Geisterwelt. Geschichten, Sagen und Dichtungen. 2 Bände. 12mo. Erfurt. 1818.

Heldenspiele. 8vo. Stuttgart und Tabingen. 1818.

Gefuhle Bilder und Ansichten. 2 Bände. 12mo. Leipzig. 1819.

Jäger und Jägerlieder. 12mo. Hamburg. 1819.

Hieronymus von Stauf. 12mo. Berlin. 1819.

Der Leibeigne. 12mo. Berlin. 1820.

Bertrand Du-Guesclin. 3 Bände. 12mo. Leipzig. 1821.

Der Verfolgte. 3 Theile. 12mo. Berlin. 1821.

Betrachtungen über Türken, Griechen und Türkenkreig. 8vo. Berlin. _1822.

Ritter Elidouc. 3 Theile. 12mo. Leipzig. 1822.

Die Vertriebenen. 3 Bände. 12mo. Leipzig. 1823.

Wilde Liebe. 2 Theile. 12mo. Leipzig. 1823.

Der Refugié. 3 Theile. 12mo. Gotha uud Erfurt. 1824.

Die Fahrt in die neue Welt. 12mo. Quedlinburg und Leipzig. 1824.

Sophie Ariele.

12mo. Berlin. 1825.

Erdmann und Fiammetta. 12mo. Berlin. 1826.

Die Saga von dem Gunlaugur. 3 Theile. 12mo. Wien. 1826.

Feierlieder eines Preussen. 12mo. Berlin. + Fox, Charles James. History of the Early Part of the Reign of

James the Second; with an Introductory Chapter. To which is

added an Appendix. 4to. Lond. 1808. Foy, Maximilien Sebastien, (le Général.) Histoire de la Guerre

de la Péninsule sous Napoléon, etc. publiée par la Comtesse Foy.

4 vol. 8vo. Paris. 1827. | Fracastorius, Hieronymus. Poemata Omnia. Accesserunt Reli

uiæ Carminum Joannis Cottæ, Jacobi Bonfadii, Adami Fumani, Nicolai Archii. 4to. Patavii. 1718. Fraguerius, Cl. Fr. Carmina. See Huetius, P. D.

Frampton, John. Joyfull Newes out of the Newfound World. 4to.

Lond. 1580. France. Collection Complète des Mémoires relatifs à l'Histoire

de France, depuis le Règne de Philippe-Auguste jusqu'au Commencement du Dix-Septième Siècle ; avec des Notices sur chaque Auteur, et des Observations sur chaque Ouvrage, par M. Petitot. 52 vol. 8vo. Paris. 1824 – 26.

Débats de la Convention Nationale. 5 vol. 8vo. Paris. 1828.

Collection des Chroniques Nationales Françaises. See Buchon, J. A.

See Herbin. See Monumens. Francis Berrian. See Flint, T. + Francis, Convers. Discourse at Plymouth in Commemoration of the Landing of the Fathers. 8vo. Plymouth. 18:32.

Dudleian Lecture. 8vo. Camb. 1833.

Historical Sketch of Watertown, in Massachusetts. 8vo. Camb. 1830.

The Dust to Earth, the Spirit to God. A Discourse in Watertown. 8vo. Bost. 1833. Francius, Petrus. Poemata. Editio Altera, auct. et emend. 12mo.

Amst. 1697. + Franceur, L. B. Elémens de Statique. 8vo. Paris. 1810.

Cours Complet de Mathématiques Pures, 2de éd. 2 vol. 8vo. Paris. 1819. | Franklin, Benjamin. A Collection of the Familiar Letters and

Miscellaneous Papers of Benjamin Franklin. (Edit. by J. Sparks.)

12mo. Bost. 1833. Franklin, James. Philosophical and Political History of the Thir

teen United States of America. 12mo. Lond. 1784. | Franklin, John. Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores

of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1825, 1826, and 1827. 8vo. Phil.

1828. Franzesi, Mattio. See Opere Burlesche. Fraser, James B. Journal of a Tour through Part of the Snowy

Range of the Himalá Mountains, and to the Sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges. 4to. Lond. 1820.

Narrative of a Journey into Khorasan, in the Years 1821 and 1822 ; including some Account of the Countries to the North-East of Persia, &c. 410. Lond. 1825.

Travels and Adventures in the Persian Provinces on the Southern Banks of the Caspian Sea; with an Appendix containing short Notices on the Geology and Commerce

of Persia. 410. Lond. 1826. Frederick, Francis. See Lives. Free Thoughts on Religion, the Church, and National Happiness,

See Mandeville, B. de. + Freeman, James. Eighteen Sermons and a Charge. 12mo. Camb.

1829. + Freeman, Richard. Reports of Cases in the King's Bench and

Common Pleas, from 1670 to 1704. By Edward Smirke. 2d ed. 8vo. Lond. 1826.



Freeman, Richard. Reports of Cases in Chancery, principally be

tween the years 1660 and 1706. By John Eykyn Hovenden.

2d ed. 8vo. Lond. 1823. [Freire, Francisco José.] Vida do Infante D. Henrique ; por Can

dido Lusitano. 4to. Lisboa. 1758. French Laws, History of the Origin of. See Fleury, C. + French, Jonathan. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. James

Kendall. 8vo. Bost. 1800. † Freneau, Philip. Poems. 8vo. Monmouth. 1795. Frère, J. l'ainé. Catalogue des Livres. 8vo. Paris. Fiéron, Louis Stanislas. Mémoire Historique sur la Réaction

Royale, et sur les Massacres du Midi, etc. 8vo. Paris. 1824. Freyerus, Hieronymus. Colloquia Terentiana cum Plauto excerp

to et Phædri Fabulis. 8vo. Hal. Magd. 1714. Freyre, Antonio. Piratas de la America; trad. de la Lengua

Flamenca en Española. 4to. Col. Agrip. 1681. | Frézier, A. F. Voyage to the South Sea, and along the Coasts

of Chili and Peru, in 1712, 13, and 14; with a Postscript by Dr.

Edm. Halley. 4to. Lond. 1717. Fries, Jakob Friedrich. Julius und Evagoras, oder die Schönheit der Seele. 2te Auflage. 2 Bände. 12mno. Heidelberg. 1822.

Die Lehren der Liebe, des Glaubens und der Hoffnung. 12mo. Heidelberg. 1823. † Fritzsche, Car. Freder. Augustus. Recension einer Recension

über meine Ausgabe des Evangelisten Matthæus. 8vo. Leipz. 1828.

Quatuor N. T. Evangelia, recensuit et cum Commentariis perpetuis edidit C. F. A. Fritz

sche. Tom. 2. Evangelium Marci. 8vo. Lips. 1830. + Froissart, Sir John. Chronicles of England, France, Spain, Por

tugal, Scotland, Brittany, Flanders, and the Adjoining Countries; tr. from the Original French, by John Bourchier, Lord

Berners. 2 vols. 4to. Lond. 1812. + Frothingham, N. L. Signs in the Sun; a Sermon after the Eclipse

of Feb. 12, 1831. 8vo. Bost. 1831. Frugoni, Carlo Innocenzo. Canzonette. 12mo, Milano. 1766. Fry, John. Select Poems on Various Subjects. To which is add

ed the History of Elijah and Elisha, a Poem. 12mo. Stanford.

1805. | Fulgentius, F. C. G. (St.) Opera Theologica, præmissa Authoris

Vita ; interjectus est Petri Diaconi Libellus de Incarnatione et Gratia Domini nostri Jesu Christi, cui Fulgentius respondet; subjectæ vero etiam Prosperi Aquitanici Responsiones ad Objectiones Gallorum calumniantium ; itemque B. Augustini Respon. siones ejusdem Argumenti ad Articulos falsò sibi impositos, et ad

Calumnias Pelagianorum. 8vo. Basileæ. 1621. Fumanus, Adam. Carmina. See Fracastorius, H. Fumée, Martin. See Gomara. Furness, William H. Genius of Christianity. 12mo, Bost. 1830.

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