God's Pearl of Great Price: Heartfelt Love Letters Illuminating a Pearl; a Translucent Luster in the Heart of Princess Mahsa

iUniverse, 28 de nov. 2005 - 146 pàgines
The transformation of a Pearl has been taking place, and this time, it's not inside an oyster or a clam. The transformation is taking place in the Heart of Princess Mahsa.

The Romance between Jonathan Elias David and Princess Mahsa Elaine Tabori, first revealed in Language of the Heart, through letters that Jonathan wrote to Mahsa, continues in GOD's Pearl of Great Price.

As Mahsa places her Love within the confines of Jonathan's Heart, the Love in his Heart has got to have a way to escape! Or otherwise his Heart would feel that it is about to explode!

Jonathan finds this route of escape, through expressing the Love he feels within his Heart for Mahsa in letters.

In writing these letters, Jonathan lays open his Heart to Mahsa. He converses with her in the wonderful and glorious Language of the Heart, expressing to her, the beauty he sees within her Heart.

With the first Half of the now published letters, detailing the Romance between Jonathan and Mahsa, told in Language of the Heart and the second Half in GOD's Pearl of Great Price, you get a glimpse of the translucent luster of the Pearl being formed in the Heart of Mahsa.


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Sobre l'autor (2005)

Mohamad Rezar, born in the all but forgotten hospital of a small farming community in NW Arkansas, USA, brings you this Romance novel. His family is of English, German, and Cherokee descent. He (gv-ni-ge-i tsi-s-qua) is a tribal member of the Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians in Clinton, Missouri.

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