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273 bill to reduce into one act the laws relating ation to his lordship,” and after long deto raising and training the militia.-The bili bales thereon, the said queftion being put, for farther encouraging the growth and cul was declared to be carried a the negative; ture of filk in the American colonies.-- upon which a divifion was demanded, Mr. The bill for granting to his majefty 780,coola Bellas and Mr. Freeman, ellers for the to be raised by way of lot:ery, for the fer. question, Mr. Paterson and Mr. Deputy El. vice of the present year: --The bill for ma- 118, te iers agrinit the question, when there king a new road from the south-end of appeared to be for the quiftin five aldermen, Black-Friars Bridge, to the present turnpike fixty leven commoners, making together leroad across St. George's Fields.--The bill venty-two; againt the question four aldere for better securing the duties of customs up- men, eighiy-eight coinitoners, making toon certain goods removed from the out- ge: her ninety-two. ports and other places to the port of London. The lord mayor, having opened the court, -The bill to permit, for a limited time, desired the act of the 13th of Charles II. the free importation of raw bides and lins to be read, entitled, “ An act againit tufrom Ireland, and the British plantations in mults and di orders, upon pretence of preAmerica, for taking off the curies on seal paring of presenting public petitions, or kins, and granting orber duties in lieu other addretles, to his majesty or the par. thereof. — The bill for the more eff-ctual pu. liament," whereby it is enacted, that no nishment of such persons as shall pull down person after August 1, 1661, hall fulli# destroy milis. The bill for discontinu- cit, or procure, the getting of hands, or ing, upon the exportation of iron imported other consent, of any persons, above the in foreign thips, the drar backs of such number of 20, of more, to any petition, parts of the duties payable chereon, as exceed complaint, remonstrance, declara'ion, or the duties payable upon irou imported in other address to the king, or both, or either Britith fhips, &c.—The bill for building a houses of parliament, for alteration of matchapel at Plymouth Dock.–The bill to pre- ters eitablished by law in church or state, rent abuses in making bricks and tiles. unless the matter thereof have been first TUESDAY, 2.

contented unto (if in London) by the lord Near five hundred of the livery of this city mayor, aldermen, and common council, almet at the Halfinoon Tavern, Cheapfide, sembled ; and that no person or persons when Edw. Bond, Esq; was chosen chais- whatsoever fall repair to his majesty, or man. A request for a common hall was boiba or either houles of parliament, upon agreed to, and immediately figned. Soon pretence of presenting or delivering any petiafter the whole company waired on the tion, complaint, remonftrance, or declaralord mayor at the Manlion-house; his lord- tion, or other addretles, accompanied with hip received them with great politeness, and exceflive numbers of people, nor at any one informed them, that he apprebended this time with above the number of een persons, method of requesting a common hall to be upon pain of incurring a penalty not er i father unprecedented, though the present ceeding 1col, in money, and three months times may require a new method; that he imprisonment, ihould do every thing in bis power to oblige

MONDAY, 8. lo respectable a body as the livery of Lon. A most curious watch has been delivered don, and tbat he would call a court of com- to bis majesty, which has a hand that is a mon-council as soon as he conveniently year in making its revolution, and points to could, and lay their request before that court, the month and the day of the month and abide by their determination.

throughout the year; a second hand acts in WEDNESDAY, 3:

the same manner of a regulator, by means Mr. William Taylor and Mr. Reynolds, of a pendulum, and is adapted to move, or two very confiderable merchants of the city not, at pleasure, without preventing the of Norwich, waited upon Harbord Harbord, other parts of the work from going. It has Efq; one of the representatives in parlia- also a plate, on which. by means of a brilment for the said city, with a letter of liant, is repicsented the Sun, which regularo thanks for his parliamentary conduct: ly performs its diurnal revolution, and on which was agreed to ac a meeting of the which is placed a moveable horizon, to new magiftrates, clergy, merchants, and other the variation of the days, according io the principal inhabitants of that ciry, and figned seasons of the year: and though it has so by upwards of three hundred and thirty. many motions, the watch is only of a comFRIDAY, 5.

mon fize. Was held a court of common-council at A letter from Bristol gives an account of a Guildhall, in consequence of the above ap- very destructive fire at Crediten in Devon; plication ; when a question was moved by the letter is dated May 2, eleven at niehi. Mr. Bellas, and seconded by Mr. Freeman, All the best part of the town (generally call. " That the right hon. the lord mayor be ed Wet Town) is reduced to ashes ; from defired to issue a precept to assemble the live. the top of Bowden-hill to the, ry in common hall, pursuant to their applie and all Back-Lare for abcut three-eighths of May, 1769.

a mile ;




Tbe MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. a mile; by which it is supposed upwards of His majefty came to the House of Peers two hundred houses are destroyed. The per- and the Commons being sent for, his majefty son who wrote this account says, "we have was pleased to give the royal afsent to scarce laved any thing, and what litile we An act for granting to his majesty a cerhave is broken in pieces. We have lain in tain sum of money out of the Sinking Fund an orchard two days and one night."

and for applying a certain sum, therein menThe mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of tioned, for the service of the year 1769. Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire, have An act for granting to his majesty a cerlately elected David Garrick, Esq; an hono- tain sum of money, to be raised by a lottery, rary burgess of that corporation, and this An act for applying certain monies, thereday the proper officers of the corporation in mentioned, for the service of the year waited upon Mr. Garrick, with his free. 1769. dom inclosed in a box of curious workman- An a& for better securing the doties of thip, made from a mulberry tree plan'ed by customs upon certain goods removed from the Shakespeare himself. On the front, Fame ouc-ports and other places to London. bolding the bust of Shakespeare, and the an act for discontinuing, upon the exporthree graces crowning him with laurel, aretation of iron imported in foreign thips, the prettily displayed ; on the ends emblematical draw back of such part of the duties payable figures representing tragedy and comedy ; on

thereon as exceeds the duties payabic upon the back pare Ms. Garrick in the character iron imported in Brnith thips. of Lear in the storm scene ; and the top and An act for reviving several a&ts, for precorners were ornamented with devices of venting abuses in making bricks and tiles. Shakespeare's works, all curiously carved An act for farther encouraging the growth and highly finished, by an eminent carver and culture of raw filk in America. in Birmingham. This box was accompa- An act to permic the free importation of nied with the following letter.

raw hides and skins from Ireland and Ame

rica. TO DAVID GARRICK, Elg; An act for explaining, amending, and conSIR,

tinuing an act to reduce the militia laws into THE mayor, aldermen, and burge Tes of one ad. the ancient borough of Stratford-upon-Avon, An act for defraying the charge of the pay a town that g'ories in giving biith to the and clothing of the militia. immortal Shakespeare, whose memory you And to four private bills. have so highly honoured, and whose concep- After which his majesty made the following tions you have ever so happily expressed

most gracious speech : rejoice in an opportunity of adding their

My Lords and Gentlemen, mire to that universal applause your inimi- AVING thought it necefiary to give lo

early a comme-cement to the present as a mark of their esteem and gratitude, Session of parliament, I am glad to find, bave respectfully transmitted to you the free

that by your zeal and assiduity in tbe dispatch dom of their borough, in a box made from of the public business, I am now enabled a mulberry tree, undoubtedly planted by to relieve you from your attendance, before Shakespeare's own hand, which they hope the season of the year is too far advanced. you will do them the honour of accepting. I cannot put an end to the leflion, withost By order of the mayor, aldermen, and bur. exprefling my entire approbation of your Sesses in common-council.

conduct, and thanking you for that clear deStratford-upon-Avon, Signed by

monstration, which your proceedings, thro May 3, 1769. W. Hunt, Town-clerk. the whole course of the feflion, bave afford

In consequence of the above, a jubile in ed to all the world, of the affectionate athonour and in the memory of Shakespeare eachment of my parliament to my person and will be appointed at Stratford the beginning government, as well as of their steady adheof September next, to be kept up every le

table , HA

rence to the true interests of their country, venth year. Mr. Garrick, at the particular It was with much fatisfaction ibat lebo request of the corporation and genilemen of served your particular attention to thofe great the neighbourhood, has accepted the steward- national objects, which, at the opening of hip. At the first jubile, a large handsome the f-ffion, I recommended to your more inedifice, lately erected in Stratford by fub- mediate consideration. The result of your fcription, will be named Shakespeare's Hall, deliberations, respectisig the late acquifitions and dedicated to his memory.

in the East Indies, has fewr, that you were TUESDAY, 9.

not more attentive to the immediate benefit George Williams, for robbing Mr. Josiah arising therefrom in point of revenue, than Hodgkin, on the highway, aná Richard to the securing, at all events, the permanent Brace, for forging an indortement to a note commercial interests of this country, and of gl. 16s. 68. with intent to defraud Mestrs guarding against every posible distouragsOwen and Foot, linendrapers in Holborn, ment to our own manufactures, and to the were executed at Tybura.

ir.dufry of my subjects. What more remains



275 to be done, for securing the poffeffion of those which that confitution has entrufed me, for valuable acquisitions, you will, I doubt not, preserving it safe from violation of every kind; proceed to provide for, with all convenient being fully convinced, that in so doing I thalí dispateh, at your next meeting.

moft effectually provide for the true interest The measures which I had taken regarding and happiness of my people." the la:e unhappy difturbances in North-Ame- Then the lord chancellor, by his majesty's rica, have been already laid before you. They command, prorogued the parliament to the have received your approbation; and you 14th of June next. have assured me of your firm support in the This day Capt. Alles was discharged from prosecution of them. Nothing, in my opi. Newgate; the feffion of parliament being pion, could be more likely to enable the well- ended. disposed among my subjects, in that part of Three thousand pounds have been trans. the world, effectually to discourage and de- mitted to General Paoli, by Mr. Alderman feat the designs of the factious and feditious, Beckford, Ms. Alderman Trecothick, and than the hearty concurrence of every branch Samuel Vaughan, Esq; which sum has been of the legislature in the resolution of main. raised by subscription, for the relief of those taining the execution of the laws in every families who have been sufferers by the part of my dominions. And there is nothing French invasion of that iland. I more ardently wish for, than to see it pro- The supporters of the Bill of Rights had a duce that good effect.

numerous meeting at the London tavern, With respect to foreign affairs, my own when, after receiving several subscriptions, detertination, as well as the assurances given they agreed to send circular letters throughDe by the other powers of Europe, continue out the kingdom, and invite contributions to the fame as I communicated to you at the support the liberty of the subject. begioning of this refsion : and, however un. The great preparations made at Vauxhall laccessful my attemps have proved for pre. Gardens for the Ridotto this night, had so venting the unfortunate rupture which has much raised the curiosity of the public, that happened between Ruflia and the Porte, I it is supposed the gardens were never fuller fhall not fail to use my good offices towards than on that occasion. The great room was restoring peace between those powers; and I illuminated with near five thousand glass trust, that the calamities of war will not ex. lamps, and really made a most brilliant tend to any other part of Europe.

appearance. A platform was laid in the Gentlemen of the House of Commons, great room from the orchestra to the door My particular thanks are due to you, as fronting it. Another was also laid in a well for the supplies which you have granted convenient part of the garden between the me for the services of the current year, as for walks, over which a very large awning was the provision which you have made for ena- raised in case of rain. . This was likewise bling me to discharge the debt incurred upon illuminated with five large branches, intire. account of my civil government. Your ly covered with small glass lamps, and made readiness in relieving me from the difficulties a striking appearance, increasing upon me from the continuance of

THURSDAY, 11. that debt, I shall ever consider as an additional Was held the anniversary meeting of the motive for me to endeavour to confine the fons of the clergy. The collection at the expences of my civil government within such church and hall amounted, as follows: bounds as the honour of my crown can pofsi

1. biy admit.

At the rehearsal,

157 16 3 My Lords and Gentlemen,

On Thursday at St. Paul's, 148 15 0 It gives me great concern to be obliged to At Merchant Taylors Hall, 487 II 9 recommend to you, with more than ordinary earneftness, that you would all, in your feve

794 3 ral countries, exert your utmost efforts for which is uil. 168. 1 d. sort of lal year's the maintenance of public peace, and of collection. good order among my people. You must be At Hicks's Hall, a bill of indi&tment was sensible, that whatever obftruets, in any de. found by the grand jury of Middlesex against gree, the regular execution of the laws, or Edward M.Quirk, for the murder of George weakens the authority of the magiftrate, Hopkins on the 8th of last December at muft lefsen the only security which my peo- Brentiord. This is the same man who was ple can have for the undisturbed enjoyment of lately tried and convicted for the murder of ibeir rights and liberties. From your endea: George Clarke at the same time and place, tours in this common cause, I promise my- and received his majesty's pardon. A reward felf the most falutary effect : on my part, no of an hundred pounds is advertised for taking countenance or support fhall be wanting; him. for as I have ever made, and ever shall make,

FRIDAY, I'. our excellent conftitution the rule of my own The jubile ridotto, or bal paré at Ranelagh conduct, so fhall I always consider is as this evening, exhibited nothing extraordinary, Equally my duty to exert every power, witte either as to the entertainments, or the num

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very fair.

276 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. May ber of the company which assembled to par- was received by the Lord Provoft and Matake of them.

giftrates of this city is their robes. A party SATURDAY, 13.

of Col. Carey's reginient, with the city Ended the Sellions at the old Bailey. guards, lined the streets. After a fermos Ninety prisoners were tried; of whom seven by the Rev. Dr. Gilbert Hamilton, their received seentence of death, two to be trans- former moderator, the venerable assembly ported for fourteen years, for removed to the affembly house, and made seven years, and two branded.

choice of the Rev. Dr. James M.Knight, WEDNESDAY, 17.

minister at Maybole, to be their moderator. The workmen in digging among the ruins His grace opened the assembly with an ele. jo Durham-yard, in the Strand, found leve- gant speech from the throne, to which the ral gold coins of King James I, most of them moderator made a very fuitable return. His

majesty's moft gracious letter to the affemWEDNESDAY, 24.

bly was then given by bis grace, and ordered The petition of the county of Middlesex to be recorded. was presented to the king at St. James's, Last week an intended piece of villainy by the following gentlemen: Mr. Serjeant was discovered at a village near Edinburgh. Glynne, John Sawbridge, Efq; James Town- A person, about midnight, accidentally send, Erq; Rev. Doctor Wilson, George passing through the village, saw a light in a Bellas, Ela; Francis Ascough, Esq; and little cottage, the owner of which (a poor William Ellis, Esq;

woman who gathered eggs through the The petition is signed by 1565 freeholders, çountry) he knew to be from home, and of who are supposed to be poliefied of above course the door locked up. Curiosity cartwo thirds of the property in the county. ried him to a chink in the window, where he The seven gentlemen who went up with it, observed a woman busy in searching chefts, met at the St. James's coffee-house; and He immediately alarmed some of the neigh. proceeded from thence to his majesty's les bours, who foon came and surrounded the vee; previous to the opening of which, house. In a little time the woman came they were waited upon by Lord Willoughby out, and was in mediately seifed, but their de Broke (the lord in waiting) who re- attention was called off from that obje&t by quested their names and bufiness, which another of much greater importance. She were wrote upon a card, and delivered to had fired the cottage before the came out, his lordship. They were conducted to the which, with perhaps the whole Village, zoyal presence by the master of the ceremo. would have been burnt to the ground had it nies, and Mr. Askew presented the peri- not been discovered. A cottage on the tion to his majesty, who received it very lame spot, with one or two adjoining houses, graciously.

were unaccountably burnt down about thies Soon after their departure a cabinet coun- years ago. cil was held; at the breaking up of u bich his majesty returned to Richmond. The time of presenting the petition being

BIRTHS. known at court, an acting magiftrate, toge

HE princess of Brazil, of : waiting ; but they were not called for, as

foq-30, Lady of Lord Ath. every thing was conducted with the utmost brook, of a lon. secrefy, decency, and good order.

Jan. 6. Lady of his excellency Lord Town, people were assembled at St. James's, in ex- send, lord lieut. of Ireland, of a lon-7. La. pectation of seeing a cavalcade follow the dy of John Sawbridge, Erg; of a fon. gentlemen who were to present the above February. Lady of Sir George Bridges Rode petition; but it was carried up fo privately, and ney, of a daughter. with so much decorum, that fow knew there March. Lady Caldwell, of a daugh was any such thing at all done, and many went ter, who was baptised by the name of away fully satisfied, that the report, which Georgiana Sophia Selina. The lord prevailed respecting it, was fallacious. lieutenant, the duke of Northumberland,

A waggith correspondant informs us, that the countess of Moira, and lady Shebe the Mile-End P--n is to be cut into burne, were sponsors, Lady of Sir Eid. Aftprips to make thread-papers for the maids of ley, bart. of a daughter-Lady Petrs, of a honour.

son - Lady of Sir John Sa Aubin, of a On Thursday, May 18, the general af, daughter-Lady of Sir Ja. Langham, of a fembly of the church of Scotland met at fos--Lady of George Cary, Esq; of a foam Edinburgh. On this occasion his majesty's Lady of the E. of Egmont, of a daughter high commiflioner, the Earl of Glasgow, Lady Lifford, of a daughter Lady of Grey made a grand appearance; and being attenda Cooper, Efq; of a son-Wife of one Sympían do by several of the nobility, and gentlemen of South Kingston, of three boys and a girl of diftinction, walked in proceffion from Lady of Dr. Hinchcliffe, of a lon-Lady lodgings to the high church, where he of Earl Spences, of a daughtçie


a Dec. 15. To

“ Many


277 April 12. Countess of Strathmore, of of Hampstead, to MiGs Molloy of Great Portfon-13. Lady of Lord Gower, of a daugh. land-Areet-Rev. Mr. Salter, to Miss Jenny ter14. Lady of Lord Percival, of a daugh. Ram of Colchefter-Francis Beal, Eiq; tó ter-19. Lady of Sir John Hinde Cotton, Miso Polly Spackman of North Audley ftreet of two fons22. Her royal highness the - Andrew Stephens, Esq; of Radnorshire, princess of Orange, of a dead child—26. Ro. to Miss Sally Coleburne of Stroud-16. Pea le of the late Col. Brudenell, of a son- ter Delme, Esq; to Lady Caroline Howard, 29. Lady of Baron Hardenburgh, a daughter. fifter to Earl Carlisle –18. Henry Hopegood, MARRIAGLS.

Esq; of Great James-Areet, to Miss Eliz. Jan. 12. Captain Pauncefort, to Miss Homer-Patrick Collins, Esg; to Miss Wind. Digby, of Bourne in Lincolnshire-Rev. Mr. for of Pall-mall-19. James Usher, Esq; of Long, to Miss Weston, of Fyfield, Berks - Upper Brook-Areer, to Miss Eliz. Leadbeater 13. Rev. Mr. Wilder of Nunhide, to Miss -20. Rev. Mr. Blake, to Miss Place of Thoytes of Sulamfead, Berks-15. Thomas York-22. John Stapp, Esq; of Pantoa Heydbam, E.q; to Miss Eliz. Page, of Ups Street, to Mi's Wilmot -23. Rev. Mr. Tay. por-Grovesnor-square-Mr. Newman, of lor of Bifrom, Kent, to Miss Taylor of IlleClifford's Inn, to Miss Johnston of Gray's den-Capt. Boyntən, to Miss Éliz. Burton Ian lane-18. Junath. Conftantine, mercer of Near Ormond-Atreet-25. Tho. Froft, Esq; in Cheapfide, to Miss Pelon-Captain Hamp: heir to the Archbishop of Canterbury, to den Evans, of the Sith regiment, to Mifs Miss Coates-Dr. Jarvis, phyfician at Bath, to Margaret Davis of Ireland William Murray, Miss Harris — ThoCrawley, jun. Esq; to Efq; ro Miss Kitty Hamilton, second daugh- Miss Savage, of Sevenhampton, Gloucester. ter to Jord viscount Boyne-26. Hon. Edwin Mire. Sandys, Esq; eldest son to lord Sandys, to March 1. John Willet, Esq; of Old Broad. Mrs. King, of Finchamitead, Northampton- Areet, to Miss Douglas of Twickenham frre-Stephen Skinner, of Panton Street, 4. Francis Morland, Esq; of Ongar, to Mrs. Ele; to Miss Elizabeth Medlicott, Great Hinde, of Chelbunt-Herbert Croft, Esq; Robel-street-William Murray, Esq; of Ire- to Miss Mary Chawner of Sudbury wood, land, co Miss Catherine Hamilton, a daugh- Derbyshire-Edward Wilks, Esq; Aorekeeper ter of Lord Viscount Boyne - George Town- at Feversham, to Miss Jane Stanley-5. fend Goodenough, Efq; of the Treasury, to Dr. Jobn Smith, Civilian Pratessor of GeoMiss Ca:ter-Arthur Atherley, Erg; of metry at Oxford, to Mrs. Tindal-Joha Hants, to Miss Carter's youngest fifter-Tho- Tyson, Esq; to Miss Cockane of the Strand mas Fitzhugh, Esq; to Miss Lloyd with 26. James Lucas, Esq; to Miss Hannah 1,0:0l.-Dr. Thomas Fothergill, frovoft of Tyson of Norih Audley-itreet-8. His Grace Queen's college, Oxford, to Miss Billingsley, the Duke o: Kingston, to the Hon. Miso njece to the late E. of Hardwicke-Thom.s Chudleigh, one of the maids of honour to Bury, of Abberley, Esq; fheriff of Worces the Princess Dowager of Wales -- 26. Earl terhire, to Miss Cæcilia Maria Newport, of of Ollory, to the Hon. Miss Liddel, late Hanley court-John Butler, Esg; of Ireland, Durcheis of Grafton, daughter of Lord Rato Lady Anne Wandesford, daughter of Earl vensworth - Humphrey Humphreys, Esq; of Wandesford-30. Henry Thompson, Ela; Montgomeryshire, to Mils Mary Jones of of Kirby-Hall, Yorth, to Miss Spence of Ipf- Radnorshire-Rev. Ms. Aldrich, minister of wich-31. Rev. Mr. Geo. Lynch, V. of Hendon, to Mrs. Gill - 30. John WoodLympné, Kent, to Mrs. Smith, reli& of house, Efq; to Miss Berkeley, niece to Lord William Smith, Esq.

Berkeley. Feb. 2. Walter Rawlinson, Esq; to Miss April 1. Thomas Hodges, Esq; to Miss Ladbroke, second daughter of Sir Robert Blake, hiter to the member for Sudbury~ 3: Corne Ayewon, to Mrs. Barbara Mynlhall, 2. James Nichols, Esq; of Greek-street, to of Chordion Hall, near Manchester-3. John Miss Eliz. Parkhurst of Great Ruffel-ftreet Wood, Eiq; of Hampstead, to Milo Polly -3. Andr. Girardat, Esq; to the bifer of Wildfire of Coleman Atreet-Rep. Mr. Upo Charles Dalhwood Esq; of Stanford Hall, ton, to Miss Molly Allen of Stow on the Leicestershirems. Richard Walter Whitfield, Wold-William Bliby, Esq; of Bury Hill, Esq; to Miss Frisque of Lothbury-John to Miss Barber of Grealley, No:tinghamshire Painter, Esq; of Great Russel-street, to Miss -Rev. Mr. Forster, to Miss Basket of Dowso Susan Newion, of Maddox. Atreet-6. Henry by in Lincolnshire--9. Charles Jenkinson, Lowth, Esg; of the South-Sea House, to Egi-Miss Watts, eldef daughter of the Miss Elizabeth Bellas of Bishop gate-ftreetlate gov. Watts-Captain Sharpe, of the 9. Charles Smith, Elg; of Croydon, to Mila third regiment of guards, to Miss Pykerell Huddlestone-11. Sir Pennington Lamb, of Bury-Charles Hill, Efq; to Miss Eliza bart, to Miss Milbank, daughter of Sir Ralph berh Norris of Newington Butts-11. Ni. Rev. Mr. Lipeat, Rector of Boving, to cholas Lutyens, merchant, to Miss Molly the reli&t of R. Powys, Ef9; -Rev. Mr. UnMermans of Spital-Square - Rev. Mr. Hupro der wood of Hereford, to Miss Mago, with man of Cranford, Middlesex, to Miss Lambe 20,0001.-15: John Durbin, Lfq; to Miss of Northamptonpire-19. Ms. Readlaaw, Jones of Maiattonc cowt, Gloucestershire


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