Imatges de pÓgina

Jan. 19. M

D E A T H S.

May 18. James Lucas, Esq; to Miss Hannah Ty. lent exhibition of painting, &c.- John Ran. son of Southampton-itreet-19. Sir James dall, Esq; lace of bis majesty's horle guards lones, bart, to the fifter of Sir Cecil Wraye, 28. Thomas Hay, Esq; secretary of the bart.--20. Robert Dallas, Esq; to the relict inaand of Jamaica-29. Thomu Newman, of the late Jobo Hewitt, Esq; of Jamaica, Esq; in Southwark-William Roberts, Esq; Mr. W. Capell, of Flower, Northampton- at Hampstead. lbire, to Miss Elizabeth Marrio Bartholo. Feb. 1. Rice Price, E9; South Audley. mew Smith, Erg; to Mi's Palmer, daughter Areet-Ephraim Underwood, Elq; in Titchof the late Sir Thomas-21. James Brown, field-Atreci-2. Andrew Drummond, Efq; Efg; to Miis Nancy Turner, with 20,000 1. banker at Charing Cross-Thomas Baftan, -24. Mr. Sparke, a torney at Hexham, to Esq; on Epping-forest-John Aunt, late merMiss Heron, with 12,000 l.

chant in Leadeghall-ftreet - His boliness the

pope, aged 76. He was born at Venice, DEATHS.

made cardinal in 1737, and pontiff in 1758– clerks in Chancery-William ihire-James Cantrell, Elq; at MaryboneBret, Ery; broiher to Sir Piercy-Mr.Schutz, Joseph Gale, aged 129, in Ireland-Joba potary public--20. John Wilkinson, E:9; of Poumies, Esq; in Bulion-street, May FanCavendim-Square - William James, Eig; of Mrs. Cath. Motley, aged 112, in Ireland Denford in Berks-23. Henry Evans, Erg; Bridget Toole, aged 103, in Dublin-3. in Gloucester-street, Red-lion-square-Lady Lady Dowager Litchfield, mother of the preof Thomas Grainger, E'q; in Salisbury.. sent earl-4. Hon. Hugh Stuart, uncle to court-Jeringham Chevely, Erq; clerk in Lord Blantyre, in Ireland- 5. Lady TyrawChancery-John Crowder, Esq; in Clerk- ley at Somerset-house-William Harrison, enwell -- Relict of the late Thomas Bram. Esq; of Worcestershire 6. George Widely, fton, Esq; at Skreens, Effex--24. John E q; at Greenwich-Rev. Mr. Davenport, V, Allford, Esq; in Queen Anne-Street, Oxo of St. Nicholas, Leicester-8. Thomas Ran. bord-soad-2;. Thomas Ravenhill, Efq; fton, Esq; in James-ftreet John Ambrose, clerk of the western road, in the Gen. Poft- Esq; in Bruton-itreet-Thomas Brown, Efq; office-Relic of Steph. Skinner, Esq; at in Spittlefields-Robert Ramsden, Esq; broWalthamstow-John Dive, Ela; of Queen- ther to Sir Joho-9. Packington Harvie, Square, Westminfer_26. Miss Maria Juliet Esq; in Great Russel-Areet, Peter Marfton, Harrison, a young lady of 25,600l. fortune, in Stratton-grounds, Welminfter, the oldelt on the point of marriage-27. Charles Boehm, palace-court officer, worth 30,000 1.-Joseph Esq; one of the directors of the Bank — James Wakelin, Esq; near Roehampton. Barber, Esq; in Swallow.freet-The mar. [Compleei lif of promotions, &c. ir cur sexi.] grave of Bareith-Mr. Tomlinson, of the Bank-Mrs. Moore, grandmother to the

FOREIGN AFFAIRS. ordinary of Newgate, aged 107, in Yorkshire

ARSAW, March 13. We have French service. -Col. Butler, at Barcelona, received advice, that the new conformerly in the imperial service-Thomas federates of Lenczyce have been de eated Fortescue, Esq; in lieland. He married a lif. near Kutno by the Russians, and that a ter to the earl of Cianbrallil.- Maximilian de great number of their recruits had been mallaHervart, knight of the holy Roman empire cred by the Coisacks. His majesty received at Chelsea - William Richardson, Esq; at a confirmation of the defeat o the HaydaNuowich in Cumberland - Captain Douglas, macks in several Parts of the Ukraine, and brother to Gen. Douglas-Wm. Thomas, Esq; was so well satisfied with the news, that he in St. Catherine's, William Henry Burtang, made a handi me present to the courier. Elq; on his travels Honourable Mr. Lucy We hear, on the other hand, that Pr nce Hobart, nearly related to the earl of Bucking- Sapieha has put himself at the head of a hamshire - Mrs. Cotterel, lifter to the late party of confederates in Voihini., and that Sir Clement-John Wesley, mayor of Lei- the Tartars have broke the Russian chaia cefterFarrard, Esq; in Southampton of communication : One corps of these buildings—Edward Mountenay, Esg; brother troops being encamped at Kzerkassay, anoto the late Baron Mountenay in Ireland - ther at Balta, and a third at Human in Hugh Cholmonde'ey, Efq; in Chapel-street- the Ukraine, making in all a body of 80,00 Mr. John White, whose father printed at York the prince of Orange's manifefo, af. All the places which the Tartars have ter it had been refused by all the printers in vifited bear the strongest marks of the savage London, and was made king's printer for temper of those barbarous people; the York and five counties-Henry Dampier, houses have all been pillaged and burni, Esq; brother to Doctor Dampier, prebend of and the unhappy inhabitants ei her murdered Canterbury - 27. Alderman Rutter of Wind- or carried into Davery. foi-Samuel Dxon, known for his excel. Kalis, in Poland, March 13. The ce

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279 lebrated Malazewski, after his defeat near elector took cognisance of the affair, and Czenftochau, arrived at Meseritz the 6th of finding that the magiftrates perfifted in rethis month, with a body of 4000 men ; in fufing what he thought he had a right to deAis way be seized an inhabitant of Beních, mand, he fent a body of 2000 men, who ia-“ whose head he ordered to be immediately vefied the town, and finding the gates fhut, ftruck off. The 8th he arrived at the little opened them by force. These tri ops are town of Scheverin, and obliged the poor not burthensome to the burghers, being all Lutheran inhabitants to pay him a contri: quartered upon the burgomafters and other bution of 400 crowns, and had the cru- members of the magiftracy; some of whom ely to hang up four of the burgeffes, have forty or fifty soldiers lodged in their and four other innocent people, who, for houses. want of a gallows, were executed on the Cologne, Feb. 19. Yesterday we receive pillar of a well. A poftillion, and the son ed advice from Rome, that the Pope, Cleof a baker, having also had the misforcune ment XIII. died there the second of this to fall into his hands, were instantly con- month, between ten and eleven in the evendemned to death; but the one saved his life ing. He had supped as usual and was upon condition of his embracing the Ca. gone to bed, and soon after finding himself a thclick religion, while the other nobly, little indisposed, rung his bell for afisance. chose to die for his own. From Sheverin He was immediately bled in both arms, these rebels took their route to Posnania. but, nevertheless, expired in a very short

Ratisbon, Jan. 19. The illustrious chap- time. On opening his body, there were ter of this city proceeded yesterday to the no other apparent causes of his dea:h, ele&tion of a new bilbop, when the votes than a too great dilatation in the refleis of were unanimously in favour of Prince An- the heart. He was named Cheries Rezzosoine Joseph, of Elwangen.

nico, and was born at Venice on the zida Berlin, Jan. 24. For the conveniency of of March 1693. He was created cardinal in the trading part of mankind, a bank and 1737, and elected pope the 6th of July 1758. lombard is eRablished at Embden, the capi- Leghorn, Jan. 15. Letters from Corsica tal of East Friesland, which is to be opened

confirm the account of the affair between the ift of February next.

the French and the Corficans in the ncighBerlin, Jan. 28. Some days ago advice bourhood of Oletta, which was long and was received of the death of his serene bloody, and terininated in favour of the highness Frederick Christian, Margrave of latter, who made themselves masters of a Bareith, by which the reigning Margrave of great quantity of artillery and provifions, and Anlpache succeeds bath to the ciile and cook the French garrison at that place prisoterritory.

ners of war. (But letters from Caral, Dresden, February 5. The new electress dated Jan. 12, contradict the above account, arrived here on Sunday last precisely at and say, the Corsicans miscarried in their twelve o'clock, and was received by the attempt to surprize Oletta, and were obelectoral family with the greatest demon. liged to retire to Mariana with confiderable frations of joy and cordiality. The mar

lors.] riage ceremony was performed the fame Bonifaccio, Feb. 2. A body of Corficaps evening by the elector of Triers, at an als having formed a design to surprize Biguglia tas erected for the purpose in a hali of the the 25th of last month, sent a party to pott palace, into which none were admitted but tbemielves near the bridge of Bivinco, in the foreign ministers and principal nobility. order to secure their retreat, in case their

enterprize should not succeed. On this, Hague, feb. 16. The following are the the French detached a c rps of 1000 men circumstances which gave rise to the fiege in order to fofless themselves of that pot ; and taking of Aix-la-Chapelle by the Pala- but the Corficans, having been reinforced tine troops. The Elector Palatine has the in the mean time, attacked the enemy, and appointment of an officer called the Grand after a smart engagement obliged them to Majeur of Aix, and has a place in the city make a precipitate retreat with the loss of called Mallweyer, where there is a house 100 men. fitted up with proper conveniences for car- Corsica, Feb. 16. A boly of Corsicans rying on the bufiness of dying, which the having presented themselves, in the night beGrand Majeur letts to whom he pleases for the 13th and 14th instant, be ore Barbaggio, the prost of the elector. He happened to and made themselves masters of the place, lert it to a protestant, who dyed in all co- they made two companies of the regiment lours. The magiftrates of Aix maintained of Mark prisoners, but permitted three that he had no right to dye any other colour others to retire from San Fiorenzo, on conbut scarlet, and that to dye other colours he dition of not acting hosilely against the mult he admitted of the dyers company, Corsicans for a year. The count de Marwhich no Proteftant could be at Aix. The bæuf, being soon informed of this Madyer complained to the Palatine court of the næuvre, ordered some troops to advance toobdructions he met with, upon which the wards Barbaggio, the avenues of which he


(See p. 56.)

280 FOREIGN AFFAIRS. blocked up in such a manner, that the Corfi. 120 days. She has on board nioe millia cans were obliged to furrender this morning, of crusades in gold, of whicla two millios after losing half their men, on this ftipula- and a half are on account of the king, thu tion, that they are not to be sent to France. rest on account of the merchants; two mi

Parma, March 11. The infant duke has lions and a half of crusades ia diamonds, se juf suppressed the office of the Inqulition in about an hundred thousand crowds Touraci his dominions.

in piastres; which makes in the whole twee On the 6th of March, the grand duke of ty-nine millions and fifty thousand livre Tuscany repaired to Rome, and the emperor Tournois. arrived there on the 15th in the morning ; Versailles, Feb. 8. As the king was hun where they have had every possible honour ing in the forest of St. Germain the quh in fewn them by the conclave, &c.

Atant, his horse fell down, by which bis ma Florence, March 11. The king of Pruffia jelty received a violent blow on the righ has sent a medal of his own person to Ge- arm. The acuteness of the pain had called neral Paoli, with an eulogium, in which he the greatest inquietudes among the people makes that general greater than all the he. but all apprehenluons of danger are difñpated roes of antiquity. When the Marquis de as there is no reason to believe the accidest Marbeuf took Mr. Colonna prisoner, with will be attended with any bad consequences two hundred and twelve men, on the 14th of The exterior part of the arm, at its articolaFebruary, at Barbaggio, as a compliment to tion with the houlder, bas suffered mox; that officer, he said to bim, That be suppo- but though it is yet (welled and painful, hit fed General Paoli would sustain a great lofs majesty grows better every day. la him s to this the brave Corsican replied, Versailles, Feb. 2. His majesty is not yet re That every town, and every village in his covered from his fall. A confiderable swelling country, contained men of superior courage has suddenly appeared upon the arm, arifing and abilities to himself, and that Mr. de from the violeoce of the contufioa, wbich Marbæuf would very soon be convinced of it. has affected even the deep seated muscles of

Madrid, Jan. 3. The court has received the articulation. The injured part is termiadvice, that on the 13th of October a terrible Dated by a large discoloured extravafation, of torm happened at the Havanna, which con- ecchymosis, which spreads over the whole cose tinued for three hours. Near a thousand per- Jular membrane of the limb. There are, fons loft their lives, among whom were great however, figns of a quick reselution ; the numbers of negroes; most of the sugar plan- pain is gone, and his majesty begins to move tations were entirely destroyed ; and most of his arm without great difficulty. the fhips upon the coast were driven on shore,

Versailles, April 6. The day before yefter The damage is computed at 3,000,000 pi. day the king rode ou: on horse-back, for the aftres.

first time since his accident, and went a St. Malo's, March 21. The king's frigate, hunting, which exercise quite agreed with the Boudeule, commanded by the Sieur de him. Bougainville, which entered this port the Hague, March 26. Berween eleven and 14th infant, was about two years and a half twelve o'clock at night, on the 23d indian', in her voyage round the world. That officer the Princess of Orange was delivered of a reports, that during his voyage, notwithstand dead prince, to the great affli&ion of the ing his crew were exposed to the mortality op- Prince Stadı holder, and of the public. dinarily occafioned by exceffive fatigues and the corruption of almost all the provifions, he had the good fortune to lose but seven men. THE Epifle to the Rev. Mr. G. R. iterugo This surprising preservation of his crew the sentimental enough, is noc jufficiently poetiisi

. Sieur de Bougainville attributes to the great Tbe autbor is very capable of correcting it. quantity of sea water distilled, which he was Tbe pbilosopbical covversation, we ebens, suil conftantly in a state of procuring, by means not do : Harris, Watts, Derbam, ibe Spiele of the Sieur Poisonier's machine. He adds, la Nature, are in every band. that the administering to every person whom The letter to Mr. Horre is toc bag ; and we he suspected to have the scurvy, the powder bave orber objections to il. of lemonade of the Sieur Faciot, seemed to The Midnigbe Soliloquy is a bigb fligbe iphim to have contributed at the same time deed: but we would just remind be fair rberpo to stop the progress of that malady. And sodical poetess, bat zo eye barb, or can feel he further obierved, that by means of venti- The lines from a youth at Brisisl are soc doJators, the air in the ship had been continual- festive for insertion: let bim keep ibem by tua, ly freshened.

and examine i bem every year, for fume stars, Lisbon, Feb. 28. The nip of war, named and, perbaps, be may in time, render : bea althe Mother of God, arrived here ihe 22d. ceptable to ite pubkc. instant from Rio de Janeiro, buc last from G. E's Milojupbical converfation, with! the Bay of All Saints, where she had put in ral orber originais, borb in prale and very, but for want of water. She made the voyage in There are Iliriy-fix veis. pr. 75. 6d. each vol. balf bound. T. 2. may be applied as No. 47,

Parer-rosier Rooms

Our next.

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer;

For JUNE, 1769.

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The Britich Theatre, containing a Extraordinary Petition of Ralph Grif. Critical Examination of two new fith, Deputy-Sheriff of the County Theatrical Pieces, now exhibiting of Flint, to the Lords of the Treaby Mr. Foote in the Haymarket 283 fury

321 An odd kind of Diversion, common An Impartial Review of New Publiin the Neighbourhood of Smyrna 288 cations

ibid. History of the last Session of Parlia- - a third Vol. of Mr. Shenstone's ment, &c. &c. 289 Works

ibid. Mr. Locke's Opinion of Personal Iden.

A Four Days Tour in the tity, farther considered

Land of Dumplings

324 The Character of King Charles I, de

The Sibyi, a Novel

325 fended


Secker's Letter on episcopizing Description of Asia, continued 297


ibid. History of Louisa

: 299

Beccaria's Discourse on Public Proceedings of the Benevolent Society Oeconomy

ibid. 301

Swaine's Memoirs of Osney Difference of Fashions between the Abbey

ibid. present People of England and

Question stated, concerning their Ancestors 305 Wilkes's Election

ibid. Natural History of Chaco, a Province

Case of the late Election for of Paraguay

Middiesex, considered

ibid. Customs and Manners of the Chaco- POETICAL ESSAYS nese and the Guaranis


THE MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 329 Junius's Letter to the D.of G. 316 Marriages and Births; Deaths

332 The Culcivation and Manufacture of Foreign Affairs

335 Sugar in America

319 Promotions Civil and Military ibid. Confiderations on the Properties of Monthly Bill of Mortality ibid. Air

320 Stocks, Grain,Wind, and Weather 282

An Accurate M Å P of the EMPIRE of INDOSTAN,

Engraved by Mr. Kitchen.
LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at No. 47, in Pater-netter Row;
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets, from the Year 1732, to this Time, neatly bound or


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89 $



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367 1

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93 3


PRICES of STOCKS, &c. in

&c. in JUNE, 1769. Sou. Sea., Old S.S New S. S. 3 per C. 1 3 per C.13 # per C.13 i per C. 4 per C. 4. per. C. 4 per C., In. Bond. Long. Lottery Wind Weather Stock Ann. Ann. reduced cenrol.

1756. 1758.
consol. 1763 Navy.

Ann. Tickets

at Deal London

S. W. fair
87 १०
94 100

32 o 27

S. W. fair 89 90

33 0

14 17 6 S. W. cloudy 87

88 89 है 100 g

31 o
27 14 15 s, W.

884 88. 89

28 o

S. W. fair 87 88 Š 94

29 0

W. raia 90 100

31 O

14 16 6

S. rain

cloudy 105 87 89 1 90


30 o

14 16 6 27

E cloudy 88 89 ] 98 t gt

27 14 15 6 N. N. E. cloudy 105 4 87

88 89 í

93 100

27 14 14.6; N. E. windy 88 88 90 98 93

27 14 14 6 S. S. w. cloudy 87 Ž 88 I 88 898

27 14 14 S. W. cloudy 88 है 88 89 Š


28 o 27 14 12 61 s. w. cloudy

S, W.


27 } 14 13

W. S. W. fair 87 89 98 99


N. E. cloudy 87 $ 89 99

20 Ž 14 11 6 S.S. W. fine
88 89

98 1

14 13

N. E. fair
87 1

Sbut 90

93 $ 100

14 12

N. E.
14 13 E. S. E. cold rain

W. Sm. rain
89 1

14 13 N, W.

fair 87 ]


14 13 6 S. W.
99 }


14 13 6 S. W. fine 99 /


14 13 6 S. W. foir 87


14 13 6. S. SW. fair 89 Ž

14 13 6 S. w,

93 į

W.N.W. fine

W. cloudy




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CHARLES CORBETT, at No. 30, facing St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-Street, STOCK-BROKIR, who buys and fells in the Stocks

by Commission, and transa&ts the Lottery Business as usual.
Mark-Lane Exchange Reading Bahingfoke. Farnham. Henley Cambridge. York, Gloucester. Hereford, Monmouth. London.
Wheat 301. od. to 365. gl.toulogli od to 101. 91. os. to ul. 121 os load 328 to 34 gr. 205 to 34 qu 5s06d bushel 5s 6d burg£858 bush.nogal Hay per load 275. to gos,
Barley i4s. od. to 18.154. to 203. 139. to 168. 1158. to 188. od. 146 to 22 grigs to 16 178 to 21 O 138 to 39 30 03 od to 45 od 48 20 to 4s 4d Straw from 148. to 198
Oats 13v. od, to 163. 146. to 203. 163. to 188. 148. to 163. 148 od to 12 128 to 14 128 to 15 o 38 40 to 38 6d 28 6d to os od 28 4dtoasosdCoala 348. per cha.
Brawa 169. 1*25. od. 1140. to 369, | 236, 09 248 1949, to 26s. Toge te s7 odvor to O 006 to 30 60 to 3a & od to os od os od to os od Hops al. to 21. 64.

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