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call in question the antiquity engage any one whose time is de. which the Hindoos ascribe to such voted to Christian rescarch. practices how those ceremonies The Doctor's notion of the wor. or doctrines which existed previ. ship of a triune God, necessarily ous to Christianity itself, can be leads him into difficulty, and becalled a vestige of that which fore the reader proceeds three follows, I am at a loss to account, pages he finds in a note a recom. and must leave the learned Doctor, mendation of Idolatry. and the advocates of vicarious and In giving an account of the human sacrifice to solve this dif. places of worship and their appenficulty.

dages, he describes as the most Nothing is more evident than remarkable, the Caves of the this conclusion, that which existed Elephanta, in an island, near previous to a system cannot be a Bombay, and “ containing a triad vestige of that system. If this be of three faces,” each face of the admitted, and I think it cannot be triad, being five feet in length; the denied, it would be well if the whole of the statue and the spaci. next Christian researches made ous temple which contains it, is by the learned Doctor, would be cut out of the solid rock of the an inquiry, if these idolatrous no. mountain. In the the note, page tions and practices of the worship 265,astera description of this graven of a triune god, vicarious sacrifice image and the ancient temple of and an incarnate God, be not which he recommends a repair, is more antient than Christianity added every Christian travel. itself, and have been injudiciously, ler can assign a reason for wisbing nay, criminally incorporated into the emblem of a Trinity in Unity, Christian creeds, and may be ac- existing in an ancient heathen counted amongst the worst corrup- nation, should remain entire durtions of Christianity. -Amongst ing the ages of the world.”--Surely the various teachings of our Lord, every Christian sees a reason why he has directed us how and who this idol ought not to be continued; to worship, and I would certainly and even the pious Jew, instructed ask the Dr., or the advocate of by the less perfect system of the triune worship, where our Moses, must see the reason; bow Lord taught this doctrine ? was it will it square with the second comin the conversation with the wo. mandment, • Thou shalt not make man of Samaria, which was di. unto thyself a graven image or any rected immediately to this subject? likeness of any thing that is in was it when he taught bis disciples heaven or earth! If in the repair

and left on record an ex. and embellishment of the Ele. ample of prayer, which one would phantı, some new convert should have supposed would never bave be employed by an Episcopalian been mistakes. Or is the wor. divine, in restoring the hideous ship of a triune God, to be found idol of three faces and one body, in the devotional exercises of our and had at first ornamented the Lord himself, or in any of the wall with the inscription of the teacbings of the apostles on that Decalogue, after the manner of subject:--This simple enquiry tbe English churches, surely when is surely of importance enough to he recollected the 2d command

to pray,


An' Indian Speech. ment his hand would tremble and given us of the Inquisition, we his tool fall to the ground, when find its victims are the victims of called to perform this act of viola. force, seized unsuspectingly for tion.

holding opinions which bave arisen, The chain of argument rela. perbaps, from the writings of live lo vicarious and human sacri. Christians themselves for mere frce, is equally fallacious.—56 The mental errors, immured in dun. heathens use sacrifice respect the geons, and undergoing every spe. institution of vicarious and human cies of torture, which depraved sacrifice; ibis could not be by imagination can invent till death, chance, therefore it is a vestige of or burning at an auto da fe, shall Christianity.”—This mode of rea. release them from their miseries ; soning may be thus illustrated.- this is more dreadful than the The worshippers of Moloch thought voluntary sacrifices made annually him an implacable being, requiring at Juggernant. human and vicarious sacrifice, When we consider this pile of they, therefore, sacrificed their Christian corruption was not erectdearest relations, the infants of ed at once, but by one abuse their bosoms, the pride and beauty after another, in successive gradaof youth, the tenderest lies of na. tion, and is the work of ages, it ture, given for their protection, carries with it a sufficient caution are violated :-his simple argu, and admonition to prevent the ment of the antiquity of idolatry, recommendation of perpetuating is sufficient to shew that human any error in religious worship and and vicarious sacrifice is no ves. ceremony. tige of Christianity. The same Another reflection that presented mode of reasoning may also be itself on reading this awful acapplied to the tradition of an in- count, was, how dreadful is it; carnate Vishnos.

that the blood and treasure of our The reader of these Researches country should be wasted, and its is no doubt struck most forcibly force directed in support of such with the dreadful account giveu of institutions as the Inquisition at the worship of the God, Jugger. Goa, existing in Spain and Portu. naut, and still more awful ac- gal; but as this will lead me into count of the inquisition of Goa ; the extensive field of political and the question naturally arises controversy, I shall conclude with to every reflecting mind, which is the hope that Dr. Buchanan will the greatest evil, the idolatrous revise this part of his Christian worship of this beathen god, or the Researches, before another edition institution of corrupted Christi. is called for-assuring the Dr. anity, as represented by the Doc. that the propagation of Christian tor, in its present state in Goa ? truth is my only motive for offering One is shocked and disgusted at these remarks. the narration of the worship at I remain, Juggernant, and if there is any

Yours, &c. consolation arising, while we per. RICHARD FLOWER. use the hideous account of the sacrifices made at their annual An Indian Speech. festival, it is, that the sacrifices SIR, March 20, 1812. are voluntary, but in the account The enclosed Speech as pub

tished in America, has been com. we are? No Brother, they are a municated to me in a letter from divided people, we are uniteda friend, who when resident in they quarrel about religion, we England, was occasionally your live in love and friendship--they correspondent. He is now settled. drink strong waters, have learnt al Mount Pleasant on the Hudson, how to cheat, and practice all the thirty miles from New York, vices of the white people, which where there can be no doubt of disgrace Indians, without imitating this Speech being considered as the virtues of the white people. authentic.

R. Brother, if you are our well-wisher, The Speech of Sagoua Ha, keep away and do not disturb us. which signifies the Keeper awake,

Brother, We do not worship a Chief of the Seneca nation of the Great Spirit, as the white Indians, known by the white peo. people do, but we believe the ple by the name of Red Jacket, in forms of worship are indifferent to answer to a speech of the Rev. the Great Spirit ; it is the homage Mr. Alexander, a missionary from of a sincere heart that pleases him, the Missionary Society in New and we worship him in this man York, to that nation. Delivered ner. According to your religion, at a Council held at Buffaloe we must believe in a father and Creek, New York, in May, 1811. Son, or will not be happy here

Brother, We listened to the after. We have always believed talk you delivered to us, from the in a Father, and we worship him, council of Black.cvats* in New as we were taught by our fathers. York. We have fully considered Your book says, that the Son was your talk, and the offers you have sent on earth by the Father. Did made us, which we perfectly un.

all the people who saw the son be. derstand, and we return nur an.

lieve in him ? No, they did not, swer to them, which we wish you

and the consequence must be also to understand. In making

known to you, if you read the up our minds, we have looked book. back, and remembered what has Brother, You wish us to change

, been done in our days, and what our religion for yours. We like our fathers have told us were done our religion and do not want ano. in old times.

ther. Our friends (pointing to Brother, Great numbers of Messrs. Granger* Parisht and Black-coats have been among the Taylort] do us great good. They Indians, and, with sweet voices counsel us in our troubles and teil and smiling faces, have offered to us how to make ourselves com. teach them the religion of the fortable. Our friends, the Quakwhite people. Our brethren in the ers, do more than this. They give east listened to them, turned from us ploughs and instruct us how to the religion of their fathers, and

* The agent of the United Scates, took up the religion of the for Indian affairs, who resides at Bufwhite people. What good bas it faloe. done ? Are they more happy and

+ The Indian intérpreter. more friendly one to another than

I The agent of the Society of Friends

for improving the condition of the InThe appellation given to clergymen

dians, who resides near thc Alleghany loy the Indians.

River. VOL. VII.


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314 Mr. Wright's Reply to Questions on Church Discipline. use them. They tell us we are dominion over faith and con accountable beings, but do not science? Paul's advice to the say we must change our religion. church at Corinth, wben they We are satisfied with what they do, had attended to the Lord's Sup

Bruther, For these reasons we. per in a very disorderly manner, cannot receive your offers. We was not that they should examine have other things to do, and beg and scrutinize each other, nor you to make your mind easy, and that they should act as a court of not trouble us, lest our heads inquisition upon the faith, and should be too much loaded, and, motives of others, who might by and by, burst.

wish to join with them ; but that

every one should examine himself, Mr. Wright's Reply to Ques, and so eat of the bread and drink tions on Church Discipline. of the cup: beyond this neither Wisbeach, May 1, 1812. he nor any of the apostles, nor

even Christ himself, authorized I still regard the declaration of Christians to go. The very act of the freedom of the Lord's Table, coming to the Lord's Supper is an in the Unitarian churches at Glas, expression of faith in Christ ; the gow aud Edinburgh, as “a great motives which influence men to do triumph of Christian liberality. it, can be correctly known to God over bigutry and narrow plans of only, to him alone are they acdiscipline." To this your corres. countable. The church at Glas. pondent, who subscribes himself gow thinks it sufficient, to have the An Unitarian, objects; and calls nature of the Lord's Supper ex. upon me to answer several ques. plained, to exhort men to examine tions. (See p. 153.) I should ihemselves and so partake of it: have paid an earlier attention 10 beyond this they claim no autho. his remarks and questions had rity : and those who do, ought leisure permitted.

to establish their clain by the Your correspondent is right in New Testament, before they sit in supposing, “That every person judgment on others, and to be. who happens to be present when ware, lest they be found usurping the Unitarians of Glasgow are the prerogatives of Jesus Christ, going to cat the Lord's supper, is lording it over their brethren, and at liberty, if he chuses, to join taking a rank, however humble, with them; without any questions in the family of Antichrist. Paul's being asked, about what he be- question, Who art thou that judg. lieves, or what are his motives est another's servant ? may be for so doing.” Before he objected justly put to all those who usurp to this, he should have been pre. the authority of sitting in judgpared to show that Christ has in. ment on the faith and motives of vested churches with authority to Olbers. sit in judgment on the faith and I will now answer your corresmotives of others, and to decide pondent's questions. I admit that authoritatively whether they be so there were some persons formerly correct as to entitle them to a called brethren, with whom the place at the Lord's Table. But apostle Paul would not allow the would not such authority imply churches he planted to eat ;" but

{ contend this has nothing to stant reciprocity of duties and do with the point in hand : for l, kind offices; but I see not what these were not persons offering to this has to do with the point in join with them at the Lord's 'lable, hand. The churches we read of but persons who had been baptized in the apostolic writings were not and for some time united with all free from discord and disorder. them, as brethren, in the Christian By becoming a part of the con. church. 2. The eating referred gregation, and uniting at the to by the apostle (see 1 Cor. v. Lord's Table, do not persons be. 11.) intends not the Lord's Supper; come part of the family of Christ, he is speaking of voluntarily mak. in any given place? And are not ing them our companions, choos. ali the duties of Christianity lo bé ing them for guests at our own entorced upon them

as such? table, or becoming such at theirs. If strangers happen to be there, 3. He does not recommend the and choose to eat the Lord's sup. withdrawing from the society of per with them, need this disturb persons on account of their sup- the harmony of the family? What posed errors in judgment or in injury can it do them? In all religious practice ; but because churches there may be some who their conduct was grossly immoral. are mere nominal Christians, and The object of his advice is the some unworthy characters; the discountenancing immoral profes. most rigid plans of discipline liave sors of the gospıl, and the pre- not prevented this. This may be vention of scandal to Christianity. tares among the wheat; but Christ Immoral persons may be prevented said, let both grow together till coming to the Lord's Table, by the harvest. suitable admonition and reproof, To his third question I reply, without churches exercising in that I apprehend" all who believed quisitorial powers, or passing a the apostle's doctrine in primitive bill of exclusion against all who times were baptized ;" but I see will not submit to them in the ex- not how this affects the freedom of ercise of such powers. If, after all, the Lord's Table. At that time improper persons, or persons from there could be but one opinion on improper motives, should some. the subject of baptism; but we times come w the Lord's Supper, know there are now various opinithe fault is theirs not ours; for ons on the subjeci, among perwe are only guests, not masters of sons of equal integrity, learning the feast ; and not unto us but to and piety ; nor can I discover God are they accountable. We what authority we have to make ought not to assume an unauthor. our peculiar views of baptism a ized power to prevent a merely term of communion, ary inore apprehended evil.

than our particular views of any To your correspondent's second other subject. Your corresponquestion, I reply, that the New dent should prove that Baptists, Testament certainly teaches Chris. of whom I am one, have a right to tians to regard one another as parts judge for others respecting bapof the same family, and churches tism, and to exclude them from to act as harmonious families, al- the Lord's Supper if they will not ways cultivating mutual under. conform to their judgment. For standing and good will, by a con. my thoughts more at large on

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