Imatges de pÓgina

Parliament. Which oaths and IIF. And be it further enacted, declaration, the justices of peace, by the authority aforesaid, that all at the general sessions of the peace, and every person and persons that to be held for the county or place shall, as aforesaid, take the said where such person shall live, aie oaths, and make and subscribe the hereby required to tender and ad. declaration aforesaid, shall not be minister to such persons as shall liable to any pains, penalties or offer themselves to take, make and forfeitures, mentioned in an act, subscribe the same and thereof to made in the 35th year of the reign keep a register. And likewise of the late Queen Elizabeth, in. none of the persons aforesaid, shall titled, an Act to retain the Queen give or pay, as any fee or reward, Majesty's Subjects in their due to any officer or officers belonging Obedience, nor in an act made in to the court aforesaid, above the the 22d year of the late king sum of sixpence, nor that more Charles The Second, intitled an than once, for his or their entry of Act to prevent and suppress his taking the said oaibs, and seditious conventicles. Nor shall making and subscribing the said any of the said persons be prodeclaration: nor above the fur- secuted in any ecclesiastical court ther sum of sixpence for any cor. for, or by reason of their non, tificate of the same, to be made conforming to the Church of out and signed by the officer or England. officers of the said court.

IV. Provided always, and be it II. And be it further enacted, enacted, by the authority afore. by the authority aforesaid, that said, that if any assembly of per. ail and every person and persons sons dissenting from the Church already convicted, or prosecuted, of England, shall be held in

any in order to conviction, of recusancy, place for religious worship, with by indictment, information, action the doors lockcd barred or bolted, of debt, or otherwise, grounded during any time of such meeting upon the aforesaid statutes, or any wgether, all and every person of them, that shall take the said and persons that shall come to, and oaths mentioned in the said sta. be at such meeting, shall not rea tutes made this present Parlia, ceive any benefit from this law, ment, and make and subscribe the but be liable to all the pains and declaration aforesaid, in the court penalties of all the aforesaid laws of exchequer, or assize, or general recited in this act, for such their or quarter sessions, to be held for meeting, notwithstanding his takthe county where such person lives, ing the oaths, and his making and and to be thence respectively cer- subscribing the declaration afore. tified into the Exchequer; shall said. be thenceforth exempted and dis. Provided always, that nothing charged from all the penalties, herein contained shall be construed seizures, forfeitures, judgments to exempt any of the persons afore. and executions, incurred by force said from paying of tythes, or other of any of the aforesaid statutes, parochial duties, or anyother duties without any composition, fee, or to the church or minister; nor from further charge whatsoever.

any prosecution in any ecclesiasti


cal court, or elsewhere, for the these words of the 20th article, same.

viz, The church hath power to VI. And be it further enacted decree rites and ceremonies, and by the authority aforesaid, that if authority in controversies of faith, any person dissenting from the and yet, shall be liable to any of Church of England as aforesaid, the pains or penalties mentioned shall bereafter be chosen, or others in an act made in the 17th year wise appointed, to bear the office of the reign of King Charles the of high constable or petit consta. Second, entitled, an act for re. ble, church warden, overseer of straining non-conformists from in. the poor, or any other parochial babiting in corporations; nor the or ward officer, and such person penalties mentioned in aforesaid shall scruple to take upon him any act, made in the 22d year of his of the said offices in regard of the said late majesty's reign, for oaths, or any other matter or thing by reason of such persons preach. required by the law to be taken or ing at any meeting for the exercise done, in respect of such office, of religion. Nor to the penalties every such person shall and may of 1001. mentioned in an act execute such office or employment made in the 13th and 14th of by a sufficient deputy, by him to King Charles the Second intitled, be provided, that shall comply an act for the uniformity of pubwith the laws on this behalf; pro. lic prayers and administring of vided always, the said deputy be sacraments, and other rites and allowed and approved by such per. ceremonies, and for establishing son or persons, in such manner, as the form of making, ordaining, such officer or officers respectively and consecrating of bishops, priests should by law have been allowed and deacons, in the church of and approved.

England, for officiating in any con. VII. And be it further enacted gregation for the exercise permit. by the authority aforesaid, that no ted and allowed by this act. person dissenting from the Church VIII. Provided always, that the of England, in holy orders, or pre making and subscribing the said tended holy orders, or pretending declaration, and the taking the to holy orders, nor any preacber said oaths, and making the decla. or teacher of any congregation of ration of approbation and subdissenting protestants that shall scription to the said articles in make and subscribe the declara. manner as aforesaid, by every re. tion aforesaid, and take the said spective person or persons bercin oaths at the general or quarter ses. before mentioned, at such general sions of ihe peace, to be held for or quarter sessions of the peace as the county, town, parts, or divi- aforesaid, shall be then and there sion, where such person lives, entered of record in the said court, which court is hereby empowered for which sixpence shall be paid to administer the same; and shall to the clerk of the peace, and no also declare his approbation of, more; provided that such person and subscribe the articles of reli- shall not at any time, preach in gion mentioned in the statute, any place but with the doors not made in the 13th year of the reign locked, barred, or bolted as aforeof the late Queen Elizabeth, ex. said. cept the 34th, 35th, and 36th, and IX, And whereas, some dissent. ing protestants scruple the bap. such person scruple the taking of tizing of infants, be it enacted by an oath, and upon the refusal the authority aforesaid, that every thereuf, such justice of the peace person in pretended holy orders, is hereby required to commit suck or pretending to holy orders, or person to prison, without bail or Preacher, or Teacher, that shall mainprize, and to certify the name subscribe the aforesaid articles of of such person to the next general religion, except as before except- or quarter session of the peace, to ed: and also except part of the be held for that county, city, 27 th article teaching infant.bap- town, part, or division, where tism, and shall take the oaths, and such person then resides; and if make and subscribe the declara. such person so committed shall, tion aforesaid, in manner afore- upon a second tender at the general said ; every such person shall en. or quarter sessions, refuse to make joy all the privileges, benefits, and and subscribe the declaration afore. advantages, which any other dis- said, such person refusing shall be senting minister as aforesaid, might then and there recorded, and shall have or enjoy by virtue of this act. be taken thenceforth to all intents

X. And be it further enacted, and purposes, for a popish recu. by the authority aforesaid, that sant convict, and suffer according. every teacher or preacher in holy ly, and incur all the penalties and orders, or pretended holy orders, forfeitures of the aforesaid laws. that is, a minister, preacher, or XII. And whereas, there are teacher of a congregation, that certain other persons, dissenters shall take the oaths herein requi. from the church of England, who red, and make and subscribe the scruple the taking of any vath, be declaration aforesaid; and also it enacted by the authority afore. subscribe such of the aforesaid said, that every such person shall articles of the Church of England, make and subscribe the aforesaid as are required by this act in man. declaration; and also this declara. ner aforesaid, shall be thenceforth tion of fidelity following: 1, A.B. exempted from serving upon any do sincerely promise and solemnly jury, or froin being chosen or declare, before God and he world, appointed to bear the office of that I will be true and faithful to church.warden, overseer of the King William and Queen Mary. poor, or any other parochial or And I solemnly profess and deward office, or other office in any clare that I do from my heart, hundred, or any shire, city, town, abhor, detest, and renounce, as im. parish, division, or wapentake. pious and heretical, tbat damna.

XI. And be it further enacted, ble doctrine and position, that by the authority aforesaid, that Princes excommunicated, or de. any justice of the peace may, at prived by the Pope or any authoany time hereafter, require any rity of the See of Rome, may be person that goes to any meeting deposed or murdered by their subfor exercise of religion, to make jects, or any other whatsoever. and subscribe the declaration a. And I do declare that no foreign foresaid, and also to take the said prince, person, prelate, state of oaths or declaration of fidelity, potentate, hath, or ought to have hereinafter mentioned ; in case any power, jurisdiction, superiori

ty, pre-eminence, or authority, ought to enjoy, by virtue of this ecclesiastical or spiritual, within act. this realm.

XIII. Provided always, and be And shall subscribe a profession it enacted by the authority afore. of their christian belief, in these said, that in case any person shall words.

refuse to take the said oaths when 1, A, B. profess faith in God the tendered to them, which every Father, and in Jesus Christ his justice of the peace is hereby emeternal Son, the true God, and in powered to do, such person shall the holy Spirit, one God blessed not te admitted to make and sub. for evermore, and do acknowledge scribe the two declarations afore. the holy scriptures of the Old and said, though required thereunto, New Testament to be given by die either before any justice of the vine inspiration.

peace, or at the general or quarter Which declaration and subscrip- sessions, hefore or after any con. tion shall be made and entered of viction of popish recusancy, as record, at the general quarter ses. aforesaid, unless such person can, sions of the peace, for the county, within thirty-one days after such city, or place, where every such tender of the declaration to him, person shall then reside. And every produce two sufficient protestant such person that shall make and witnesses to testify upon oath, subscribe the two declarations and that they believe him to be a pro. profession aforesaid, being there. testant dissenter, or a certificate unto required, shall be exempt under the hands of four protestants from all the pains and penalties of who are conformable to the church all and every the aforementioned of England, or have taken the statutes made against popish recu- oaths and subscribed the declarasants, or protestant nonconformists, tion abovenamed, and shall proand also from the penalties of an duce a certificate under the hands act made in the 5th year of the and seals of six or more sufficient reign of the late Queen Elizabeth, men, of the congregation to which entitled an act for the assurance he belongs, owning him for one of of the Queen's royal power, over them. all estates and subjects within her XIV. Provided also, and be it dominions, for or by reason of enacted by the authority afore. such person's not taking, or refu. said, that until such certificate, sing to take the oath mentioned in under the bands of six of his conthe said act. And also from the gregation, as aforesaid, be pro. penalties of an act made in the duced, and two Protestant wii. 13th and 14th years of the reign nesses come to attest bis being of King Charles the Second, entit. a Protestant dissenter, or a certiled an act for preventing mischiefs ficate under the hands of four Prothat may arise, by certain persons testants as aforesaid, be produced, called Quakers, refusing to take the justice of peace shall, and lawful oaths, and enjoy all other hereby is required, to take a re. the benefits, privileges, and advan. cognizance, with two sureties, in tages, under the like limitations, the penal sum of firry pounds, to provisoes and conditions, which be levied of his goods and chattels, any other dissenters should or lands and tenements, to the use


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of the king's and queen's majesties, ted by this act, and disquiet or their heirs and successors, for his disturb the same, or misuse any pruducing the same; and if he preacher or teacher, such person cannot give such security to com. or persons, upon proof thereof be. mit him to prison, there to remain fore any justice of the peace, by until be bas produced such certi. two or more sufficient witnesses, ficate, or two witriesses as afore- shall find two

sureties, 10 be said.

bound by recognizance in the XV. Provided always, and it is penal sum of fifty pounds, and in the true intent and meaning of this default of such sureties shall be act, that all the laws made and committed to prison, there to reprovided for the frequenting of main till the next general or quardivine service on the Lord's day, cer sessions, and upon conviction commonly called Sunday, shall be of the said offence at the said gestill in force, and executed against neral or quarter sessions, shall all persons that offend against the suffer the pain and penalty of said laws, except such persons twenty pounds, to the use of the come to some congregation, or as. king's and queen's majesties, their sembly of religious worship, al. heirs and successors. lowed or permitted by this act. XVIII. Provided always, that

XVI. Provided always, and be no congregation or assembly for it enacted by the authority afore- religious worship, shall be per. said, that neither this act, nor any misted or allowed by this act, clause, article, or thing herein until the place of such meeting contained, shall extend, or be shall be certified to the bishop of construed to extend, to give any the diocese, or to the arehdeacon ease, benefit or advantage to any of that archdeaconry, or to the papist, p. pishi recusant whatso- justices of the peace, at the general ever, or any person that shall deny, or quarter sessions of the peace for in his preaching or writing, the the county, city or place in which doctrine of the blessed Trinity, as such meeting shall be beld, and it is declared in the aforesaid ar. registered in the said bishop's or ticles of religion.

archdeacon's court respectively, XVII. Provided always, and be or recorded at the said general or it enacted by the authority afore. quarter sessions, the register or said, that if any person or persons, clerk of the peace whereof respec. at any time or times after the 10th tively, is hereby required to regisday of June, do and shall willing- ter the same, and to give certifily and of purpose, maliciously or cate thereof to such person as shall contemptuously, come into any demand the same, for wbich there cathedral or parish church, cha. shall be no greuter fee or reward pel or other congregation permit. taken than the sum of sixpence.

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