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Remarks on Passages of Scripture. Jesus upon Heaven: it is saying ability of working miracles. If that he who was ordained by the then it be asked, “ Why did he counsels of God to be the Messiah, perform this act of devotion !! "might or might not have fulfilled Let us take the answer from him. the purpose for which he was se. self, “because of the people lected.”

which stood by I said it,' that I But where, I ask, is the diffe. might express, in their hearing, rence in this respect between a my persuasion of my dependence being who has only the common on thee, and lead them tu admit powers of man, and one who, in my credentials as the Messiah*. addition to tlrem, possesses extra. In like manner, when we petition ordinary gifts, and has a specific for daily bread, we are far from and most important destination? implying that we have not, popu. Do we not all receive uur endow- Jarly speaking, the power of pro. ments from above? Speaking after curing it: we simply make an ac. the manner of men, is it not pos. knowledgment of ihre power being sible for us to pervert and mis- bestowed. apply them? Nevertheless, do we

Lastly, it is objected that "the hesitate to declare that God will humility of Christ did not consist fulfil his purposes both concerning in his neglecting to use the mira. us and by our means? Shall we culous powers which accompa. allow nothing in general, nothing nied him in the progress of his in the case of our divine master mission, for his own porposes; supereminently, for strength of but in the most perfect contented. piety, tenderness of compassion ness with his lot, and in resignaand warmth of zeal? The objec. tion to the will of his Father for tion seems to arise from confound- the good of mankind.” In these ing popular with correcter lan- qualities, no doubt, it in part guage. It is evident, moreover, consisted: yet the perosal of his from 1 Cor. xii. xiii, xiv. that the history may convince us that his early believers bad a controul over humility was also composed in no the miraculous powers bestowed small degree of bis benevolent and upon them. Nor is the fact dis. disinterested application of bis cordant with the analogy of Pro. very superior endowments. Thus vidence and nature.

it was that "he made himself of Another objection is built upon no reputation.” His exercise of “ what took place at the resurrec. the spirit which God gave unto tion of Lazarus." It is attempto him without measure,

was as ed to shew that Christ then prayed much a trial, an improvement of for assistance of which he was his religious habits, and therefore previously destitute. But his of his humble temper, as the words imply the contrary, “I right exercise of the talents which knew that thou hearest me al. Providence, in its ordinary diso ways," i.e. not, as some would pensations, puts into the hands of paraphrase his language, “ when, men, is a trial of their faith, ever the purposes of my mission piety and virtue.

N. require it,” but through my whole ministry, thou hast given to ine the

* Johp xii, 41, 42

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Anno Quinqudgesimo Secundo another Act of Parliament, made
Georgii III. kegis. in the twenty-second year of the

reign of the late King Charles the CAP. CLV.

Second, intituled An Act to pre-
An Act to repeal certain Acts, vent and suppress seditious Con.

and amend other Acts relating venticles; shall be and the same
to Religious Worship and As. are hereby repealed.
semblies, and Persons teaching II. And be it further enacted,
or preaching therein.

That from and after the passing
(29th July 1812.) of this Act no congregation or
Whereas it is expedient that assembly for religious worship of
certain Acts of Parliament, made Protestants (at which there shall
in the reign of his late Majesty be present more than twenty per-
King Charles the Second, relating sons besides the immediate family
to non-conformists and conventi- and servants of the person in
cles, and refusing to take oaths, whose house or upon whose pre.
should be repealed, and that the mises such meeting, congregation,
laws relating to certain congrega- or assembly, shall be bad) shall
tions and assemblies for religious be permitted or allowed, unless
worship, and persons teaching, and until the place of such meet.
preaching, or officiating therein, ing, if the same shall not have
and resorting thereto, should be been duly certified and registered
amended; be it therefore enacted under any former act or acts of
by the king's most excellent ma. Parliament relating to registering
jesty, by and with the advice and places of religious worship, shall
consent of the lords spiritual and have been or shall be certified to
temporal, and commons, in this the bishop of the diocese, or to
present Parliament assembled, the archdeacon of the archdea.
and by the authority of the same, conry, or to the justices of the
That from and after 'the passing peace at the general or quarter
of this Act, an Act of Parliament sessions of the peace for the coun-
made in the session of Parliament ty, riding, division, city, town,
held in the thirteenth and four- or place, in which such meeting
teenth years of his late Majesty shall be held; and all places of
King Charles the Second, intis meeting which shall be so certi.
tuled, An Act for preventing the fied to the bishop's ur archdeacon's
Mischiefs and Dangers that may court, shall be returned by suchi
arise by certain Persons called court once in each year to the
Quakers, and others, refusing to quarter sessions of the county,
take lawful oaths; and another riding, division, city, town, or
Act of Parliament, made in the place; and all places of meeting
seventeenth year of the reign of which shall be so certified to the
his late Majesty King Charles the quarter sessions of the peace shall
Second, intituled An Act for re. be also returned once in each year
straining Non.conformists from to the bishop or archdeacon; and
inhabiting in Corporations, and all such places shall be registered

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New Toleration Act. in the said bishop's or archdea- whose place of meeting shall be con's court respectively, and re- duly certified according to the corded at the said general or quar- provisions of this Act, or any ter sessions; the registrar or clerk other Act or Acts of Parliament of the peace whereof respectively relating to the certifying and reis hereby required to register and gistering of places of religious record the same; and the bishop worship, shall be exempt from all or registrar or clerk of the peace such pains and penalties under to whom any such place of meet. any Act or Acts of Parliament re. ing shall be certified under this lating to religious worship, as any Act shall give a certificate thereof person who shall have taken the to such person or persons as shall baths, and made the declaration request or demand the same, for prescribed by or mentioned in an which there shall be no greater Act, made in the first year of the fee nor reward taken than two shil- reign of King William and Queen lings and sixpence; and every Mary, intituled “ An Act for person who shall knowingly permit exempting their Majesty's Protesor suffer any such congregation or tant Subjects, dissenting from the assembly as aforesaid to meet in Church of England, from the Pe. any place occupied by bim, until naltres of certain Laws, or any the same shall have been so cer- Act amending the said Act, is by tified as aforesaid, shall forfeit for law exempt, as fully and effecevery time any such congregation tually as if all such pains and pe. or assembly shall meet contrary nalties, and the several acts ento the provisions of this Act, à forcing the same, were recited in sum not exceeding twenty pounds, this Act, and such exemptions as nor less than twenty shillings, at aforesaid were severally and sepathe discretion of the justices who rately enacted in relation thereto. shall convict for such offence. V. Provided always, and be it

JII. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That every perfurther enacted, That every per. son not having taken the oaths, son who shall teach or preach in and subscribed the declaration any congregation or assembly as herein-after specified, who shall aforesaid, in any place, without preach or teach at any place of the consent of the occupier there- religious worship certified in pur. of, shall forfeit for every such suance of the directions of this offence any sum not exceeding Act, shall, when thereto required thirty pounds, nor less than forty by any one justice of the peace, shillings, at the discretion of the by any writing under his hand or justices who shall convict for such signed by him, take, and make offence.

and subscribe, in the presence of IV. And be it further enacted, such justice of the peace, the That from and after the passing oaths and declaration specified and

of this Act, every person who contained in an Act, passed in the · shall teach or preach at, or offi. nineteenth year of the reign of his ciate in, or shall resort to any Majesty King George the Third, congregation or congregations, intituled An Act for the further assembly or assemblies, for reli- Relief of Protestant Dissenting gious worship of Protestants, Ministers and Schoolmasters ; and

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no such person who, upon being sence of such justice accordingly;
so required to take such oaths and and such justice shall attest the
make such declaration as afore. same to be sworn before him, and
said, shall refuse to attend the jus- shall transmit or deliver the same
tice requiring the same, or to take to the clerk of the peace for the
and make and subscribe such oaths county, riding, division, city,
and declaration as aforesaid, shall town, or place for which he shali
be thereafter permitted or allowed act as such justice of the peace,
to teach or preach in any such before or at the next general or
congregation or assembly for re. quarter sessions of the peace for
ligious worship, until he shall such county, riding, division, city,
have taken such oaths, and made town, or place.
such declaration as aforesaid, on VIII. And be it further en-
pain of forfeiting, for every time acted, That every justice of the
he shall so teach or preach, any peace before whom any person
sum not exceeding ten pounds nor shall make and take and subscribe
less than ten shillings, at the dis- such oaths and declaration as
cretion of the justice convicting aforesaid, shall forthwith give to
for such offence.

the person having taken, made,
VI. Provided always, and be it and subscribed such oaths and de.
further evacted, That no person claration, a certificate thereof un-
shall be required by any justice der the hand of such justice in the
of the peace to go to any greater form following: (that is to say),
distance than five miles from his
own home, or from the place

•I A. B. one of his Majesty's where he shall be residing at the justices of the peace for the coun. time of such requisition, for the ty, [riding, division, city, or town, Purpose of taking such oaths as or place, as the case may be) of aforesaid.

do VII. And be it further enacted, hereby certify, That C. D. of, &c. That it shall be lawful for any of [describing the Christian and Sur. his Majesty's Protestant subjects name, and place of abode of the to appear before any one justice party) did this day appear before of the peace, and to produce to me, and did make and take and such justice of the peace a printed subscribe the several oaths and or written copy of the said oaths declaration specified in an Act, and declaration, and to require made in the fifty-second year of such justice to administer such the reign of King George the oaths and to tender such declara. Third, intituled (set forth the tion to be made, taken, and sub- title of this Act]. Witness my scribed by such persons : and hand, this

One thereupon it shall be lawful for thousand eight hundred and . such justice, and he is hereby au. thorised and required to adminis. And for the making and signing ter such oaths and to tender such of which certificate, where the declaration to the person requiring said oaths and declaration are to take and make and subscribe taken and made on the requisition the same; and such Persons shall of the party taking and making take and make and subscribe such the same, such justice shall be oaths and declaration in the pre- entitled to demand and have a fee

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day of


New Toleration Act, of two shillings and sixpence, and by any action of debt, bill, plaint no more: and such certificate or information in any of his Ma. shall be conclusive evidence that jesty's Courts of Record at West. the party

named therein has made minster, or the courts of Great Ses. and taken the oaths and subscribed sions in Wales or the court of the the declaration in manner required counties palatine of Chester, Lan. by this Act.

caster and Durham (as the case shall IX. And be it further enacted, require); wherein no essoign, prie That every person who shall teach vilege, protection, or wager of law, or preach, in any such congrega- or more than one imparlance sball tion or assembly, or congregations be allowed. or assemblies as aforesaid, who XI. And be it further enacted, shall employ himself solely in the That no meeting, assembly, or duties of a teacher or preacher, congregation of persons for religi. and not follow or engage in any ous worship, shall be had in any trade or business, or other profesa place with the door locked, bolted, sion, occupation or employment, or barred, or otherwise fastened, for his livelihood except that of a so as to prevent any persons enter, schoolmaster, and who shall pro- ing therein during the time of any duce a certificate of some justice such meeting, assembly, or conof the peace, of his having taken gregation; and the person teach. and made and subscribed the ing or preaching at such meeting, daths and declaration aforesaid, assembly, or congregation, shall shall be exempt from the civil ser. forfeit for every time any such vices and offices specified in the meeting, assembly, or congregasaid recited Act, passed in the tion, shall be held with the door first year of King William and locked, bolted, barred, or other. Queen Mary, and from being wise fastened as aforesaid, any balloted to serve and from serving sum not exceeding twenty pounds, in the militia or local militia of nor less than forty shillings, at the any county, town, parish, or place discretion of the justices convict. in any part of the Uuited King. ing for such offence. dom.

XII. And be it further enacted, X. And be it further enacted, That if any persop or persons, at That

every person who shall pro. any time, after the passing of this duce any false or untrue certifi. Act, do and shall wilfully and Çate or paper, as and for a true maliciously ur contemptuously certificate of his having made and disquiet or disturb any meeting, taken the oaths and subscribed the assembly, or congregation of perdeclarations, by this Act required, sons assembled for religious wor. for the purpose of claiming any ship, permitted or authorized by exemption from civil or military this Act, or any furmer Act of duties as aforesaid, under the pro. Acts of Parliament, or shall in visions of this or any other Act or any way disturb, molest, or mis. Acts of Parliament, shall forfeit use any preacher, teacher, of for every such offence the sum of person officiating at such meeting, fifty pounds; which penalty may assembly, or congregation, or any be recovered by and to the use of any person or persons there assembled, person who will sue for the same, such person or persons so offending,

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