Imatges de pÓgina

upon proof thereof before any jus. acts passed in the reign of King lice of the peace by two or more Charles the Second herein before credible witnesses, shall find two repealed, relating to the people sureties to be bound by recogni- called Quakers, or relating io any zances in the penal sum of fifty assemblies or meetings for religipounds to answer for such offence, ous worship held by them. and in default of such sureties shall XV. And be it further enacted, be committed to prison, there to That every person guilty of any remain till the next General or offence, for which any pecuniary Quarter Sessions; and upon con- penalty or forfeiture is imposed by viction of the said offence, at the this Act, in respect of which no said General or Quarter Sessions, special provision is made, sball and shall suffer the pain and penalty of may he convicted thereof by infor. forty pounds.

mation upon the oath of any one XIII. Provided always, and be or more credible witness or wit. it further enacted, That nothing in nesses before any two or more jus. this Act contained shall affect or tices of the peace acting in and be construed to affect the celebra. for the county, riding, cily or tion of Divine service according to place wherein such otfence shall the rites and ceremonies of the be commilied; and that all and united Church of England and every the pecuniary penalties or Ireland, by ministers of the said forfeitures which sball be incurred church, in any place hitherto used or become payable for any offence for such purpose, or being now or offences against this Aci, shall or hereafier duly consecrated or and may be levied by distress, licensed by any archbishop or under the band and sal or hands bishop or other person lawiuily and seals of two justices of the authorized to consecrate or license peace for the eventy, riding, city, the same, or to affect the jurisdic. or place, in tvbich any such of tion of the archbishops or bishops fence or offences was or were conía or other persons exeicising lawful mitted, or where the forfeiture or authority in the Church of the forfeitures was or were incurred, United Kingdom over the said and shall when levied be paid one church, according to the rules moiety to the informer, and the and discipline of the saine, and other moiety to the poor of the to the laws and statutes of the parisha in which the offence was Sealm; but such jurisdiction shall committed ; and in case of no remain and continue as if this Act sulficient distress whereby to levy had not passed.

the penalties, or any or either of XIV. Provided also, and be it them imposed by this Act, it shall further evacud, That nothing in and may be lawful for any such this Act coniained shall extend justices respectively before whom or be construrd to extend to the ihe offender or offenders shall be people usually called Quakers, nor convicted, to commit such offen. to any merlings or assemblies for der to prison for such time not ex. religious worship held or convened ceeding three inonths, as the said by such persons; or in any man. justices in their discretion shall ner to alter or repeal or affect any think fit. act other than and except the XVI. And be it further enacted,


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such case,

That in case any person or persons shall be brought or commenced who shall hereafier be convicted against any person or persons for of any of the ofiences punishable any thing done in pursuance of by this Act, shall conceive him, this Aci, that every such action her or themselves to be aggrieved or suit shall be commenced within by such conviction, then and in three months next after the fact every

it shall and may comunitted, and not afterwards, be lawful for such person or per. and shall be laid and brought in sons respectively, and he, she, or the county wherein the cause or they shall or may appeal to the alleged cause of action shall have General or Quarter Sessions of the accrued, and not elsewhere; and Peace, bolden next after such the defendant or defendants in conviction in and for the county, such action or suit may plead the riding, city or place, giving unto general issue, and give this Act the justices before whom such and the special matter in evidence conviction shall be made, notice on any trial to be had thereupon, in writing within eight days after and that the same was done in any such conviction, of his, ber, pursuance and by autbority of this or their intention to prefer such Act; and if it shall appear so to appeal; and the said justices in be done, or if any such action or their said General or Quarter Ses- suit shall be brought after the time sious shall and may, and they are so limited for bringing the same, hereby authorized and empowered or shall be brought in any other to proceed to the hearing and de. county, city, or place, that iben termination of the matter of such and in such case the jury sball appeal, and to make such order find for such defendant or defen. therein, and to award such costs dants; and upon such verdici, or to be paid by and to either party, if the plaintiff or plaintiffs shall not exceeding forly shillings, as become nonsuited, or discontinue they in their discretion shall think his, her, or their action or actions, fit.

or if a verdict shall pass against XVII. And be it further enacted, the plaintiff or plaintiffs, or if That no penalty or forfeitures upon demurrer judgment shall be shall be recoverable under this given against the plaintiff or plainAct, unless the same shall be sued iiffs, the defendant or defendants for, or the offence in respect of shall have and may recover treble which the same is imposed is pro- costs, and have the like remedy secured before the justices of the for the same, as any defendant or peace or Quarter Sessions, within defendants bath or have for costs six months after the offence shall of suit in other cases by law. have been committed ; and no XIX. And be it further enact. person who shall suffer any impri. ed, That this Act shall be deemed sonment for non-payment of any and taken to be a public Act, and penalty shall thereafter be liable shall be judicially taken police of to the payment of such penalty or as such by all judges, justices, forfeiture.

and others, without

specially plead. XVIII. And be it further en. ing the same. acted, That if any action or suit

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Form of the Oaths and Declara. to the Reverend (A. B) Archtion mentioned in the last Act,

deacon of (as the case may be) and

to his Registrar, or to the Jus1, A. B of [specify the Christian and tices of the Peace' of the County, Surname and the Parish and County where Riding, Division, City, Town, or the Party resides] do sincerely pronrise Place, as the case may be), and to and swear that I will be faithful and the Clerk of the Peace thereof. bear true allegiance to his Majesty King George SO HELP ME Gov. I, A. B of (describing the Christian I, A B. [insert as before directed) do trade or profession of the party certifying]

and Surname, and place of alode, and swear that I do from my heart abhor, do heretoy certify that a certam bunddetest, and abjure, as impious and ing (messuage or tenement, barn, school, heretical, i hat damnable doctrine and meeting-house, or part of a messuage, position, that Princes excommunicated tenement, or other building, as the case or deprived by the Pope or any autho- may be] situated in the pas ish of rity of the Nee of Rome, may be de- and county of as the case may be, and posed or murthered by their subjects specifying also the number of the messuage or any other whatsoever, and I do de- &c. if numbered, and the street, lane, clare tbat no foreign prince, person, &c. wherein it is situate, and the name prelate, state or potentate, hath, or of the present or last occupier and owner) ought to bave, any jurisdiction, power, is intended forthwith to be used as a superiority, pre-eminence, or autho- place of religious worship by an assemrity, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within bly or congregation of Prote: tants, this realm. SU HELP ME GOD.

and I do hereby require you to register 1, A. B. of (insert as before directed] the same according to the provisions do soltannly declare in the presence of of an act passed in the forty-secund Almighty God, that I am a Christian year of the reign of his Majesty King and a Protestant, and as such, that I George the Third, intituled, • An Act believe that the Scriptures of the old to repeal certain Acts, and amend and New Testament, as commonly other Acts, relatiug to religious worreceived among Protestant Churches, ship and assemblies, and persous do contain the revealed Will of God, teaching or preaching therein.”

Witand that I do receive the same as the ness my hand, this rule of my doctrine and practice.

One Thousand Eight Hun.

A. B.
dred and

A. B.
Form of a Certificate of a Place

intended to be used by a Con, And which may be signed by one or gregation or Assembly for re

more persons, who should keep an examin

ed duplicate of the copy which is left with ligious Worship.

* the registrar or clerk, and be provided To the Right Reverend the Lord with a respectable witness of such delivery.

Bishop of (as the case may be) or

day of


Speech delivered at the Annual sensible, that with the aid of which I Meeting of the Auxiliary Bible avail myself, I stand up under great disSociety, in Birmingham, April advantages to speak on a subject on

which the most brilliant talents have, 24, 1812, by Jos. Toulmin, in different places, displayed a copiousD.D.

ness, invention, and energy of diction to Many as are the years, Sir, in which which I ought to make no claim and I have appeared in the character of a on a subject on which, it must be very public speaker, I feel great diffidence fresh in the memory of most of us, such in addressing you and this numerous as. a torrent of pathetic, powerful, and ready sembly on the present occasion; and oratory was poured out on our listening could not reconcile myself to it, but un. ears last year as sen us all away amazed, der the indulgence of delivering my sen- transported and deeply impressed i timents from prepared notes; and I am will, however, cast myself on the can.


Intelligence.-Dr. Toulmin's Speech. dour of this respectable auditory, while moter, if not the founder of the former from a sense of duty to an excellent cause, of these institutions. I would not overI offer a few sentiments that may revive look the society formed about 30 years in the minds of many a conviction of its since, for the specific purpose of giving utility and importance.

Bibles to our soldiers and sailors. But Whether we reflect on the simplicity the light which those efforts have kinof the plan adopted by the English and dled, in comparison with that wbich Foreign Bible Society, on the patronage th:s institution has excited and diffused, with which it has been honoured, on the is scarcely more than a, e lhe glitterings rapidity of its progress, on the extent of of a glow-worm to the splendor of the its influence, or the greatness of the ob- meridian sun. ject, there is not a light in which this High praise belongs to those who disinstitution presents itself to our view, in tribute practical Treatises on Religion, which it does not strike the mind with Sunimaries of Faith and Morals, Books proofs of its utility and efficacy. It com of Devotion and the Common Prayer, menced only eight years since, and in But the best of these are only human that short space of time, it has, as it compositions; they are all in some rewere,

with a force and quickness of spect defective ; in puriiy and completevegetation, like that of the smallest dess, but above all in authority, they seed, hoed its roots deep, and extended are defective. They are only streams its luxuriant branches far and wide, even from the fountain of truth and knowover the globe ; it has been the means ledge; whatever is excellent in them of preaching the gospel in fifty-four dif- originates from the Bible; they mechaniferent languages : every year has added cally draw the attention of the reader to to the number of its members: every the man, from whose heart and pen year has afforded new and joyful proofs they proceeded, A Bible speaks to us with of the spread of its operations, and the Divine authority. It turns the thoughts, success of its exertions. It has issued it elevates the mind in the first instance from its Repository in London, more to God alone, whose word it contains. than 325,000 copies of the Scriptures, The institution which you are called, independently of those which have been Christians and townsmen, to support, printed under its auspices, beyond the appears to be most honourable 10 the liniils of the United Kingdoms; azd it Holy Scriptures in this view, Ihat its has expended in this period more than single object is to circulate them only 81,ccol. in promoting its object. “ without note or comment,” It is hon

Venerated be the name of Pamphilus, ourable to the scriptures, for “ it prothe Presbyter of ('æsarea, in the third claims, in opposition to intidelity, the century, who always kept a supply of public beliet of thousands in the truth of copies of the Scriptures to give or revelation." It expresses, in contrast lend; vener ved be ihe names of those with lukewarmness and a spirit of indifwho translated the sacred books into the ference to the best interests of men, a vulgar tongues of different countries; generous solicitude for the salvation of venerated be the memory of our pious man, with an ardent concern for the reformers, who laid open their enligh- spread of Divine truth, and a full pertening pages to the common people; suasion that both will be most effectuvenerated be the names of the Hon. Mr. ally promoted by the circulation of the Boyle, a Bishop Hall and a Lord Whar. scriptures. It is honourable to the ton, who by testamentary grants, provid. Scriptures, for it is our voluntary testied for the annual distribution of Bibles mony to their fullness and sufficiency; through future generations. Great re- it atiests our conviction, to use the lanspect is due to the extended plans of the guage of the sixth article of our rational Society formed for promoting Christian church, “that Holy Scripture containeth Knowlcdge, and of that which directs its all things necessary to salvation; so that exertions to the attainment of the same whatsoever is not read therein, nor may object, under the name of Religious be proved thereby, is not to be required Knowledge. I honour the memory of of any man that it should be believed as the philanthropic Dr. Bray*, the pró- an article of faith; or co be thought re

quisite or necessary to salvation." It is Dr. Bray had the living of Sheldon, honourable to the Scriptures, for it em. near Coleshill; and afterwards was mi- plogeth them as the nicans of expressing ristes of Aldgate, London.

and cementing an union of efforts, a many opinions different from those held harmony of affection between all parties, by the majority of the memlers and pain one great des gn, that of giving the trois of the Engl sh and Foreign Bible most extensive circulation to the book Society, we adope with cordial approliawhi h con ains the lequest of the Prince tion the simplicity of its object : we are of Peace, the law of love, and the coun. devoutiy glad in conjunction with them, sels of Divine and universal mercy ; to circulate the Scriptures « without note whatever differences of opinion, what va or comment;" and in the United Kingriations soever of religious profession doms the authorised version. may exist amongst us, here we are of one May I be permitted, Sir, to suggest heart and one soul.

another consideration, which, with peIt is an institution most honourable to culiar force recommends this institution the Scriptures, for it implies our abso- to our atcention and support, which af. lute submission to their authority; it fords us cause to congratulate ourselves expresses an ardent desire that their au- on secing its commencemeni, and witthority only may prevail in forming the nessing its glorious propress. We bereligious faiih and practice of mankind. hold in its rapidly advancing spread and Christians of all denominations have influence, the growing fulfilment of the been too ready to identify their own views word of prophecy, and a prelude to its of the Christian doctrine, their own in- complete accomų lishment. terpretations, glosses, and deductions If in the days of the Apostles it could with the Scriptures themselves; and to be said of the preachers o. Christian tý, conceive, that they who do not admit that “ their sound was gone into all the the latter cannot reverence the former. earth, and their words to ihe end of the Our joint consent to discard our own world;" with low much greater proprinotes and comments in the circulation of ety and force may this be now said of the the Scriptures, is a reverential appeal to doctrine of grace and salvation, trans, them only, as a Divine and infallible mitted down to us .n those invaluable guide; it is acting upon the true Protes- writings. It was the fervent prayer of tant principle, that the Bible only is our the times before Chr st,“ God be merreligion. It is a declaration, as far as ciful unto us, and bless us, and caust his actions can speak, that we humbly lay face to shine upon us, that thy way may our preconceived ideas, our prejudices, te known on earth, and ihy saving "our principles of education, the results of health among all nations." This prayer our own enquiries, the crceds and prac. was, in the frst instance, ans. ered, tices with which our interest has been when“ in the fulness of time, the day connected, at the throne of the God of spring from on higlı visited mankind, to Truth. When we put a Bible" without give light to them that sat in darkness note or comment," into the hands of and the shadow of death, and to guide any one, we virtually deliver with it our feet into the ways of peace.” But this admonition : “this is the bock to still much remained to be effected, parwhose sacred dictates we all wish con- tial was the spread of the gospel ; a long scientiously to bow; take it as the Di- night of darkness followed the pening vine standard of truth; re d t carefully, day of light and salvation. The Relora read it seriously, read it impartially, and mation, at least in great part of Europe, judge for yourself.” May we offer it, dispersed in a great degree, the darkness; and you receive it with a solemn con- the Reformation, aided by the invention viction that both of us are alıke amenable of printing, opened and distributed the for our use of it at the tribunal of God, treasures of truth and grace. Subsequent whose unerring oracles are recorded in it! measures have assisted the progress of

To do this is not to intimate a doubt Divine knowledge : but slow, local and or distrust of the rectitude of our senti- limited has been that progress. Through ments, but rather a confidence in them, ages “ little, comparatively, has Leen that we fear not to have them tried by done towards generalizing the knowledge this test; or it implies a disinterested of the Bible." Darkness while centuries fortitude of mind, under a persuasion have rolled on, has overshadowed the that truth, whether it exists in one earth. The rays of light have, at most party or the other, will finally prevail. been few, scattered and feeble. On these principles allow me to say on But the sun of righteousness has, remy own behalf, and on behalf of others cently, burst forth from the dark clouds with whom, it is known, I agree in with a bright lustre, has enlightened

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