The Revelation of Saint John

Bloomsbury Academic, 1 de gen. 2006 - 347 pàgines
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George Caird's commentary in this series was a masterpiece of clarity and accessibility, but it many respects it is now dated. This book contains a far more substantial introduction, a greater exploration of revelation as a visionary text and pays more attention to the overall structure of the work. Following the example of Morna Hooker in Mark, Dr Boxall includes excurses tackling subjects such as numerology, the number of the beast and the Millennium. Here is a contemporary commentary which brings fresh understanding to a most controversial book in the Bible. >

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Ian Boxall is Senior Tutor and Tutorial Fellow in New Testament at St Stephen's House, Oxford, and a member of the Faculty of Theology in the University of Oxford. He is the author of 'Revelation: Vision and Insight'.

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