Imatges de pàgina

Do you only desire (Your daily bread, and that in subordination to the honour, and Kingdom, and will of God.] Or rather do you not play the Hypocrites in saying so, when it is not [daily bread] that will content you ; but plenty and - prosperity is Tweecer to you then holiness?

When you pray for [Tbe forgiveness of your fins, as you forgive others] you intimate that you are weary of your sins, and have them, and would forsake them; and that you forgive all that have wronged. you, out of the sense of your own transgressions, and of the love of Christ : but is all this so, or is it meer dissembling, when you for: fake not your fin, norare willing to'forsake it, and when your consciences know that there be fome that you forgive not?

You pray against {being led into temptation) and yet you love it


and cast your selves into it. Into tempting company, and tempting talk, and cempting employments : And for recreation, meat, drink, apparel,bouses, attendants, eftare, reputation, and almost all things else, you love and choofe that which is moft tempting.

You pray to be delivered from evil: ]when the evil ot your pride, filesh pleasing and worldliness, you so love, that indeed you would not be delivered from them. What can you say to excuse all this from palpable Hypocrisie?

To conclude, you pretend to all thats neccffary to falvacion, but have you chat in reality which you precend co?

1. You think your felves wife enuugh to be saved. But is it not fully that goes under the name of wiledom ? When you should be converted and lead a holy life, you are wise enough to give reasons for


the contrary

and wife enough to confute the preacher, and prove him a fool, instead of obeying the call of God. You are wife enough to prove the physician to be ignorant, and to caft away the medicine chat should heale you. And what if no body could deal wich, you in subriley of argument, but you could say that against the new cessary means of your own salvation, that none can answer > when you die by your wisdom; and have disputed your felves out of the reach of mercy,will you nor bewail it chen as folly > Is he wifer that being hungry ears his meat, or be that gives such reafons for his refusing it, and pleadech so learnedly against eating and drinking, that. none can answer him? Is the condemned man wifer that makes friends for a pardon? or he that with unanswerable subriley •rea. foneths against it, till the ladder be

turned :


turned ? such is your vain and Jeeming wisdoń. You are not wise enough to be cured, but to give reasons why you fhould.continue frek. In the issue it will prove, that you were not wise enough to be saved, but notably wise to relis salvation, and plead your selves into hell,

- 2. You pretend that you have a saving faith, when your hearts refuse that salvation from fin, and that rule of Christ which is the object of faith: and when you will not believe the doctrines, precepts or threatnings that cross your own conceits; and when your belief of heaven will not carry your hearts from earch, nor work you to a holy heavenly life.

3. You pretend to Repentance (as I said before) while you hold fast' the sin, and give not up your felves to God.: when as if your


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neighbour, or Master, or Husband should but beat one of you and tell you when he hath done that he repenteth, and do this as oft as you commit your willful fins, and say you repent, I am confident

you would not take it for true repentance. You repent, but will not confess when it is to your disgrace, as long as you can hide your fin. You repent, but will not make reftitution or reparation of injuries to your power. You repent, buc your heart riseth against him that reproveth you. You repent, buc you had rather keep your sins then leave them. Whats this, but to deceive your own bearts, and to mock your selves with a seeming vain and mock-repentance?

4. You prefend to love God above all, (as was before said) when you love not his Image wajes or communion : but love that which he hatech', and still


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