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prefer the world before him.

s. You pretend that you have true de fires to be godly and what God would have you be : But they are such defires as the sluggard bath corise, and as the flochful hach to work : that is, if ic could be done with ease, and without labour : you lie ftill, and ufe not che means with diligence, for all your defires. When you can fit and have your work done with wifhes, and your families maintained, and your necessities all supplied with wishes, you may think to come to heaven with wishes : The good desires that the poor may be warmed and cloathcd, that james speaks of, fam.2.15. did neither relieve the poor, nor fave the wisher. The de fire of the Nothful killeth him, because his bands refuse to labour, Prov. 21. 15.]Up and be doing according to thy desires, or else confess chat chy

wishes are hypocritical, and that thou deceivest chy own heare by Vain de fires.

6. You also pretend to be fix. cere worshippers of God. You pray, and you read the Scripture and good books, and you hear the Word, and receive the Lords Supper. But I have before shewed you your hypocrific in theses you pray against the fin chat you love and would not leave : you pray for holiness, when you hate it or defire it not, in any degree to cross your Alcfh : you serve God with meer words (whether of your own conceiving, or of orhers prescribing,) with some forced acknowledgement of that God that hach not your hearts or lives. Let Christ pass the sentence on you, and nocl, Matth. 15.7,8, 2. [Te bypocrites, well did Efaias Prophelse of you, saying, This people draneth niglo unto me with their month, and honoureth 1e with their lips; but their beart is far from me : But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrives the commandements of men] You like that teaching that sooths you in your own opinions, and galleth not your consciences in the guiley place: A Ministry you would have, that should stand like an adorned Idol that burts no body,and coucheth not your sores: or that is but inftead of a pair of Organs, or a tinckling Cymbal, to tickle your 'fancy, and make Church-worship to be as a kind of religious ftage-play to you. Byt a true Minister of Christ, to open to you the do&rine of the Kingdom, and roundly to awake you from security in fin, and to call you up to the most serious holy heavenly life, and follow you and let you take no rest, till you yeild and practise it, and to call you to open confeffion of

honouretle your open fran.


dalous sins, that you may make such reparation to the wronged honour of God and fouls of men, as you are capable of, and accordingly, to absolve you, or to bind you over to answer it at the bar of God and charge the Church to avoid communion with you,

if you are impenitent and incorrigible ; sucha Ministry as this (which is the Ministry of Christs appointment) you abhor ; at least, when they come to touch your Jores. Then you are too proud to be taught and ruled by such as these, though you hypocritically profess to be ruled by Christ, who ruleth his Church by his - Spirit, Word and Minister's conjund. Then you say, who gave you authority to do chus and thus by me? As if you knew not that Christ in Scripture hath described, confirmed and limited the Ministerial office. Like condemned Traytors, that

I : should

should say to him that bringethi them a pardon [Who gave yokanthority to make fo bold witha me?) or like a man that hach the plague or leprolie, that askerh the Phyfician (who gave you authority to tell me that I am sick, and put me on such medicines as these?] oras the Ifraelite to Moses, Exod. 2.14. [who made thee a Prince and a Judge over us?.] not understanding that God by his hand wuuld deliver them,iaith Stephen, Ad.7.25. Or as the Jews to Christ, when he was teaching men the way to hea. ven, Matth. 21.23. [By what anthority doft thox tbese things,

and who gave thee this autharity?] lo because you hate the way of your recovery, you will not be saved without anthority, nor be satisfied of their authority that would fave you, but are like a beggar that fhould proudly refuse a piece of gold, and ask, By what authority


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