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measurably or unwarrantably to speak hardly of those that they Suffer by upon Religious accounts ; though perhaps they are their sosperiours whom they are bound to honour.

1. The first fort are arrived at such a measure of maliciousness and misery, that they are, as mad men, the objeđs of compassion to all men save themselves. Their sin and misery is so notorious, that I need not say any thing to discover it to others, that have

any thing of realon and true Religion : And for themselves, being so far forsaken of God, as to hate and reproach the means of their lalvati. on, no wonder it wii hail they are giver over to tha, blindnifs as not to understand the words that should convince then, and neither to-fee chcir hame, nor the light that would cifcover :11: and to such imponiene), as not to feel or.)

fear the wrath and threatnings of the Almighty; but boldly to rage on, till Hell hath brought them to their wits. Prov. 14. 16. A wise man feareth and departeth from evil, but the fool rageth and is confident. Yet this much briefly I shall say to these , if any of them be this day my auditors,that I may not leave them as utterly pait hope.

1. Thou art one of the most self-condemned stigmatized slaves of Satan in the world. Thou beareft openly so undoubted a brand of wickedness, that there is no room for any rational Hope in thy self, or any of thy friends, that ever thou shouldst be saved, if thou die in such a state : Some Hope is left that yet thou mayst be con

but none , that thou shouldīt be saved without convern fron. It is poflible with God that can do all things, that yet thy


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wilful blindness may be cured , and thy tongue may unsay all that thou hast said ; and thou mayst cry out of thy folly, and cry shame against thy self, for that which now thou gloriest in. It is possible for God of such a stone, to make a child of Abrabam ! and to melt that hardened heart of thine, and lay it bleeding at the feet of Christ, and make thee wish with tears or groans, that such thoughts had never entred into thy heart, nor such words of malice proceeded from thy mouth. And happy art thou, if God will have lo much mercy on thee, that haft derided mercy, as to vouchsafe thee such a change. And pray for it, and pray hard, and pray again, if thou love thy soul: For this is thy Hope : and thou hast no other. For that ever such a wretch as thou shouldīt be saved, in the state that now thou art in, is as impoflible as for


God to fie; and as impossible as for the Devils to be saved. I wonder (but that such a forsaken soul, is a lensless block, and as a lifeless carkaise) that thou dost not quake with the fears of Hell, which way ever thou goeft; and that thou art' not still thinking wbither thou art going , and how the Devils are ready to take thy loul, as soon as Death hath opened the door and let it out, into Eternity ! : As carelesly or scornfully as thou fitcest here, I wonder that thou. dost not tremble to consider, where it is that thou must shortly be, and where thou must abide for ever? It is one of the most notable discoveries of the powerfull craft of Satan, that he is able to keep fuch a Garrison as thy heart in lo much peace, and to quier a poor wretih, that is uncertain to be one hour' our of Hell ! That thy fleep is not broken with


terrible dreams, and that thou doft not eat thy meat in terrours; and that ever a smile should be seen in thy face ! That thy business, or company, or sports, or pleasures, should once put out of thy mind thy endless misery. While I am speaking, and thou art hearing, Hell-fire is burning, and che Devils are waiting, and thy blinded soul is posting on, and for ought thou knowel, may be there this night. Poor sinner, for my part, I know thee not ! and therefore cannot justly be suspected to bear thee any ill will, or to speak these words with a defire of thy hurt, I know this is language that the guilty do not love to hear. But I must tell thee, that reproachest or deridelt a serious holy life, that except the Blasphemers of the Holy Ghost, there is few in the world in more certain misery then thou. Other sinners, though miserable ,


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