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on or desire to plead for any fa. dion, disobedience, irregularity, or hypocrisie; much less to palli. ate herefies or odious crimes that are cloaked with the name or profession of Religion. It is the Hy. pocrite that I am all this, white detecting. But Imust say that it hath been the highest brand or charader of Hypocrisie and impudent profanenéssconjunét, and one of the mof crying transgreffions of this Land, that men baptized into the Name of Christ, have made a scorn at the diligent serving of hin, and lived in the hatred of that Religion in the life and practice, which themselves profess. And that if upon some small circumstantial differences, any of their superiours have but encouraged them, to use any nickname of reproach against their moft confciencious brethren, they have been glad of the occasion, and used


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those reproaches against the ferious practice of Religion, which others pretend to use only against mens, different opinions, which they account their exorbitancies or mistakes. How the names of [Zealors, Precisians, Puritans, ] and such like, have been used in this Land, and what sort of people have been made thereby (and by the discountenance of thofe that should have cherished a diligent holy life) to be the common Icorn ; and how great a hindrance this hath proved to the salvation of many thousand fouls, is a thing that's much more fad to mention, then difficult to prove. And when one nickname is grown out of use, the serpentine enmity watchech for the opportunity that's afford. ed by differences and discountenance of the times, 'to take up another that may have a sharper sting. The dead form of Religion,

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and as much as you will of words and Mews, they can reverence or endure : But Life, and Seriousness, and Practice is the thing they hate. Just like a Bear or other ravenous creature, that will let their prey alone while it seems dead and stirs not: but if it stir, they leap upon it, and cear it into pieces. And therefore it is that the diligent zealous exercise of Religion, among the Papifts, by Images, and Tautologies, and lifeless Ceremonies and forms is not half so much hated or reproached by the vulgar, as the serious exercise of unquestionable duties, that all are in words agreed in, is here with us. To pray in our families; to in Itruct our children and servants in the necessary points of faith and duty; to exhort a drunkard, a. fwearer, a covetous. person, 'or other ungodly ones to repent and to give up themselves to a holy

life ; to take up any serious speech of death and judgement, and the life to come, and the necessary preparations thereto; these and fuch like are the odious marks of a Zealot, a Precisian, or Puritan with the ungodly rabble: lo that ferving the great and glorious God is with them become a matter of scorn; while serving the Devil is taken for their glory, if they can but do it in the plausible less disgraceful mode.

But because some of the chief accufers of the Brethren, would needs perswade men, that the ordinary usage of the forementioned Nicknames hath been lessimpious and more justifiable, against a sort of people only whom they feign to be unfit for humane society, I shall only appeal now to the Godly BiRoops and conformable Ministers that mention it. Bishop G.Downame (who though


he bath written fo much for Bishops, hath written as much to prove the Pope to be the Antichrist) in his Sermon called, Abrakams Tryal, P.72. faith (And even in these times, the godly live among Such a generation of men, ms that if à man do bet labour to keep a good conscience in any measure, though he medule not with matters of state, or Discipline, or Ceremonies; (As for examile, if a Minister diligently Preach, or in his Preaching seek to profit, rather then to please, &c. Or if a private Christian makes conscience of /wearing, fan&tifying the Sabb.tb, frequenting Sermors, or abstaining from the common corruptions of the time) be. Jall ftrait may be condemned for a Purican, and consequently be lefs favoured, then either carnal Gospeller er a close Papift, &c.] Such were the times then. Dr. Robert Abbot, publike Pro


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