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feffor of Divinity in Oxford, and after Bishop of Salisbury, in a Sermon on Eafter-day, 1615. faith; [That men under pretence of truth, and Preaching against the Puritans, ftrike at the heart and root of faith and Religion now established among w that this Preaching «gainft the Puritans was.but the practice of Parsons, und Campians Counsel, when they came into England to leduce young Students : And when many of them were afraid to lose their places if they fould profejsedly be thus, the Counfel they tben gave them was, that they should speak freely against the Puritans, and thut fhould fuffice,] &c. so he.

Of Arch-Bishop Lands tract of Doctrinal Puritanism, drawn up for and presented to the Duke of Buckingham, see Prin in his Tryal, p. 156. Divers Bishops have af

firmed that the Jesuites were the masters of this nickname here in


England, and the promoters of it.

But of the common sense of this word, and the use of it, I shall now call in no more witnesses but Mr. Robert Bolton, a man chat frequently publisheth his judgement for conformity to Prelacy and Ceremonies ; In his Discourse of Hap.p. 193. he thus speakech,

I am perswaded there was never poor perfecuted word, since malice against God, first seized on the damxed Angels, and the graces of heaven dwelt in the heart of man, that pafed through the months of all sorts of unregenerate men, with more diftaftfulnets und gnashing of teeth, then the name of Puritan doth at this day; which notwithstanding As it is non commonly meant (N.B.) and ordinarily proceeds from the Spleen and Spirit of prophaneness, and good fellowship, is an honourable nickname, that I may so Speak, of Chriftianity and


grace. And

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for all this I dare say, that there is none of them all, but when they shall come unto their beds of death, and are to grapple immediately with the paixful terrowrs of the King of fears, and to stand or fall to the dreadful tribunal of the living God, then (except the Lord Suffer them to fall into the fiery lake with senseless hearts and seared confciences,) would give ten thousand worlds, were they all turned into geld, pleasures

and imperial crownes, to change their former courses of vanity, &c. into a life of holy precifeness, ftri&tnefs, sincerity and sal. livation.oh! when the heavens

foalt forivel together like a soroll, and the whole frame of wature flame

about their ears; when the great And mighty bills fall fart ont of their places like frighted wien, and the fearful reprobate cry and call upon this mountain, and that rock, to fall spun him; when as no


Dromedary of Egypt, nor wings of the morning, soall be able to carry them out of the reach of Gods revenging hand : no top of Carmel, nu depth of fea, or bottom of bell, to hide them from the presence of him that fits upon the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb ; 80 rock nor mountain, for the great body of the whole earth, to cover them from that anrepstible power, that laid the foundations of them, Ho arm of flem, or armies of Angels, to protect them from thoje infinite rivers of brimstone, which shall be kept in everlasting flames by the anger of God, wben their poor and woeful fouls fall infinitely defore , rather to return into the loathed darkness of not being, and to be hid for ever in the most abhorred state of anni

bilation, then now to become the ::everliving objects of that anguesich

able Wrath, which they fall.meyer be able to avoid or to abide, and to


be chained up by the omnipotent band of God among the damened spirits, in a place of flames and perpetual darkness, where is torment without end and paft imagination: Ifay, at that dreadful day (and that day, will come) what do you think would they give for part in that Purity which now they perfecute? and for the comforts of true-hearted holiness that now they hate? and yet without which (as it will clearly appear, when matters are brought before that high and everlafting, Judge) none Pallever see the Lord or dwell in the joges of eternity. Nay I verily think there are no desperate deSpisers of godliness or formal opposites to grace, which do now hold Holiness to be Hypocrifie , San&tification fingularity, practice of fire cerity too much preciseness, but when the pit of destruētion hath once fhut her mouth upon them, and they are funk irrecoverably into that


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