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dungeon of fire, would be content with all their hearts, to live a million of years as precisely as ever Saint did upon earth to redeem bat one moment of that 'torment] o p. 159. [The common conceit of these men is, that civil honeft men are in the state of grace, and that formal profesors are very forward, and without exception, but true Christians indeed are Puricans, Irregularists, exorbitants, transcendents to that ordinary pitch of formal piety, which in their carnal comprehensions they hold high enough for heaven: They either conceit them to be Hypocrites, and so the only objects for the exercise of their Ministerial Jeverity, and the terrours of God; or else though the Lord may at laft pardon perhaps their fingularities and excesses of zeal; yet in the mean time they dil weeten. and vex the comforts and glory of this life, with much unnecessary. Brictness and abridgement.)

[Now [Now of all others, such Prophets as these, are the only men with the Formal Hypocrite exaltly fitted and suitable to his humour : for however they may sometime declaim boysterously (N. B.) ingainf grofs and visible abominations, (and that is well) yet they are no searchers into, nor censurers of the ftate of Formality: and therefore do rather secretly and filently encourage him, to fat fafter upon that Sandy foundation, then help to draw him forward to more forwardness, &c.)

See also his description of a Puritan, p. 132.

So in his Dire&, for walking with God, p. 172, (Good-fellow meetings and Ale-honfe revellings are the drunkards delight: but all the while he fães at it, he is perhaps in a bodily fear of the Puritan Con. ftable.]

Many such passages tell you how the word [ Puritan] was com



monly interpreted in Oxford, Northamptonshire; and whereever Learned and Holy Mr. Bolton was acquainted.

And having mentioned his teftimony of the use of that word, I shall add fomewhat of his discovery of this fpirit of malignity and detraction that worketh in the Antipuritans. In his Disc. of Hap. p. 190, 191. he faith,

The reverence and respectful carriage to godly Minifters, which may Sometimes be found in the Formal Hypocrite, doth grow towards diftast and disaffection, when they pref's them by the powerful fenfe, and pierting application of some quickning Scriptures', to.a fervency in pirit, purity of heart, preciséness in their walking, fupernatural fungularity above-ordinary and moral perfections, excellency of zeal, and a facréd violence in pursuit of the Crown of life: to an holy ftri&tness,



extraordinary striving to enter in at the strait gate, and transcendent eminency over the formal righteo oufness of the Scribes and Pharisees, to a nearer.familiarity with Godby prayer , daily examination of con science, private humiliations, mea ditation spor the endless duration in a second life ; to a narrow watch over the stirrings and imaginations of the heart, and expression of holiness in all the pallages of both their callings, &c. Points and ponderations of which nature are ordinarily to bim so many secret seeds of indignation, and many times breed in his formal heart and cold affection exasperation and estrangement, if, not meditations of persecution and revenge. Sanctification, preciseness, purity, holiness, zeal, ftri&tness, power of godlinefs, Spiritual men, holy brethren, Saints in Chrift, Commenion of Christiaxs,godly conferences, conceived prayers, sanctifying the

L 2

Sabhath, Sabbatl, family exercises, exercise of fasting, and mortifying buziliations, and such like ; are commonly to men of this temporifing teszter, and lukewarm constirution terms of secret terrour ont open teunting.-And sometimes they villanowfly

. Mart themselves with them, and make them the matter of their bateful and accur [ed jeafts, thar so they may keep under as much as they can, in difeftimation

and contempt, the faithful. Professors and Practisers thereof, whom naturally they heartily hate, and also seem thereby to bear out the heartlefs flourishes of their own formality with greater. bravery. Herempon it is that if they take a child of God buz tripping in the leaft infirmity, (again which too perhaps he trives and prayes With many tears, &c.) Nipping only is fome unadvised precipiToñit pufage of his negotiations, &c. modo o then they take on nama-,


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